No More Coverup! Time to Set the Record Straight.

Morning Folks!!

Enough Bullshit. Enough Cover ups. Enough LIES!!

The folks at Oversee have a hard time actually doing the right thing time and time again. This is not my responsibility or fight. But ENOUGH!

I will not be a party to this any longer. I should have exposed this from DAY ONE. I was told story after story after story and hard to find facts or the truth in any of it.

I did everything I could to have either the victim post or the employee to come forward. Or Oversee just do the right thing and lay out the facts. I just got mislead at best by Oversee!

Chef Patrick needs to FINALLY stand up and Oversee needs to stop the LIES and COVERUPS!!

I have nothing against the Chef. I know he is a young guy trying to get ahead. But he did one wrong thing and then was not a stand up guy and never came forward. The coverup is always worse than the act. This is a perfect example.

I think it is time for him to clean this up because I am DONE with this issue and let the folks involved sort it out now that it is in the open.

Somebody has to make a stand in this industry because I REFUSE to turn a blind eye. So let the haters come out. But I am nothing but the messenger and everyone in this industry has a RIGHT to know about this MESS!

Chef, I had to do this for a number of reasons. I know our paths will cross in the weeks ahead and I can't live with holding YOUR secret and feeling good about it. It makes me feel a bit dirty. I have NEVER held a secret like this in 15 years online. I just let the chips fall where they may. You should have come forward yourself instead of this route.
So to have a good future, you need to clean up the past. I wish you no ill. But I am not carrying around YOUR BURDEN or OVERSEE's BURDEN any longer. This skeleton has been in the wrong closet and today that has been corrected.

The Original Post and Story plus more comments today can be read here:

Rick Schwartz