The Finanical Recession is Over. But a Recession of the Mind Remains and Lingers.

Evening Folks!!

Over the past few years most companies and people have had an up and down review and a full inventory of where they were at and where they were headed. It was forced. The times dictated our actions. That made us leaner, meaner and smarter. Growth happens when we are challenged in a big way and overcome the obstacles. Once you learn to overcome obstacles and exercise that power, nothing can really hold you back.

So those with a keen grasp of what I just said see opportunity regardless of the "Times".

Some are victim of the times and others are empowered by the times. It's mind control more than anything else. Can you control your mind? Can you control what you see? Can you control where you go? Can you control where you are headed? Can you control yourself? Can you control an outcome? Can you control a result? Can you control your thoughts? Can you control learning? Can you control negative and positive?

Add 100 more. You will find you can control most of them but many have US controlled and maybe it is time in life to sit down and separate the two if you are not where we want to be or going in the direction we want to go. See others are and they deal with the same BS you and I do. However they can overcome it? Why? How? Maybe they know what they can and can't control.

And folks like that do it over and over again. In face of this or that. Sure, sometimes the pace slows down. But that's all it is. The pace slowing down and adjusting to it or resisting it. But not being a victim of it. Victims of this or that or even fear so many times set themselves up to end up that way. You can set things up for success or set things up for the unknown and worse.

I think the day we realize just how much control we do have is the day things change in our lives. So you can sort groups out all types of ways. Negative people and positive people. People that control what they need to and those that look to blame others.

But the most stunning thing is seasoned business people not knowing the difference between what they can and can't control and how they react to that. They mistake really bad times and low tide. Tides are an expected event. It can't be changed. But I see many react like it is a surprise event. I see all too often folks reacting to a tide and not really to the bigger picture. It then becomes confusing. I think separating those things is paramount in the path to success wherever your path may lead or whatever path you might choose.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz