It is Far From Over! APRIL UPDATE

Morning Folks!

I certainly did not expect the attack I got the other day. I figured things would be out in the open. The Chef would apologize and we would move on. Like I said, I knew our paths were crossing in the coming days and I wanted this out in the open so I can look the guy in the eyes. Even tho what he did was very bad, I was prepared to let it go and move on. Oversee has still really not addressed any of this other than the lies I was fed to shut me up.

Instead of a long overdue mea culpa on things to everyone, I got an attack on my motives and everything else. Let me be clear.

I won't even THINK about doing business with the Chef or anyone he associates himself with until I get a public apology. PERIOD! I did NOTHING wrong other than exposing a coverup (that EVERY Professional domainer had a RIGHT to know) and a shit load of lies and spin. He took it upon himself to mischaracterize my motives when I have been CLEAR about them for 3 MONTHS! It's my fault that he FAILED to man up when he had several opportunities to do so of HIS timing. My fault that every step of the way he displayed his flawed decision making process. He chose the wrong path each and every time there was a fork in the road.

So if he does not clean this up, it is on him and a lot of people ask me every day about this domainer or that. Don't expect any kind words out of my mouth until I get the public apology and it better be sincere.

Anyone giving the Chef a pass without doing that.......shame on them too! Think of what you want of me, but I did not deserve this for bringing it out in the open. Is this the message to send to people when they see something bad going down? My opinion of the guy went from a young guy just making a bad mistake to a guy that in MY BOOK, and in MY OPINION based on what I see and my values. is NFG and it reflects poorly on those that just want to sweep it away.

Let's review:

1. He made a BAD decision to violate a customers privacy.

2. He made the FATAL decision to email the registrant's employer and compound the problem

3. He made the decision not to come forward when he was still working there.

4. He made the decision not to come forward when he left their employment

5. He made a bad decision to sweep it under the rug and go on like nothing happened spinning and lying.

6. He made a good decision to finally make a mea culpa.

7. He made a bad decision for not making it short and sweet.

8. He made a bad decision to blame without taking responsibility

9. He made a bad decision by taking the wrong advice from folks that made it much worse.

10. His anger at every stage overrode everything. Including Shooting the messenger.

As for Oversee, I have lost ALL respect for this company and the way they CHOOSE to conduct business. I don't trust them to protect their customers any longer nor my assets. I am in the process of moving ALL of my domain names away from Moniker after some 11+ YEARS of doing business and since those PRICKS at Oversee hung me out to dry along with the Chef. So, this is my way of letting them know what I think and how your customers are just a necessary evil. Not much more. You screwed your own customers to protect WHAT???? When the TRUST is gone....AND IT IS NOW.......there ain't nothing left. Nothing. Just the sewer.

You make a deal with the devil and you I hope someday Moniker can break away and get back to the company they were before Oversee DESTROYED THEM!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The entire saga and supporting facts can be found at the following links. It is so obvious how hard it was to bring this out in the open. Nobody could get up to the plate and just set the facts straight. But plenty of time to spin and ignore HOPING it would go away when I PROMISED it would not. In that 45 minute call with Craig Snyder (In which I actually believed what he said) I could not have been any clearer and that was in mid December: It can be verified that I urged them in the strongest terms I know how that it needed to come from them and not me. He told me in the strongest terms they would do the right thing. That makes you a LIAR there Craig Snyder. Because you have FAILED to do the right thing. Your Marine Speech was CRAP!

It STILL has not come from them. So CRAIG, why don't YOU get me off the hook. YOU called ME. I spent time on YOUR behalf. NOW YOU should make this SHIT go away. YOUR SHIT. OVERSEE'S SHIT. THE CHEFS SHIT! GROW some BALLS. ALL OF YOU!

PS: Chef, don't worry about that apology. The mere fact that you did not do it that day or the next day shows what type person you are and the heart you have.