The Posts that Never get Posted and Some Rambling Thoughts

Morning Folks!!

I usually write every morning but I don't always post those writings. I have dozens and dozens of those posts that for one reason or another I just never posted. I see what I see and I have learned not to be persuaded or waste time by those that don't even take the time to try and visualize what that exactly is but are quick to argue and disagree.

Things are tough out there and I am enjoying the opportunities that are coming to the surface. All I can say is that I am in 'Observing mode'. I am observing a very quickly changing landscape and new ways to make lots of money. I am observing the masses doing things right and also still doing things wrong.
But they are in the game and on the hunt and thank you Facebook! Thank you Groupon! Thank you Twitter! Thank you for changing the habits of billions of people. Thank you Charlie Sheen for showing how quickly one can take that soapbox and make others react. That is the story!!

I still rarely use Facebook, but you can't deny the impact and change in behavior and how much time is being spent online. The world has changed. The iPad with 45 million units out there and counting with another few million being sold tomorrow alone. A new category and a new opportunity and challenge.

The debate about the Internet being a 'Fad' is over. Every business is now focused on doing business online. Their entire future and energy and dollars are headed online. Now just get out of the way and allow things to flourish over the next few years. Enjoy the Magic Carpet as it whisks us all away and mostly in different directions.

The ICANN meeting won't be boring. I have spent a great deal of time considering the pros and cons of .XXX and the headwinds they are experiencing. I will write more about those thoughts in the coming weeks. I will say that it will be an easy extension to block and then the question becomes how much of the Internet will turn off .xxx? With an ailing adult industry the timing could not be worse but as always, we will all see it unfold together.

To see how far we have come you need to stop and observe and then understand and digest where we are and where we are headed and how long it will take to get there. Houston, we have IGNITION!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz