.Cars Slams Domain Investors and .Com

Morning Folks!!

2014, the year of "Bullshit" and Penis envy.

The .Cars Registry does not think much of you.

"The only reason .COM is so popular is because it has been around for so long. And when you compare it to the new domains, it is meaningless."

"As time goes by and people begin to identify with the new domains, having a .COM will not be important at all."

"Many opportunists (that's you and me folks) purchased the best domain names, and left them parked, or created spammy websites in the hope of selling them later for a huge sum."


Rick Schwartz

22 thoughts on “.Cars Slams Domain Investors and .Com

  1. Robbie

    ”The new domains will enable more competition, and the internet will start to lose parked and spam based sites, as those holding on to .COM domains realize that businesses no longer need to pay a fortune for them”


    So I only need to pay $10 for buy.cars? as they realize that customers do not need to pay a fortune for quality .com’s? I can see a 40-50 good terms come out of this, but no way they will be reg fee, most likely 5 figures plus to open…

  2. Tony

    dotcars is actually one of the better gtlds but it is so niche. Besides the obvious used.cars, sports.cars, new.cars, electric.cars, luxury.cars, you can also have the various geo.cars. So there will be hundreds to thousands of good names from .cars but I doubt most will be available for “reg fee”. Also, they do nothing to overthrow dotcom. I’d easily rather have luxurycars.com than luxury.cars. They might challenge the .nets and .orgs though but even that is debatable.

  3. BillW

    Imagine letting VeriSign run wild charging any prices they wanted for .com and .net (new) registrations and renewals. The whole pricing thing may very well cause the “new” gtlds to backfire on themselves.

    This .cars website is no way to win support from the internet community at large. Better if they had played it up on the positive something to the effect: “there’s a whole new internet coming for the world to explore” instead of bashing .com.

    Just my 2c.

  4. Homero A. Gonzalez

    My bullshit meter goes off as soon as I see anybody (being it a company or a person) bashing somebody/something off to try to illustrate why they are better. If you have a good product, service or idea it will stand up on its own merits or advantages. Now, excuse me… I need to silence and reset the bull shit meter alarm!!! HNY to all!!!

  5. Steve R

    carsdomains.org/cars-gtld/ is smoking crack. MAYBE in 30 to 40 years, some of these new extensions will become common place, but I’m keeping 98% of my money in .com. Sure, one may be able to get organic traffic from some of these domain extensions, but the .com will continue to receive type in traffic. If I owned buycars.com, I would absolutely love it if buy.cars spent a lot of money on advertising because I know that I would get some of their type in traffic due to people accidentally typing in buycars.com instead of buy.cars. It has been embedded into our mental psyche for the last 17 years as the authoritative domain extension to go to. .cars needs to earn the public trust and that will take time especially since .com was here first.

  6. UFO

    No big company is going to buy these URLs for a high price, and I believe the registries have an inflated expectation of what their strings are worth.

    Perhaps one of the most interesting pieces of information that could be gleened is what do the registries think their domains are worth relative to an equivalent .com. My belief is that gTLD is worth 10% of a .com at retail, and 1% at wholesale. I think the registries think gTLD is 10% at wholesale and 20%+ at retail.

  7. Barry

    I think it’s a rather desperate & undignified sales tactic to try to promote a marginal concept and bad mouth the established ‘competition’.

    Is it just me but it all seems to be up ‘in the air’ and do you just order & hope? Just out of curiosity can anybody help me on how many actual .whatevers there will be and how much they will cost ?

  8. Ramahn

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Its a big boys game. All I see right now, and into the future, is those with little man complex making a whole bunch of noise.

    “Its meaningless”? THAT is flat out desperation.

  9. patrick

    It is especially funny is that they use the dot org for there address as the dot com carsdomains.com has been registered since 2004 maybe they could not afford it,maybe when they sell one they can buy the dot com to spread the hate.

  10. Viqi

    These .whatevers will do whatever it takes to get some publicity. They make BS comments to stir up the pot and get free publicity. If we leave them alone and dont pay attention, they would be .forgotten.

  11. marcus

    Carsdomain.org is also smoking weed, sniffing cocaine,poppin mollies, prescription drugs, and chasing it with Everclear. Stupid article.

  12. Kassey

    Noise and confusion are great, because most people will lose sight of opportunities.

  13. Anthony

    Their dot cars website appears to have been developed and written by a 3rd grader in 1998.

  14. Robbie

    The site is misleading, they are advertising .car and .cars, looks like a 7th grade class project, is there money backing this?

  15. BillW

    Appears that the company that ended up the .cars gtld is: DERCars LLC,
    a division of Dominion Enterprises, a media company with 3,000+ employees and operates homes.com, boats.com etc. Sure seems like they could have a better website for .cars!!!

    QUOTE: “Dominion Enterprises is one of the largest providers of highly targeted classified advertising. Our familiar brands are recognized from coast to coast and include For Rent, boats.com, The Employment Guide, homes.com, and HotelCoupons.com, as well as a full complement of specialty vehicle titles including CycleTrader.com and Commercial Truck Trader – all reaching millions of consumers”. .


  16. BillW

    Appears same company popped for a total of $ 1,665,000 in ICANN fees for these 9 strings:

    .APARTMENTS DERApartments, LLC
    .AUTOS DERAutos, LLC
    .BOATS DERBoats, LLC
    .CARS DERCars, LLC
    .FORSALE DERForsale, LLC
    .HOMES DERHomes, LLC
    .MOTORCYCLES DERMotorcycles, LLC
    .RENT DERRent, LLC
    .YACHTS DERYachts, LLC

  17. Afrim

    I really cannot see how gTLDs will have much if any success. Ultimately domainers will lose a lot of money and some of these new gTLDs will not even make enough money to cover their own annual fees. I think people/domainers in general are getting a bit fed up with loosing money and investing their money in random gTLDs that will get nowhere.

    Personally I am only sticking to .COMs and to cctlds. Currently I am building up my cctld portfolio of a certain small country which I understand. The reason cctlds will succeed is because advertisement is done by each country by default as people use that cctld to create businesses in that geographical area. However once the marketing budget of the company which owns a particular gTLD extension goes so does the value of your domains in that extension.

    I have noticed that a few (very small number) of small businesses here in the UK now have a .co cctld as their business domain name. However to the average Joe it just looks like that either the letter “m” is missing from their “.com” address or that the “.uk” is missing from the “.co.uk”. If that is causing confusion, then what will the new gTLDs bring? I believe even more confusion.

    The only gTLDs which might have some success I think is the big global city ones if marketed correctly such as .london

  18. BillW

    Perhaps not a bad move for Dominion Enterprises, owners of boats.com to get new gTLD .boats, and the (same) owner of homes.com to get new gTLD .home. While I don’t have good expectations for most new gTLDs, I think they had no choice but to protect their main .com asset from competitors and the potential unknown 5, 10 or 20 years down the road..

    Perhaps they own some of the other .coms as well of the strings they have applied for. They appear to have the resources and cash to make this a potentially good offensive (and defensive) move to protect their .com especially from the likes of Google, Amazon etc.

  19. R.

    Quote: ‘This account has been suspended’ re. the link Rick posted in the article.


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