Spied on, Listened to, Lied to and Mislead. And that was Just Monday!

Morning Folks!!

June 2013 may go down in history  as one of the worst American months ever.

Politics has been turned on its head as we learned that we were  Spied on, Listened to, Lied to and Mislead and then it gets worse from there as we are poised for war in Syria and beyond. Just a shiny object to distract? Great day!

So as long as they are reading our emails, I will just write them all in public from now on. How about you? lol

When Glen Beck and Michael Moore agree, well then we have something new and extraordinary. It gives me cover to actually write something political. The lines have been blurred, crossed and many are rethinking what they think. SOME of this is worse than inexcusable.

The NSA has Clapper the liar.  The FBI has Muller the incompetent that can't name anyone at the FBI investigating the IRS scandal. The National Security Advisor, Donilon, has been the one accused at the White House of leaking for years and then of course being replaced by Susan Rice who went everywhere at the direction of you know who and LIED all over 5 Sunday shows. Hillary is nowhere to be found and that call at 3AM did not even go to Bill. It just got unanswered. But what does it matter??? So we left our folks to hang out there and get TORTURED!! The NEW American way and it is sickening to me. How about you?

About 10 years ago Putin stated they have the KGB and the USA has the IRS. Looks like he was on to something. When that BITCH at the IRS took the 5th, she should have been arrested, given immunity and then spilled the beans.

So we are about to see something very interesting with our politicians, our population, our morality and our values.  Who will win out? What will win out? Party? Country? Moral character? Watch very closely. These scandals make Watergate look like an afternoon Tea Party and is a THREAT to each and everyone reading this no matter where you live and no matter what political persuasion that you are. TYRANNY is a HORRIBLE way to live!

The excuse makers and protectors will be in full dress for the foreseeable future. But there is NO EXCUSE for us to be Spied on, Listened to, Lied to and Mislead and to IGNORE that............

Rick Schwartz