New gTLD’s Are in Serious MELTDOWN Mode. Breaks below Nov. 2019 Levels and Dwindling!

Afternoon Folks!!

The new gTLD demolition Derby is in full swing. It's hard to fathom just how TERRIBLE these domains are doing but hopefully, the following graphs and numbers will help.

As you can see from the graph below GTLD's have found a CLIFF and they are falling off it right now.

Growth for the period of November 2019 till TODAY in February 2021 has been ZERO!! GTLD's are back to November 2019 levels!! Imagine 1000 companies trying to sell something nobody really wants and COMBINED can't even get to a NET GAIN of ONE! It's almost impossible!! Call Guinnesse's cuz this may be record-setting!!

So there is 2021 for ya. Below we will show what today looks like as I could not find a single registration but we did find nearly 1.4 MILLION drops on just the top 10 LOL domains! Now about 29.5 Million Total and melting like the witch from Wizard of Oz!

It is starting to look like this every single day. Domainers that drank the kool-aid and finally threw in the towel.

Below is a graph of what I would assume is a Domainer BUYING about 7000 .Tattoo domains in 2019 and you will see them all dropping 1 year later. I could not fit the entire graph it was more important to show you the BUYING from 2019 then the graph that goes all the way down, today.

I could do this all day long with extension after extension. It's ugly! They are not even flatlining. They are bleeding and they are bleeding heavily.

So how many of the new G's are owned by domainers vs END-USERS. It would be my best guess that OVER 98% of all new G's are in storage by domainers trying to hang on.

Then there is the .Club HYPE!! PLEASE! It's ass backward folks! Just because clubhouse took off?? It's not If there was ANY beneficiary it would be .House. But .CLUB?? That's why so many domainers FAIL. They are ass backward. My is a bigger beneficiary than the entire .CLUB registry! How do so many "Professional Domainers" get this so wrong. I think it is pure desperation!!

We have witnessed an epic marketing failure the likes of which have really never been seen before. 1000 new extensions and 1000 losers. Congrats!

I stated years ago (2013) that this was going to be a "Demolition Derby". IT IS! It's a "Clusterfuck". IT IS! Here are all my blog posts with "CLUSTERFUCK" and most talk about GTLD's!

In the meantime .com domains have continued to be more and more important and of course prices have reflected that. When I look at the top 10 new GTLD sales each week on usually 6-7 slots are taken by legacy extensions like .net and .org. Those 2 extensions are the winner as I predicted YEARS ago RIGHT HERE in 2015.

If I can see this garbage coming 5 and 10 years in advance, what the hell is the excuse for not seeing it now in light of ALL the evidence?? I articulated only a FRACTION of the pitfalls. I wanted to be on the record. It was an epic lesson in foreseeable failure.

The registrars for the most part made out like bandits. They were bandits. They swallowed up MILLIONS of domain investor dollars like a vacuum cleaner. How many total drops?? TENS of millions. Maybe HUNDREDS! I don't blame them. They had bags of smoke and their job was to sell and market them. Foolish domainers looking for the "Second coming" got sucked in with dreams of riches but most went broke. The smart ones learned. They will chine in on the comments I am sure!

This failure was easy to spot because in my 50 years of business I have NEVER EVER seen a product with so many pitfalls. EVER! It was and remains the single biggest business clusterfuck I have ever seen. The only thing left is the funeral. And with Frank Schilling auctioning off his own GTLD's, the new GTLD era is over!! Matter of fact, it would have never taken off at all without Frank.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


Morning Folks!!

So, I have an exact match domain in DOTCOM that was making nothing and now is on pace to make over $1000/month and growing. I am enjoying the fruits of someone else's labor. They have overhead and employees and I don't. They spend time, I don't. I may be getting crumbs, but they are losing their cake!

They got a shiny new GTLD domain name and they don't even have a CLUE that they are paying and also losing THOUSANDS a MONTH in lost sales or lost customers. So just on the RAW DATA that domain is costing them an extra grand a month and growing at an accelerating and healthy pace of about 30%-50% monthly.

Remember, I am only getting crumbs! 3800 of THEIR customers got CONFUSED and GOT LOST! So what is the value of a customer? For each business it is different. But I will tell you this, only a FOOL or an IDIOT or worse would ignore such data. So the value of this particular domain went UP! Will I contact them?? HELL NO!! Will I try and sell them the domain? HELL NO!

Not only are the $$ increasing each month, so is the rate of growth!!

As you can see this domain was just sitting there. THIS is why you use PPC and THIS is why I don't use landing pages! This also is about VALUE!!! I can calculate a value based on my income. If the present pace of 33%-50% monthly growth keeps up, in 1 year I might be at several thousand $$ per month. Maybe $5k-$10k or more. Each month that domain is getting more and more and more valuable.


