Kool.Aid Drinker Reality Test.

Morning Folks!!

Did I write this 6 YEARS or 6 MINUTES ago. Even a comparison to 450 Lemonade stands.

I was close. 900 Kool.Aid stands and they must have read this post not to have lemonade. My suggestion was Grape Juice!


What lessons can be learned? What are the parallels and what are the differences?

Just questions to make us think.

Rick Schwartz

23 thoughts on “Kool.Aid Drinker Reality Test.

  1. Seb

    All these new gtlds registries will soon start to come and tell us how wonderful their new extension is.

    It reminds me of 2008 and how .TEL was supposed to revolutionize the way we keep in touch :

    Webnames.ca was then urging companies and individuals to register their .TEL now because popular company and individual names will be claimed.

    Very funny today but not for those that lost their shirt investing in an almost dead registry now.

  2. UFO

    This has to be classic epitaph for new gTLDs written as a post on your blog by a domainer. Newbies will sing the same song near a decade later…..

    ‘Amazingly, most people mis-construe why .mobi is a likely hit. For me it’s very plain and simple.
    Lets suppose I could not get”Apartment.com” because someone else got there first and I now have the opportunity to buy Apartment.mobi, you would be an imbecile if you did not grab it fast, pure and simple! the extension is actually quite irrelevant in development terms. Eventually, I believe .mobi will start attracting massive natural typein traffic over the mobile internet as .mobi sites get more branding. For instance, I’m already seeing click through revenue from some of my .mobi names such as gaysexvideo.mobi, miamiapartment.mobi and so on. I’ve also noticed that most domainers in the United States are ill conceived when it comes to mobile commerce and the mobile internet, they need to realize 350 million people in europe really don’t care about .com particularly and simply go where the trend goes and in europe, africa and asia, it’s the mobile internet! Even countries such as Kenya are more advanced in mobile commerce. So dudes, wake up and smell the roses! Google gets it big time! do you? I’ve already got about 120 .mobi names e.g newyorkapartment.mobi, translationservices.mobi etc.. some of these are a no brainer as you can see the potential and why mobile users will use it big time!’

  3. bul

    UFO, what are you going to do when apartments.nyc comes to market? Why do you think its necessary to have .mobi to have a mobile app? I have apps in appstore and don’t need .mobi for that. when my company website is visited via a mobile device, what they see is mobi.whatever.com (responsive web) so tell me WHY would anybody need .mobi today and tomorrow?

  4. Kassey

    @bul, UFO was only quoting from Rick’s blog. It just reminds me what’s good on paper may not be good in the real world.

  5. Domenclature.com

    The challenge, and in fact, the mission of the new gTLD Registries is to shift the Consumers habits as far as internet naming is concerned. To bring the internet user to look beyond dot com. To in fact, apply keywords both to the left, as well as to the right of the dot.

    As far as the above statement is accepted as true, then we are able to calculate certain things; we are able to expect others. For example, we should be able to determine, or measure the trajectory of the success.

    This success can only come about when Consumers look at the .whatever the same way they look at .com.

    In other words, in the minds of Consumers, the .whatevers will have equivalency to the .com.


    the condition of being equal or equivalent in value, worth, function, etc.
    synonyms: equality, sameness, interchangeability, comparability, correspondence;

    Logical equivalence is a type of relationship between two statements or sentences in propositional logic or Boolean algebra.

    (A==> B) * (B ==>A)

    where the asterisk (*) represents the logical AND operation, and the right-pointing, double-lined arrow (==>) represents logical implication.

    And because Logical equivalence works both ways. Therefore,

    (AB) ==>(BA)

    So, the 5th secret clue to measure the success of the new gTLDs, and signal when to get in and invest is when

    Sexy.com is equivalent to com.Sexy

    When Frank Schilling is willing to trade me his Sexy.com for my com.Sexy, I will know the Consumer’s habit has been shifted.

  6. UFO

    Sorry all, just click on Ricks link and read the replies below, I just cut and paste a comment which is as relevant now as it was then.

    I do think that there is definitely some potential in the new rounds of gTLDs, but that will have to be seen against how much the registries want versus what an equivalent in .com is.

    Direct matches back to everyday commerce have to be valuable. Like shoe.shop has to be worth ‘valuable consideration’. How much is the question.

  7. Loan Arranger

    No matter how complex the formula, Rick, it keeps coming back to the simple fact that the gtld’s will bomb. Yes, every single dumbass one of them.

    The new gtlds are all .foolish and make .mobi, .tel, .xxx and .coop look like good ideas.

    I’ve heard that a sucker is born every minute. Sounds to me like some of them will be going to the gtld rally in Vegas to pontificate how they can profit from this sick joke of a social experiment.

    gtld = great to lose dinero

  8. Kassey

    Sorry. Just realized the quote is not from Rick himself but from one of the comments on his blog post.

  9. accent

    Funny – Every time .Mobi comes up, the point is made “you don’t NEED a . Mobi”.

    Seems that in the new gTLDs the question is more like “Would someone maybe like to have …?”

