“Sex.com…Type Ins That Don’t Convert” Says Guest Poster

Morning Folks!!

The other day Mike Berkens did an interview with the new owner of sex.com. I received this last night from someone I know for a very long time and is qualified to have these thoughts but would like to stay under the radar for now. He has a unique perspective on the Sex.com acquisition and thought you might find his take interesting given his history, given he has bought that traffic as early as 1996 and then many times since then:

'This is only one mans opinion but i think i can give the facts that maybe the
Will give insight on the factors on the reality of this domain. My opinion based on the experience in domains and adult. I worked in the adult business form 1996 to 2001. In that period i ran one of the Largest and successful affiliate program in the time period.

I was buying the Traffic from Steve Cohen the guy that stole it from Gary Kremen. Steve Stole the name but he put your banner up and it converted.
I do not mean to offend the new owners who i wish The best of luck.

The name sex.com is to generic. Why i say that is because although we do
All love generics and typeins.In adult there is Porn and porno Rick Schwartz porno.com as a example of a great type in Domain. It converts very well and say what you want about Rick, but at the time he leased it that was unheard of.

So what can you do with typeins that do not convert? Nothing. I have bought traffic from every new idea of sex.com and the new owner says he just learned the adult business. Another negative against him.

In the mid 90s we made 125 dollars per member. Now with the free site and the Shirking credit cards charge backs every year the margin is shrinking
Per year. The name was in play many times and everyone passed. Think of Vivid, Playboy Friend Finder.

Why not Rick Schwartz, Slavic who understand both worlds?
So if this company with no adult experience think he can build a model on sex.com that nobody before him could not that everyone always thinks they can do with others can not?

For 13 million in the current fire sale market they could of bought
500 generic name and 2 letters a portfolio that would be worth 10 times
More then sex.com. What is the companies exit plan? You can rule out all the large mainstream Companies because sex is taboo. Then you are back to large adult players and as i said earlier all could have already had it.

Yes i am anonymous but i am creditable. My prediction is it will be back on the market in one year or less. I really hope they can do it but the are so many factors against them'

Like the writer, I have to agree sex.com is an uphill battle that has taken a toll over many years and many owners. I can say that at one time I sent my Porno.com traffic to gaming sites early on and it did very well. Sin traffic is sin traffic. With online gaming looking like it will be legal soon, this is the only play that could make sense other than E.D. type sales and such. I have to assume that the buyer has a plan. A proven plan. I guess we will see in the next year or two if any of the old barriers begin to come down and if Sex.com finally becomes a profitable business. But the writer knows the traffic and knows it well.

For sex.com to make money they are going to need to pull a rabbit out of a hat that so far has produced a bunch of skunks. I for one am at least hoping for their success. Something new. Something bold. But a long shot nonetheless.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz