The Growing .XXX Storm…Something to Watch and Learn From

Morning Folks!!

According to many, .XXX will likely get approved next Friday. But opponents are feverishly working to derail that approval. The anger is evident in this AVN Post.

After a strong .CO introduction, will .XXX be meaningful? I don't know. Nobody ever does before the fact. We all have hunches. Another indicator whether the new extensions will be important. Not up to domain investors. It is up to consumers and the content. But the controversy swells and the fight is on. Whether fighting with your target group is smart will certainly play out in front of everyone.

As I indicated yesterday, I see the biggest challenge is just how easy it will be to block .xxx and countries and businesses and education and so many more will likely be blocked. Will providers like Comcast block it? Can they? Would they? Will they? Strong headwinds could develop. We shall stay tuned and see it all unfold.

Will the second coming ever come? The numbers say 'No'. The reason .com is .com is for a number of reasons. In any new extension, the biggest reasons are basically non-existent or at least few and far between.
.Com has the masses all pouring in trillions of dollars in advertising.
.Com has massive natural type ins that no other extension has. The drop off from .com to .net to .org is huge.
.Com as a word phrase is repeated more than any other word on the planet ever day of the year. A fact yet to be discovered and still growing.
.Com is the gold standard

Now that does not mean there won't be opportunity to capitalize on some extensions. But it likely won't be in the same form or manner or magnitude as the .com.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz