There is NO Such Thing as a ONE WORD GTLD!!!

Morning Folks!!

Common sense is the key to success no matter what you do. If you don't have common sense, you are not able to see the SIMPLE and EASY things. You can't make the easy decisions. Everything has to be complicated because you are so smart!

There is no such thing as a 1 word GTLD. There is a MINIMUM of TWO words and a consumer needs to memorize them and get them both right! On the other hand .Com is already baked into the cake and the memory banks of every human being on the planet. So there is no need to even mention the .com. It's the default.

Many commercials don't use the .com. They don't have to. It's the default. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that.

A genius will start with a square wheel. The guy with common sense will come along and simply sand down the edges and make it work.

So a 2 word left of the dot GTLD is really a 3 word GTLD. Way too many moving parts to remember. I know, you are a genius and you remember everything. But if you had any common sense, you would know that the masses easily confuse things. And your argument is always to minimize each and every pitfall that a GTLD has. To turn a blind eye not to one pitfall but 100's. 100's of small leaks on a ship will surely sink that ship if ignored. And that is what we are seeing. A sinking GTLD ship. BYE BYE!

Rick Schwartz

27 thoughts on “There is NO Such Thing as a ONE WORD GTLD!!!

      1. Garett

        This has been the same since the .net days when the main .com alternative was .net. You see local businesses going for rather than Or online businesses registering their domain with … at the end rather than going for the .net. There are currently over 340,000 .com domains registered with …… as the ending. I would never run a business on a domain with an ending, yet 340k+ businesses would rather use that lowly name than own a non “.com” domain.

        The chances that even 20% your potential customers know that is even a URL at this point in time is extremely small. Not only that, but with there being hundreds of GTLDs, I don’t even recognize many of them as a domain investor, so how would a consumer?

        I’ve had exact match GTLDs (exact.match) that I try to practically give away to the owner before they expire and there is zero interest. Zero…

        I’m out of these, for the most part. I’ll keep the better 20-30 I have, but have been letting the other 70% of them expire as I get through this year. It just isn’t materializing and reg costs are rising for most. No thanks. Not trying to have boat anchors hanging from my speed boat. :)

  1. Featured

    Even with the Example nick used it still takes effort to remember to put the dot in between the 2 words where the .com is intuitive.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      If they were to do an experiment with 100 people and casually mention the domain name and then casually ask them to remember it they would be surprised when over 50% get it wrong. And then ignoring facts like that make it hard to take them seriously. If there was attention spent to that pitfall then a different story. But gtld guys are like captains of a ship and how dare you point out a gaping leak. That attitude or ignoring/not understanding important facts like that is how folks go broke. How many leaks can a ship have before it sinks?

      1. Snoopy

        For a business they can likely have many small leaks and still stay in business.

        But for a domain speculator if they buy domains which are highly flawed there is no recovery from that. It is like the chef who burns the food constantly or the tattooist with hands that shake. You can’t get the main part wrong!

    2. Nick

      what is simple & easy?

      putting dot in between or adding “COM” after DOT?

      adoption is for …….


  2. Michael D.

    A thought provoking post, didn’t even have to read the whole post to get it. Well said!

  3. Ibrahim Khan

    Yes, dot com is default, a word and Ctrl+Enter. Also, any ad of gtld, you have specifically mention that it’s dot something and not dot com.

  4. Dan

    Rick is right in that there are no one word new gtld (well, maybe except in “generic” extensions like .xyz, but none of them is a real .com contender).

    However, what I do believe, and Rick probably differs, is that good two-word new gTLDs will probably be worth more than the equivalent .com, someday in the future.

    Example: vs

    Nowadays, is probably worth more. But I do not think this will always be the case, as is shorter, nicer, and every part of it has meaning.

    If .com was a new gTLD, I have no doubt it would be one of the least successful one. .com is #1 because of its history, market share and $$ invested in branding… but I believe that eventually, markets tend to shift toward intrinstic value.

  5. steve

    The scenario:
    Web User
    Is it No Uh, no No again
    (googles data)
    Is this it?
    (page 7 of Google)
    It can’t be this –
    Well, what do you know? Who would ever –

  6. John

    > “.Com is already baked into the cake and the memory banks of every human being”

    This is why there are a lot of very long domains that are actually very valuable, sometimes better than a lot of shorter versions. Why a stock exchange listed company tried to buy one of my longest four word .com’s when I wasn’t even trying and was just using it. Why when the SE’s allowed you to see the manual searches in traffic stats, you could see (if you looked) how “.com” is so baked into people’s minds that they not only search for the authority phrase itself no matter how long it is, but they search for it by only changing the spacing of the words in multiple ways and including “.com” in the search; finally, they search for the actual domain name itself too.

    But you only discover such things when you are an end user of a domains who looks at traffic log stats and not just an investor and seller.


    There are still exceptions. Practically speaking, only an end user can see the exceptions. I won’t go into the new ones now, but one of those exceptions is .us. I doubt you are an end user of .us, so I doubt you have seen what I’m talking about. The bottom line however, is that even though the American public scarcely knows .us even exists at all after all these years, and don’t even know what it really is when they do, the rest of the world thinks differently. They know about .us and what .us is, and if they are interested in the topic they visit it. I addition to US traffic, I get a very interesting flow of apparently very motivated traffic from very major countries to the .us I publish on, because they apparently want and know to even look for it.

    1. Snoopy

      .us is not popular and very few sales.

      I’ve heard people say the same stuff about .tv, .club, .biz, .everything. Somehow the extension they bought into is exceptional and everything else is shite.

      1. John

        Dumbass troll,

        -I’m the one who said the American public still scarcely knows .us even exists. (But it doesn’t have to stay that way and never had to be that way.)

        -“.tv, .club, .biz, .everything” are not the official country code of the most powerful, influential and wealthiest nation in history.

        -no one said “everything else is” whatever, and my comment even began with accentuating and supporting what the “.com only” true believers believe about .com with little known realities they scarcely even know themselves, because domainers typically know nothing about such experiences. Unless of course you’re just putting words in my mouth, which you were, but you failed.

        Thanks for your perverse distortion and worthless comment. Meanwhile, you can bet your dumb ass what I said resonated in the mind of even Rick himself, even if he denies it, which I doubt he will. Well look, even Rick has spoken well of the potential of .us in the past, including on this blog, so he is hardly ignorant of such things.

        1. Snoopy

          Everyone knows the the country code of America is .com. Only tech boffins would argue otherwise.

          .us is a junk extension and no better than the other extensions that you poo pooed.

          1. John

            Okay Snoopy, now you’re just trying too hard. Tell that to my international traffic so they’ll stop visiting. And all the internationals who violate the nexus rule.

  7. Withheld

    Go ahead, Rick.

    Pronounce the new gtlds as D.E.A.D. I can feel it coming and know you want to. They have sucked from day one and have needlessly usurped money from innocent newbies who fell for the sales pitch intended to line the pockets of the snake oil salesmen. Lately, the situation has gotten so bad though, that even the snakeoil salesmen have stopped their preaching.

    Personally I like the G’s because I hate getting email. If I were to give out my email containing a new gtld, the sender will most always misaddresses it and it goes elsewhere. Clever, right?

  8. John

    And in keeping with something totally pertinent to the domain industry and the October 7, 2018 post “Facebook, Twitter and Google Show their UGLY Business Practices and BUSINESS Responds!” – anyone notice today’s new massive off the charts Facebook censorship purge? Think about it.

  9. Jeff Schneider

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