I See the World Through Historical Retail and Wholesale Tinted Glasses

Morning Folks!!

It may be summer for consumers but June begins Christmas for retailers. And if you don't know and understand that, your timing is going to be off.

So when I look at business I can look at that business via the eyes of any owner in any industry. That is the basis for my strong confidence in domain names that mean something, What is happening today is just so different than what has happened before as folks are getting more and more educated about their online businesses and the opportunities they have. But there is also still a long way to go as otherwise intelligent people outsource the one thing they need to know and learn if they want to survive and thrive.

I am finding out there that corporate is very slow to move but sole proprietors are catching on. The small family business is on the move. They are really starting to get it. I also see the relationship between domain investors and those in IT and search starting to figure out how they can take advantage of each others strengths. There is still a big disconnect there, but it is exponentially better.

Sorry, I just see good things and hear even better things. I go to Las Vegas and everyone is making money and doing deals. I look the other way and I see fret and despair among many in the same business and in the same environment. What's the difference? Outlook and attitude is the difference. A change in attitude can change and ROCK your world. But the comfort of fear and despair have some locked down.

So I still see the greatest business ever with the most opportunity ever and the reason I see that is retail and wholesale and progress. The ferocious headwinds of the past have died down. And in some cases those headwinds are turning into tailwinds. Expansion gives birth to opportunity regardless how many fear it. They fear it because they are ignorant to history. Yes they are! Just study TEN different parallels and they make no mistake where the ship is going. The ship has sailed before. MANY times before.

So while it may be summer for some, it is Christmas in June and July for many. Everything in the business cycle gets geared up for the home stretch. That 45 day period that decides your fate for another year. How many folks are connected to that event? Millions? Tens of millions? More?

Social and commercial sometimes get entangled and lost. These too are some of the parallels that are easy to figure out as they shake out. Some just get too caught up in the details to see the big picture.  But that is part of the parallel as well. These are all predictable events and behaviors based on history and the evolution of products and businesses and hula hoops and pet stones and facebook and apple and google and it's all connected and it's all been done before.

But none of this matters. Let me be clear on what I see overall. I see some folks that don't know the difference between a low tide, an ocean, a desert, a season. They sell their vessels because of a low tide not because of anything that would warrant an actual sale of an overall appreciating asset. Based on a fear that high tide won't come back. And so it is Summer to some and Christmas to others. Merry Christmas!

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Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz