Nothing to Fear other than our Own Shadows and Stupidity!

Morning Folks!!

There is FEAR in the domain Industry. That is the only word that can describe what I see. But it is unfounded fear the way I view the universe. Fear created by others because they WANT what you have.

Fear of a “Shadow” that can never duplicate a phenomenon even though they will try. They still talk about the Hula-Hoop. That was SIXTY years ago and they are stil looking for the second coming. Problem is the second coming did not look like a hula-hoop. It looked like a ”Pet Rock”.

For the last 2 years I have said during this economic turmoil that Ron Jackson would get on stage at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and report a record setting year of domain sales. I have been WRONG both times. But I believe in just 3 weeks I am finally about to be right. My timing was off, but the event unfolded as seen. Record setting domain sales in a tough environment.

Quite interesting to see fortune 500 companies buying WAVES of domain names just at a time where so many domainers are giving up. Are you folks CRAZY??

Pete Rose was great because he ever gave up. And by never giving up he squeezed another 10% out of himself each and every time. That 10% extra effort would result in a 50% success rate. Point is MOST give up just before the finish line. Too bad for them. They had victory within their reach and FEAR of failure made them give in. Passion lost out to fear. Persistence lost out to fear. The ONLY thing to fear is not giving it 110% each and every time. That is the only failure to fear.

How do you describe something not visible to the naked eye? An event about to unfold? Some see ghosts and I see opportunity. Some see shadows and get driven by fear.

Some are worried about the new gTLD’s. I still only see opportunity. Whatever downside that can happen is nothing more than the tide coming in and going out. Inhaling and exhaling. I just see much more upside than downside.

But, that is what makes a “Market”. That is why they have 57 flavors of ice cream. That is why markets go up and down. As businesses you job is not only to “Whither” the storm, but it is to “Thrive” during the storm or directly after the storm.

Don’t believe how things will unfold? Tell me that in 4 years from today. Can you survive for another 4 years? Steady as she goes. Fear makes bargains. There are bargains out there. There are deals out there. There are terms out there because there is more “Circumstance” out there than in most of our lifetimes.

Point is it is times like THIS that fortunes are made. The worst times provide the largest opportunity. My suggestion to those core domainers is to be in a strong cash position so you can buy FEAR! So you buy the unknown at a deep discount. Fear is driving the market when really nothing has changed. The power of your knowledge will more than offet anything the future can throw at you. These are the best of times because there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


15 thoughts on “Nothing to Fear other than our Own Shadows and Stupidity!

  1. Scott Alliy

    Spot on IMO check out this line from a newsletter I received today
    Will Netflix Survive in the Face of Increasing Competition?
    Since when has their not been competition in any industry? Some folks live on drama. They live for change and when they get it guess what they want? Another change and so it goes and so it goes.
    How many hands do some stocks change when some stockholders in the same company hold for years and at the end of the day make out like bandits all the while the ins and outs found lost found then lost again?
    All in what believe. Any slim or non believers will abandon ship in a heartbeat and take their chances in storm filled waters hoping to catch the next big thing. We have the next big thing and frankly little appears to rival the potential roi from a good domain name portfolio any time soon IMO.
    Be 100% wrong or 100% right but be 100% comitted or continue to toss yourself overboard a floating perhaps even rising ship as you point out the numbers might show or stay the course and enjoy the ride and let the movers and shakers move and shake until they realize that they were on the right ship to begin with.
    We each have the choice. We’re in and staying for the long term. Bought some more yesterday and watching vigilantly for the bargains tossed out by the panicked, impatient, or just plain uninformed.

  2. todaro

    do you think the domain name will ever be valuable? it appears to be available for handreg and i have a godaddy code for $1.99 so even if i could only sell it for 2 dollars i’d still make a penny. i always love when you post… except for berkens you are my favorite blogger.

  3. Poor Uncle

    If you don’t want to be a poor uncle, don’t try to be a hero when the shit hit the fan. Great advice, buy low sell high. In bad time, the low can get lower. Just don’t go crazy when you can’t afford to go broke. Don’t put your family in harms way. Fear is good. Very good when it comes to protecting your family’s way of life.

  4. Theo

    The domaining landscape is changing very fast.
    New TLD’s . IP protect act around the corner.
    IDN’s selling like mad in Russia.
    In the middle east IDN’s seem tobe going rather well also.
    The new gTLD’s will be launched.. Will you fear it ? Or will you act on it ?
    The rules are changing . adapt.
    Concentrate on what you do best.
    A focus shift is in order. But if you are a domainer you got the edge here..
    It will take longer but long term vision and patience will do trick.

  5. Kevin Davis

    “There are bargains out there. There are deals out there. There are terms out there because there is more “Circumstance” out there than in most of our lifetimes.”
    If you can’t take a hint from that quote then some people need to quit and more for the rest of us.Great article Rick.

  6. Bill Roy

    Again a great post, unfortunately though many will read it and not understand, but such is the way of the world!
    Many bargains are appearing, one domain that I have wanted for some time I was able to pick up this last week for a real reduced bargain price. At this time opportunity is all around, and especially for those with vision to develop new markets and new legitimate monetization methods.

  7. Coder

    There are better opportunities than domaining nowadays. Fear in general is good for business, you just need to know what to sell. Insurance comes to mind.

  8. domain guy

    fear has paralized the world/market…and not just the domain market world financial markets are extremely nervous.domainers are nervous about new tlds,ppc payouts,falling type in traffic, etc… large corps are sitting on trillions of cash and accepting negative returns rather than take a risk,people are sitting on the sidelines and won’t take a risk buying a home with interest rates at a 30 yr low and trending lower.rather than take a risk people perfer to rent rather than own a home.
    employment is really out of control. i read the other day 70 million people in the us are on food stamps up from 45 . people are hanging on to every dollar they can.
    what comes to mind is FDR”we only thing we have to fear is fear itself” domainers will need to see some serious sales at the auctions to regain consumer confidence.and not just one auction either it will take an upward trend.

  9. Altaf

    Good thought.
    Will the dot com bubble repeat again if we enter into second recession? Please write something about 2nd deep & the domains opportunity.
    Have a good day!


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