to Be Leased?

Morning Folks!!

Let's see what idiocy looks like.

Before March 14th of this year was humming along at 500-1000 daily visitors and making me $600-$900/month. Nothing to write home about, but it was steady income. When I got hit with the WIPO suit I changed the domain from a parked page to that of my blog post about the issue.

My traffic SKYROCKETED during black friday. Now we all know I am not using it for the highest and best use. But what would the value be if the boys from Brazil were to actually be men and figure it out? How much business is it costing them on a daily basis? I have no idea but it ain't pennies. How many new clients a DAY are they not getting? I don't know but it ain't pennies. How much has it cost them in total lost revenue? I don't know but IF they are capable of signing folks up and making clients of them, I would guess those pennies add up to tens of thousands just this year. Stunting and smothering their growth while their testosterone was out of whack in March and their ego is bruised by the defeat now. But that is still not excuse for not recognizing this gaping leak that exists. Pennies to me, many thousands to them. (theoretically)

It blows me away that they would have gone to the extremes they did to hijack the domain but have never engaged in a meaningful conversation about getting the traffic. I suppose that they would be paying Google many times the pennies I am making. So how long does it take them to wise up? How long before they figure it out? They can now be the canary in the mines for domain leasing. WHEN will they contact me and come to the table? I won't bite. I'll just take their $$$ and they can fix their problem.

They can come and speak at TRAFFIC and let us know what they learned, what they found out and just how valuable a .com is to a worldwide company. I always look for the silver lining. Turn a negative into a positive. But until then, I am gonna use them to fend off future hijackers. Use them to illustrate as much as I can. And if they go belly up at some point.......oh well, they made their bed.

So a simple question. How much does it cost them a DAY not to have the .com? Just the losses, not even future value of a new customer? What's the cost of that LEAK?? They are clueless because it is invisible and while they saw it in March, they don't quite see it now when it actually counts. So let me tell them......THOUSANDS every single month! Just a STUPID business decision and they have yet to rehabilitate that terrible decision.

So I would be happy to announce the lease of to a 3rd party. ANY 3rd party. But the poster boy would be the most fun and get the most mileage and he can share what he learned which so far is absolutely NOTHING! And sad!

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “ to Be Leased?

  1. Paul Kapschock

    “They can come and speak at TRAFFIC and let us know what they learned, what they found out and just how valuable a .com is to a worldwide company.”
    Funny statement but very very true!

  2. .com

    Just wait until we see GTLD non sense and bloggers hyping up these extensions to please advertisers.
    Good post! You should email them Rick and see if they will lease name from you.

  3. Jay

    Rick, you should register domain name (it is available right now) or something similar and develop on it some website that would promote the value of .com and nothing else. Then make some nice buttons that we, supporters of .com will add to our websites. This may be a nice campaign for .com and against new non-sense gTLD program. I would do it, but I am not famous domainer, so I see this as a good idea only when somebody like your will do it, so there will be guaranteed success and thousands of followers. Think about it.

  4. BullS

    “They can come and speak at TRAFFic”
    They are ON THE no fly domainer list by ICE.
    I told you so…dot com is King-gy.

  5. Max

    We need to be VERY careful AND REACT!
    Meanwhile, sedo and others parking providers in partnership with google, have already destroyed, and they will continue to destroy, the practice of surfing the web typing directly in the address bar.
    Junk results linked to last pages visited or so on, stored in the browser memory, instead of linked to the domain name itself and set keywords, has already removed the most part of people from the type-in practice and those remaining will be increasingly discouraged by the above mentioned malpractices.
    Forward so, leasing will not be enough.
    We have to face it: without a STRONG reaction from ALL, type-in traffic WILL CONTINUE TO FALL, IN ADDITION to have been ALREADY BOICOTTED in many ways FOR TEN YEARS

  6. Kassey

    Type-in will disappear, but… voice-in will be in fashion, as consumers learn to speak directly into their cell phone and navigate to their desired destination. Consumers want shortcut to their destination, and voice-in is the best short-cut, imho.

  7. Max

    If type-in will disappear or not depends ONLY by what all the domainers make or don’t make NOW. If they don’t offer their domains for lease and leave them on parking service having partnership with google, type-in will disappear.
    On the contrary it will be what it should have been for years without all the malpracticed that have been made for 10 years that is the first thing everyone would do for many types of searches.

  8. Perry

    My type in traffic is down over 50% in the last three years.
    When I ask people I know do they type in names in the browser window, they laugh, saying only neebies to the net do that as it only leads to pages full of ads.
    They use google for their searches using keywords and phraces.
    Google seldom shows keyword domains in the first page.
    So yes keyword domains are losing value to the point that they just are not worth buying anymore.
    All over, sorry folks and I own many.


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