    BTW, Mobi registrations are up again, +20,000 last month, while Net and Org were down. Still not much .Mobi selling on the aftermarket. (Thanks to ChinaMobi)

  10. UFO


    Show us a single keyword ending with .mobi in a worthwhile search engine result and what you say may mean something.

    Show us an advertising campaign using a .mobi….

    People holding domains make achieve nothing, real websites, real marketing campaigns, real search engine rankings matter.

    Also, there is another huge myth being peddled which infers that the success of one or more gTLDs helps all gTLDs. WRONG. Each gTLD stands on its own, it’s all about public recollection and the public’s level of authority credited to the extension.

    With current cctlds and .com there are more than enough domains to cover the materially worthwhile businesses already in existence. There will never be hundreds of millions of businesses.

  11. UFO

    The future will be something like this:

    .com .shop .web .net .org cctlds

    That’s enough; the rest will become fossilised dinosaur turds with a few exceptions on specific domains.

  12. patrick

    What if.? All these gTLDS were rolled out to fail so as to increase the value of all the good existing TLDS that have not been doing as good as they hoped. There’s xxxxxxx billions tied up already in .com .net .org .info.mobi .co cctlds ect, i see some of these all ready increasing in value as people try to grab a piece of what is a proven entity.

    Just joking but i do love a good Tom Clancy novel.

  13. accent

    @UFO — My point was that the expectations were higher for .Mobi than they are for new TLDs. At the time there were lots of large companies building stand-alone websites on .Mobi. Many are probably gone now.

    UFO: “The future will be something like this: .com .shop .web .net .org cctlds”

    Except that .Web and .Shop will be owned by Amazon or Google and they will either keep them private or give them for free with advertising.

  14. Anunt

    New gTLDs are the future…but don’t expect to profit from buying and selling those domains…
    Make money by becoming the registry owner like Frank…or sell services to these new gTLDs…
    Plenty of opportunities to make money in new gTLDs but a domain flipper is definately not one if them…
    Good Luck to All and let the games begin!!!

  15. james

    @anunt, you hit the nail on the head. New extensions are not for investors, but without a doubt it will diminish .com values, because of supply and demand.

  16. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I have been derided and called by some a grinch, for opposing the gTLD fleece. The gTLD Derivatives Experiment is a fraud of mass proportion, that has nothing to do with Online Business expansion and is just Economic Waste.
    As for being a Grinch , I am as nice a guy as Mike Berkens, but Piss in the .COM Channel to promote the gTLD Derivatives Gamble and I become a different animal.
    We are spearheading a truly helpfull Micro lending initiative with HelpRaiseFunds.com as the flagship Address. It will be a Global program for small businesses, designed not as a handout, but a real chance for people to finance a self supporting life style.
    So just know that if you are a blogger greasing the skids for the gTLD rollout, you will be confronted. Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  17. Boolean Algebra |

    […] Kool.Aid Drinker Reality Test. | The Rick Schwartz Domain Name … http://www.ricksblog.com/synonyms: equality, sameness, interchangeability, comparability, correspondence;. Logical equivalence is a type of relationship between two statements or sentences in propositional logic or Boolean algebra. (A==> B) * (B … make .mobi, .tel, .xxx and .coop look like good ideas. I've heard that a sucker is born every minute. Sounds to me like some of them will be going to the gtld rally in Vegas to pontificate how they can profit from this sick joke of a social experiment. […]

  18. UFO


    “UFO: “The future will be something like this: .com .shop .web .net .org cctlds”

    Except that .Web and .Shop will be owned by Amazon or Google and they will either keep them private or give them for free with advertising.”

    It doesn’t matter whether these gTLDs are open or closed. All as I am concerned with is from a recollection and value in use they are the useful domains.

    We’ve seen it all before. All gTLDs look good on paper, but the pulic doesn’t give a monkeys and if you want recollection and brandability .com has and will always do the job.

    Because most domainers KNOW NOTHING about REAL commerce they don’t under the LEVERAGING effects of a decent .com. When you spend shed loads on running a business and a domain is absolutely pivotal to knitting all your cost outlays then its worth a great deal to have the right domain name.

    Anyone who is anything will always want the .com. .web .whatever may suit the circumstances of a small and growing business, but the biggest of fish will always want the .com. It means a lot, it says a lot. The only thing better than the .com is having the exact match .brand AS WELL. ie nike.com + .nike

  19. Neil@iHotels.TV

    Good evening,

    How about .TV?
    Short, with a lot of sense, easy to remember, easy to tell others…

    How about .BIZ?
    I do have a lot of clicks on my .BIZ domains…people like this extension…

    Just my opinion.

  20. Neil@eTRAFFIC.ME

    Good evening again,

    How about .ME? Easy to remember, easy to type, easy to spell, easy to tell others, exquisite extension, nicer than many others, especially the new ones.

    People like it, too. A loot of type-ins on my .ME domains.

    Remember that even King sold some good .ME domains…

    Just my opinion…


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