The Official 2013 “Dot Com is Dead” Poll

Morning Folks!!

When you have to resort to obvious bullshit, you know these guys are in DEEP trouble. See their expenses are on going for a year now and they are taking in no money other than restless investors. And what is worse, when they open for business, many will still not take in any money. Then the investors will go ape shit.

They could have read my blog and your comments first to save them their dollars, but since they didn't......

Now it is really starting to look silly when these guys have to resort to "Dot com is Dead" and "Dot com is your Father's Extension" and even "We are running out of dot-com". This is such CRAP that nobody reading this should allow them to get away with it. PERIOD! Friend or Foe. Facts are facts and they have no connections with personality. This is a business discussion among serious domain investors looking for REAL answers.

It does not help them, it does not help us. And it sure is pissing a lot of folks I know off. Folks that were going to buy into gTLD's and now are thinking twice because they see the bullshit and the weakness of their false arguments. They see they have little else. They see my points can not be just overlooked and ignored, swept under the rug and there are so many of them and 99% are unanswered because they can't be answered. So what else can they really do?

Look, I am happy to have all the dollars and attention coming to domaining and have said it for a very long time. But if you want to resort to this BULLSHIT, I too can MAKE SHIT UP. And my shit is much better than your shit. Just give me a few days and I will give you an example that you might not like. But since we are going down this road, ALL IS FAIR. RIGHT??

And like I have said before, you all own each other. The missteps will cost all of you not just one of you. Why? Because you have positioned yourselves that way. That is what bad marketing can do. Short term gain traded for long-term loss.

I don't have to go down there because I have facts and history and empirical evidence on my side and the best you guys got is "Dot com is dead" as you try to run your empire on .com ? And then you don't think you look silly? Weak? Ridiculous? Desperate?

Well you do! And while you may all be singing the same tune now, that tune has the power and ability to sink all of you including the top 10. One TITANIC of a mess.

Let me show you how.

I think you should ALL AT VERY LEAST announce the date you plan to ABANDON your DOT COM FRANCHISE and HEADQUARTERS and move them to your own new gTLD. Tell us when in 2014 you will be doing that.

When will that be happening? See I can make you all look like FOOLS when you go down this road. So when will you be doing that? Please announce the date this week. I am sure readers and investors want to know that answer. We all do. When??  I will ask that EACH and EVERY time I EVER hear that bullshit. And each time you will either have to make up more bullshit or risk looking foolish. Again and again and again.

See, you are all full of shit. Sorry. You set your own trap and I just replaced your bait with mine so PLEASE don't be angry with me.

.Horse is dead. .Ceo is dead. .Camera is dead. I may not be able to pick the top 10 yet, but there is no missing a DEAD HORSE in the middle of the industry stinking things up.

I will focus on the DEAD gTLD's from now on. Each time I will pull another extension that is DOA baby! I have enough material for years!!

And when they die on the vine, When they ROT right in front of us, When they get aborted, I will show you just how dead dot-com really is. So maybe try to raise your game guys. I keep telling you this dog won't hunt. You can try to fool the end-user, fool the investor but to try to fool this industry of investors? Each group will figure it out in pretty short order. Selling is about your benefits. When you have to resort to nonsense, that VOIDS your benefits. Drowns it right out. Especially when those benefits are hard to find to begin with.

So now you have a poll. My poll. A poll of one.

Want to be "Polled"?

The comment box is the way we poll this!

And for the gTLD guys, again, don't forget to announce the date you will be moving off your dot-com. Many folks will be asking that until you actually make the move. Probably at every opportunity they get. I am sure you can't wait for the day so we hope to make it sooner! :-) See what it tastes like to swallow your own BS?


Rick Schwartz