Rick’s Guide to Making Friends in Business. LOL!

Morning Folks!!

Some folks don't like me. But it is almost never for what I did to them personally but it is almost always about my thoughts and words. They are pointed, sharp and direct. And they are also accurate as I view the world. So deal with it. Here is a perfect example. Let me piss off  MORE folks than I make friends with just by the following LOGICAL thought:

"If you did not see the recession or depression coming what qualifies you to see when it is ending?"

Seems like a fair question from where I sit. If I were looking for an answer to an unknown I would disqualify those that got the big one wrong the first time and at least start with the folks that saw it coming.

Lots of domainers disappeared over the last 5 years. Many others are still struggling to stay afloat. The single biggest reason was they did not see what was coming, were not prepared for it and reality foiled their dreams.

"If you did not see the recession or depression coming what qualifies you to see when it is ending?"

That's a very in your face question since most people did not see it coming they might be offended. So I am on the wrong side of math if I am trying to make friends. When you are like me and don't go along with conventional wisdom you are already at a disadvantage before we start.

Well, I would rather be at a disadvantage, have less friends, then to get things wrong. How's that?

And in 2007/2008 when I did write about it and prepare for it the same people got pissed. It's predictable because human nature has so many folks CONTROLLED instead of them controlling HUMAN NATURE. So who is going to like me when they think I have it upside down? I feel bad that they don't get it. I feel bad that they think I am talking down to them. I feel bad that in fact they are the ones that had it upside down. But they are blind to the energy I use to try and let them see what I see.

So that leaves us with an industry of multiple groups in multiple stages. One that is doing very well. One that has disappeared. One that is struggling for survival. And then there is the new group that comes in at the deepest and darkest times and is aggressive and will be making names for themselves. There are subgroups to that.

So to me it is plain to see that the depth and worst of what we have gone thru is well over. And while it still may take months and years to build up and regenerate, that is exactly what we are doing as the pace of things begin to pickup and before you know it. BOOM! And when the market does flip the switch, even after years it can happen overnight. The tide is rising. Period!

Will there be crisis? You bet!! Lots of bad things are still going to happen. Enjoy!! Profit from it! You make money by predicting an outcome and getting it right because the TIMING was right.

"Take advantage of folks that think it is going to get worse and have bills to pay!"

That made me more friends! Yes? Of course not. But that statement is also a FACT that makes the world go round. So the angry masses think it is more important to be angry with me stating a fact than it is understanding the FACT! That's the point!

Many folks are distracted by shiny objects and easy to be charmed. That made me more friends! Yes? Of course not.

But now lots of good is also happening when compared to nearly 100% stagnation and worse. The economy is a tide that affects all of us in some degree. But just like a surfer learns to ride a wave, YOU can learn how to ride the economy of tides and win no matter what when you step back and see the cycles. Cycles that are natural and cycles caused by man.

I'm just sayin' what I am seein' and from what I see the worst is well over, the summer and fall will begin to accelerate and I think 2014-2016 are gonna be years filled with great growth and opportunity. Folks are sick and tired of being sick and tired and THAT is the point in which things turn around. It does not turnaround everywhere at once. It is area by area and sector by sector. But we are in the midst of a new cycle. There will still be plenty of bumps. But 2009 is GONE, DEAD and BURIED even tho some of the stink lingers and you still see the damage that has been done.

Bottom line. Things ARE moving and shaking out there and that is a lot different from what we have witnessed over the past few years when few moved, few shook and few were buying while many were selling.

And so while 80% will never like me and never consider me a friend, I just LOVE the 20% that get it and do!

Those are the folks that mean the most but most of my energy is used to try to sway some of the 80% to break the shackles of their own thoughts and nature. Why? Because I was them at one time and I know the difference between the two schools as well as anybody else in the 20%. Each and every one of them was an 80%er at some point in their life. Just ask them. But the 80% have yet to be in the 20%.

Believe me I have the ability to win over the 80%. I just tell them what they want to hear whether I believe it or not. I blow smoke up their ass cuz they want to hear what they like. It's like telling a kid a bedtime story. The more they hear what they like the nicer and more charming you are. And that has how much value in BUSINESS?? So the 80% need to learn one thing. Their BIGGEST enemy is hanging out with 80%ers telling them what they want to hear instead of hanging with the 20%ers and figuring out what they are missing. That made me more friends! Yes? Of course not.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz