The Day the Twinkie Died. Are We on the Eve of WW3?

Morning Folks!!

While we are focused on the economy, politics and affairs, are we on the brink of WW3? Are things not only about to unravel from a monetary standpoint but a political one as well? Is there a will for certain ancient predictions to come to be? The Twinkie gone? (No it will be back on shelves soon)

Not much focus about what we have always feared for decades when it comes to the Middle East. No moral authority is present. There are no strong political figures. Just a lot of weak ones looking for more power. The world is caught in the crossfire and unrest is spreading to many corners of the world.

We live in interesting times and I see some of the most turbulent days I have witnessed in my lifetime all converging at one time. Another 'Perfect storm'? The last days of 2012 are nothing that any rational human being wants to see but we are on the brink of 'Unavoidable'.

As I write this Israel is about to launch possibly the most devastating strikes EVER! One wrong move by Syria, Egypt, Iran or Hamas etc, and the entire region may glow in the dark. Once it starts, and it has, you can't put it back in the bottle. And with all that, more focus on the Twinkie. And why not? The Twinkie DEAD at the age of 82. 18,000 now unemployed and a union celebrating a victory. These are not 'Interesting' times.....these are fucked up times.

Rick Schwartz

25 thoughts on “The Day the Twinkie Died. Are We on the Eve of WW3?

  1. KA

    “I don’t know how man will fight World War III, but I do know how they will fight World War IV; with sticks and stones.”
    — Albert Einstein

  2. BullS

    Yes, folks, this could be your last Thanksgiving with your loved ones.
    Enjoy while you can.
    Yea, blow up and let recreate a brand new WORLD.
    Time for my smoke….passing the pipe to you all from the
    peace out

  3. Last Gasp

    Atlas Shrugged is nonsense and full of fear mongering and brainwashing, IMHO.
    I do feel very badly for both sides over there in recent conflicts with Israel. A solution will never be found, even 200 years from now. It’s really sad.

  4. War Machine

    Politicians start wars, not citizens. When entire populations let their leaders focus on war and destruction rather than voting to help people what did everyone expect?
    Politicians with money invested in war machines that when they use them they make more $$$ . Can you say Carlyle group.
    It’s a sad joke.
    The world is a extremely fucked up. People still denying the planet is heating up, etc. etc. Pinheads.
    The planet will be a much better place if mother nature does a big cleanup and clears out these parasites??
    Interesting while it lasted…….

  5. Gazzip

    This chaos is all by design, the New World Order are stiring up everyone and deliberately turning them against each other, Divide and Conquer, expect them to provoke a revolution in America so they can bring in Martial Law, carried out or aided by UN troops.
    Then lookout, these freaks are going to make Hitler look like a total Pussy.
    Hitler killed millions, these people intend to kill billions

  6. Gazzip

    Its going to take a lot more than that to stop these insane assholes, they are in deep and fully committed.
    Get ready to rumble, you may have no other choice !

  7. steve

    The workers at hostess have no one to blame but themselves. They unioned and forced Hostess into bankruptcy. They think millions and millions of dollars are going to the management.
    Sure it could have been incompetent management, but every place I worked I quit telling the management they are totally stupid. But with every company stupid as a rock they still go on.
    Now these people have to find new jobs because if I bought this company and I would do so only under no strings attached.
    Then I would move the company and never hire one of these union workers. They are screwed worse than the managers they just screwed.
    There only chance was to do a employee takeover, buyout and they are to stupid to do that.

  8. howard

    Hamas was emboldened by the Obama victory. They feel that with Egypt on THEIR side and the World Press anti-semitic anyway, they can get away with killing as many Jews as possible. Nobody paid any attention to the Israeli deaths, including babies and children caused by Hamas rocket attacks, but now the world will be condemning Israel for defending itself.
    ABC Nightline should be boycotted by every peace-loving person as they have been so biased in their approach and reporting. The worst of the worst.

  9. Zogs

    I know one thing, there won’t be any of the promised people in Israel by the time another 50 years passes. They are on a losing side. Look at Egypt now siding with the Palestinians.
    Israel will get bio warfared out. I am surprised that the rockets landing there don’t have more than plain old explosives.
    Israel should get OUT of the lands it is illegally occuping in contravention of the UN resolutions, Israel is a made up state imposed on the Middle East without its agreement.
    Imagine a whole bunch of Chinese turning up in America and just taking some land.

  10. ScottM

    Howard is exactly right, well said! But Bibi still outplayed Obama (again). He gave Hamas and Obama enough rope to hang themselves (in a manner of speaking) and gave himself political cover. When the cease fire fails again he will be able to say to Obama and Morsi we tried it your way before and now we’re going to do it the way we had planned previously (ground forces) but held back because of you. He will also have the next generation of Iron Dome defense online next year that can take out the longer range missiles which will weaken Hamas hand militarily.

  11. domain guy

    you may not like this post rick….however isreal is the problem and I have stated it now for over 35 yrs..isreal stole that land in the 1967 7 day war sharon vs arafat and thats what this is all about and it gets twisted because few if any gentils give a shit less about isreal.
    isreal was involved in the 1973 gas crisis actually caused the world oil crises this gets erased too. because every media corp is controlled by jews they are all educated compared to the average american who reads on the 6th grade level.
    and to take it to the next level few countries support isreal the main one is the us and why? because jews control over 50% of the wealth in the us and jews comprise less than 3% of the population…I know hebrews don’t want to hear it but its the truth and buried deeply and convoluted…sorry rick I expect you will delete this from your blog?


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