Breaking: Pigeon Sh*t to Step Aside. Being Replaced by New.Dung?

Afternoon Folks,

So I decided that Pigeon sh*t is a term that should be reserved for low or no value single domains of current extensions to avoid any confusion in the future with their bigger cousins as they bring some large dung to market.

Limited quality gTLD's of low or no value  need some clarity, color and personality of their own. So from this day on I will refer to low or no value extensions as Horse.Shit. Not to be confused with their smaller dung cousin Pigeon Shit. But can be interchanged with the more popular usage of "Horse Shit" known as meaningless or insincere talk, action or nonsense.

I hope this clarification makes your lives simpler in the future.

And gives everyone a really good chuckle.

Now back to your regularly scheduled much more interesting life.

:-) Ho! Ho! Ho!

Rick Schwartz

P.S. My sincere apologies to those like Domain Gang that could have done a much better job rolling out this new terminology out.

Bullsh*t?? I Love You Too Mike, So I Challenge You to Run the Same Poll.

Morning Folks!!

Seems my good buddy Mike Berkens thinks our poll is Bullsh*t and said so in a blog post yesterday. I don't think it is bullshi*t. I don't think the results are bullsh*t. I think they are the best we have and I think I have a right to interpret them the way I see fit and so do you. To take a pulse of my readers who I believe represent a good cross section of folks in the industry. Friend and foe and unknown and even who cares.

I get to see where things are at. Some can choose to ignore the results, I choose to follow them. Use them as my guide. In business my single greatest asset has been to be able to have a really good read on the pulse of things. Many of us do. In life I take the poll 1 on 1. Same result.

That said, I have a way to make it better.

So this morning I laid down a challenge to Mr. Berkens:

Here is my challenge to you and each blog out there.
Run the same poll. The wider it is the more meaningful it is.
Put it on the same 3rd party service I did so there is no control by anyone or it is not the same.
Compare the results.
You may call the results bullsh*t, but I choose to look at those results and know I have a lot more information.
It does not have to be scientific to have great value. It just needs to point you in the right direction.

I think Patrick Hipskind has it pegged the closest. (with his comments)

So this is an interesting way to get more and wider information if you dare. :-)

It MUST be conducted via as the free service they offer for the results to be counted or even compared to. On the personal questions, just substitute your name and name of you blog.

Rick Schwartz