Save the Date. August 16th, 2013

Morning Folks!!

There has only been one other movie I have ever touted. The Social Network. If you have not seen it, I am shocked because there is a DIRECT LINK to domaining and making a brand online. So the only word that comes to mind is "Dereliction".  But you can easily fix it in SECONDS!

But this post is about "Jobs" which is the movie about Apple. Don't go see it to be entertained. Go to learn. One tidbit could be life changing. So I know what I will be doing on August 16th. I hope I learn just 10% of what "The Social Network" taught me. PRICELESS.

So if spotting opportunity is not your strong point, maybe being at the right place at the right time will help you understand.

Rick Schwartz

John McAfee Unleashed. Hilarious, off the Wall, Must Watch, Video!!

Morning Folks!!

My brother sent this to me a few days back and then I saw it in the news today. John McAfee released a video that is VERY funny. VERY out there. Definitely worth watching. ADULT CONTENT!!




Rick Schwartz


I Stated the The Recession Was Over on June 9th! Now Even Bernanke Agrees.

Morning Folks!!

So 13 days ago I pronounced the recession over with THIS POST!  "The Finanical Recession is Over. But a Recession of the Mind Remains and Lingers."

I followed up the next day with THIS POST. "Champions and Challengers."

So I was VERY CLEAR about where I thought we were/are.

Not all were on board.


Then this week something happened.  Bernanke repeated what I had said just 10 days later. Did he call me?? Now make no mistake about it, the PAIN is FAR from over. But we are at the bottom or soon will be. This summer IS the bottom and when the fall business heats up, we are off and running and the BULLS are finally loose on Main Street and not just the stock market.

So let me try again.

The Financial Recession is Over. But a Recession of the Mind Remains and Lingers. That's a GUT call. It was then supported by folks that are "Experts" just days later. Gut can trump all. Gut allows you to react before the facts unfold. That is called opportunity and opportunity is the key ingredient to making money and having a success.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz