.Sucks, Suck!

Morning Folks!!

.Sucks is not good for anyone. I think it exemplifies ICANN out of control.

So it broke yesterday by thedomains.com (my personal research department) that one registry bidding will try to extort as much as $25,000 a pop from companies to get their .sucks domain. This sucks! The other 2 bidders are also quite well-known.

I believe this will spin out of control. ICANN has to be THE most >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sorry, can't even print it for adults to read. This has opened a can of worms and the anger is growing by the hour.  This is what happens when there is no guide lines and a money grab.

This is also the type thing that FORCES the U.S. Government to get involved. Congress will act once a few of their names are out there.

“Trademark Priority”

“Trademark Holders can reserve now and secure a price of $2,500 to avoid announced Sunrise pricing of $25,000.” “Trademark Priority registrations will take place BEFORE sunrise”

The Vox Populi Registry Inc. owned by Momentous Corporation, which is the only shareholder listed as owning at least 15% of the registry is opened to business. Momentous Corporation also owns Pool.com

The other two applicants for .Sucks are domain veteran Jay Westerdal’s company Top Level Spectrum, Inc. and Donuts."

So once I read that I registered a few sucks domains of my own:

MomentousSucks.com,  VoxPopuliSucks.com and RobHallSucks.com (Nothing personal Rob)

$25,000 each boys. (or highest bidder over $25,000)

It's one thing to get .sucks which we can debate. But when I hear Mike Berkens raise the level from "Extortion" to "Rape", then I would pay attention.

Seems there is still some time to leave ICANN some comments. So if you are a little hot under the collar, join in.

Go check out the comments over there and pitch in. This is serious, damaging and I think the voice of the industry should be raised. If not, we all live with the consequences and they are already going to be bad enough as it is.

Money grab?? New gTLDS?? Sorry, I think you ALL pay the price for this incredible act.

It's Horse.Shit of the worst magnitude and YOU ALL OWN IT! That's what I mean about a TRAIN WRECK! You are witnessing one! Just one. One of dozens and probably hundreds. Sorry, you rise as one and you can fall as one. That is possible because of how this has been handled.

And let's NEVER forget whose dream baby this all is. Who devised this entire system when at ICANN.

Whatever registry wins .sucks should be shunned and boycotted if they pull this .CRAP!

Rick Schwartz