The Bogus “Premium Domain List”

Morning Folks!!

"Premium Domains", "Unique Domains" please! I get these silly LISTS of "Premium Domains" all day long. Well folks, if it is a "Premium Domain" it belongs by itself. Not mixed in with 100 other domains that are also called "Premium Domains". By the face of it it sounds more like you have "Premium Pigeon Shit" all wrapped up in one bundle. Trying to sell that crap before you are forced to drop them.

Do you know how stupid it looks? It looks like domainers are trying to sell pickles and hammers to the same person. To the same market. Really? Why not just add Toe Jam?

Yes, domains, ALL domains, each and every one of them is "Unique". So stop stating the obvious. It makes you look foolish.

And since a domain is unique, how you sell each one may have to be unique. The audience you seek may have to be unique.

Domains are bought and sold 1 domain at a time. And there is a HUGE difference between someone trying to sell a domain as opposed to a party wanting to buy a domain.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “The Bogus “Premium Domain List”

  1. RaTHeaD is still available. with the right push it could replace pigeonshit as the premium domain insult. gotta keep things fresh.

  2. Jay

    It is much easier to sit on the beach with my pina colada and wait for the right buyer to contact me. I am not in a rush or hurting for $$$ nor will I ever be.
    Great Post HTG Rick and family.

  3. Sigma

    Happy Turkey Day Rick!
    I always get the best laughs reading your insights.
    Never change sir…

  4. mike

    Let’s expose this pig, and his pickle premium list, his spams have become outrageous in past months. He should be sent to dn jail for these actions, they hurt us all.

  5. Snoopy

    Most people think there own names are premium and everyone else’s are shite. Nothing will change that viewpoint other than the reality of low sales which often takes many years to sink in.


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