Step Away from the Keyboard!

Morning Folks!!

Step away from the keyboard! Close the lid. Back up. Stand up. Vacate! Vacate! Vacate!

I will see if and how long I can take my own advice. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rick Schwartz

15 thoughts on “Step Away from the Keyboard!

  1. Uzoma

    Happy Thanksgiving to All Domainers, and A Special One to The king, for the the prophecy, adrenaline, and wisdom you give to the Industry, almost on a daily basis. God’s speed, all.

  2. Kobe Green

    All of us in the domaining sphere know what good fortunes we’ve come upon to be involved in something with high financial rewards that the rest of the world is still catching on to.
    Cheers to the pioneers. Small adventures. Big life.

  3. Morgan Linton

    Stepping away from the keyboard right now for the rest of the day! Happy Thanksgiving Rick, thanks for an absolutely AMAZING TRAFFIC show this year, can’t wait for Vegas!

  4. Anunt

    To help the economy and increase online sales stats for this Black Friday, i bought a bunch of useless and needless bull shit online that is going to take up storage space at the house!
    Other than the dumpster, have they invented a”Cloud” to store ALL this useless physical bullshit???

  5. Kobe Green

    That’s why I prefer to invest in”virtual” property. DOMAINS! Takes up no space at all and unlike useless black friday junk that lose value the minute you step outside the store, my domains increase in value by the day.
    I just grabbed a bunch of”black friday” domains today!


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