Adapt vs Adopt vs Abort. My Defining Last Ever Post on gTLD’s

Morning Folks!!

My defining last ever post on gTLD's.

I love how people trying to sell something try to speak for everyone. I am told people will adapt to the new gTLD's. Now I agree that society is very adaptable. The keyword there is adaptable. They can learn anything. Even flying jets. So without doubt that power is there.

Here is the side of the equation that they may have a very hard time with. ADOPTION. Before you adapt, you have to adopt. If there is no reason to adopt, there is no reason to adapt. Got that??

Adapt : to change your behavior so that it is easier to live in a particular place or situation

: to change (something) so that it functions better or is better suited for a purpose

So you might ask the question "Is confusion something I want to adapt to and adopt as a new way to navigate the net?"

That might be the question.

See, if it were done methodically and logically to INDEX the Internet to find what you want quicker, you might adopt and adapt. When you find out it may be the opposite, do you still get the same result? Come on!

That directly connects to need, want and desire. That chain breaks every time.

Everyone raise your hands that want to be confused? What is the need, want and desire level on confusion?

Some do make a living out of confusion.

I talk to as many people about this as possible. Smart people. People seeing both sides. But I swear there is the disconnect and I think it gets to the entire motive of all this.

I am sure you are all bored and would be happy for me never to mention those 3 words. Need, want desire. But whenever I ask that question and fill in the buckets, the end-user ain't in the equation. They get run over by those 3 words.

1. ICANN. Yes, they DO have need, want, desire because they are making money! Loads of money. They also keep themselves relevant by their control. So when it comes to ICANN, they CLEARLY make the bar of all 3. NEED, WANT, DESIRE and that is what those three little words mean when attached to REALITY! So let's never lose track of the REAL reason this is happening. End users? They could give a rats ass. The more confusion there is the more important ICANN is. So I hope you see the picture. CONTROL and MONEY. They need it, they want it, they desire it. They pass the test.

2. Lawyers. Yes, they have a need a want and a desire because they can make money. The crossfire is going to be off the charts. They pass the test.

3. The Registry. Yes, they have a need a want and a desire because they can make money. They pass the test.

4. Registrars. Yes, they have a need a want and a desire because they can make money. They pass the test.

5. End users. Can you really answer the same way? We agree they need to make money. That's why they are in business. But the need, want and desire can be met in different ways and their way may not work the way some have painted the future. I just don't see that vision. I am really struggling to see it or I would not put my thoughts out like this. They DO NOT pass the test. But they sure are being spoken for.

What I have been doing is sharing my thought process as I come to conclusions and decisions. I think that most would have to agree that if there are a 1000 of any new item coming to market you might want to focus on the winners. The top 3. The top 10. Wouldn't it be logical to eliminate the ones you think have little merit?

I am sure there will be a success or two or 10.  Maybe.

But I am also sure of another thing.

If this is the Kentucky Derby and they squished 1000 horses in a starting gate meant for 18, then chances are many get trampled right out of the gate.

When an application is withdrawn and nobody picks up that gTLD, we can't even say died on the vine. It was aborted. How many have been aborted so far? Why?

As I stated in an earlier post, all we need to do is figure out the top 3. The top 10. The top whatever you deem you need. But do they really all matter?? I don't think so.

There is no question you can create need, want and desire. That's a very tall order in an arena where there will be NO ORDER. Lots of intersections. Lots of crashes. Lots of confusion. Lots of overlapping. Lots of underlapping. Lots of crossfire.

I have never been afraid to be on record. And as I mull this over, I see dead ends for end users. Ya know, the end-user that everyone cares so much about.

$100k for a .whatever. Really? $250k? Really? What will be the premium on

And you mean to tell me for $100k a company can not find a .com to fill their need and do it safer with less risk? Really?

I keep looking for this dog to hunt and I keep coming up with a skinny and hungry dog. But I will keep looking. My ONLY objective is to find answers. But I will say one thing, I do feel like I have been wasting valuable time talking about this when I could be hunting around for those $100k .coms that the .whatever guy is gonna need, want and desire with any degree of success or even lack of it.

I think it a much safer $100k to invest. Maybe I will overpay for that .com. It may only be worth $75k. The other might be worth $75. My stomach can't handle gambles like that.

Rick Schwartz

PS: And on the title of the post about "Last Ever",  Just Kidding. :-)

Here is tomorrow's post.