This is happening all over the Internet. EACH and EVERY business that chose a new GTLD to be HOME has a silent partner. Not only are the $$ increasing each month, so is the rate of growth!!

I am their SILENT and INVISIBLE partner!!


Don't be a fool, the numbers don't lie. PEOPLE LIE!! If you still want to build your dream on GTLD quicksand, you are a FOOL. Your company will look foolish and whether you know it or not, see it or not, the long-term costs are staggering!! Ignoring this makes you a foolish Ostrich!! Except your head is not in the sand, it is somewhere else. You know the old saying, you can lead an Ostrich to water but you can't make them pull their head out of their own ass! :-)

And this is only one of the HUNDREDS of pitfalls with the new GTLD's. But this is a BIGGIE!! The BIGGEST!! Companies wanting to be COOL and bleeding, bleeding, bleeding!! Led by cool but clueless CEO's and marketing teams.

Rick Schwartz

My First Ever Review of all Top 10 New GTLD’s. PLUS The List of 350++ New GTLD extensions that will go BYE BYE!! The Birdie in the Mine is DEAD!!

Morning Folks!

The top 10 new GTLD's control 55% of all the registrations. Leaving the other 45% to split among more than 500 others. Do you realize how bad that is? Honestly, do you?? It gets worse when you consider how useless these top 10 extensions are. And they are all bleeding unless they have a penny promotion or some such thing.

#1 .Top.....Should be on Bottom. Godaddy has ZERO .Top regs.

#2 .xyz.....From nearly 7 Million registrations by way of Stuffing Netsol accounts and penny sales. Google could not save. Now down to 2 million.

#3 .loan.....Out of nearly 2.2 Million registrations, Godaddy has a total of 848. And with their ONE REGISTRATION yesterday, Godaddy was tied for most productive beating out 78 other registrars including 12 that had domains drop (489 was top drop) and all the others with zero.

#4 .Club.....What can you say? These guys work the hardest and smartest and still can't make a dent. Zone file shows 1.163 Million. Seems they have been around 1 million for years now.

#5 .online.....Showed some interest and early hope but appears to be diminishing. Godaddy is the #1 registrar, but lost 894 just yesterday. It rounds out the top 5 as the only ones with 1 Million or more regs.

6 .site.....Steady growth but Godaddy only has 5% of all registrations.

7 .VIP.....Flatlining and going nowhere but down.

8 .shop.....Tailing off after peaking in early November.

9 .ltd.....Peaked at 730k registrations. Down to 468k now. Nearly 80% parked. Meaningless!

10 .work.....Pretty steady growth. May have peaked. Godaddy is #2 registrar but with only 6.3% of the registrations.

More and more of the biggest GTLD proponents are finally admitting their disappointment in GTLD's. There is no denying the failure at this point 6 years into it. Epic failure. Deserved failure because it was done for all the wrong reasons. It was based on a LIE!

As I predicted here and only here, so many new GTLD's would "DIE ON THE VINE"! You ain't seen nothin' yet! Are you keeping track?? While a handful have fallen in 2018, HUNDREDS more will follow. MANY in 2019. It's physically impossible not to and even the ones that don't die on the vine won't make it viable. You have 400 extensions with less than 20,000 registrations and they are losing more than they are gaining day after day. How long does that last before the numbers destroy you?

Yesterday only 22 of the top 100 gained registrations. 2 of the top 10. So, 78 of the 100 lost and their number was HUGE in comparison!!! 70% drops, 30% regs. Yesterday about 30,000 new registrations and a whopping 99,000 deletes.

The next 100 had 72 losing and 28 gaining. However the GRAND TOTAL of gains was 221. That's 221 spread over 100 extensions!! 2.1 per day average! But the drops are at 2300. 10x more!!! Losing 2.3 a day! . About 47,000 drops and about 27,000 registration. Many are going BYE BYE!

It gets even worse! I am going to PROVE that at least 350 extensions and probably more will either DIE ON THE VINE or be taken over by another registry. Other registries are not buying them because they are good, they buy because of their own problems. Trying to save face themselves. NUMBERS DON'T LIE!! PEOPLE LIE! Consolidation is coming. Massive consolidation. Will end up with a handful of companies controlling all the GTLD's as many run for the hills. GAME OVER!!

Of the next 100 there were 35 that had gains. Those 35 had a total of 270 between them. However they also had 975 drops. They are all going BYE BYE!

The next 100 had 27 gaining and 73 losing. The gains had a total of 119 registrations vs 900 drops. They are all going BYE BYE!

The next 100 had 19 gains and 81 losing. The total gain was 62 TOTAL registrations spread over 100 extensions and the drops were 328. They are all going BYE BYE!

This discussion is not even about the extensions themselves. We are just talking NUMBERS and GRAVITY!!! The merits of each is the next layer and believe me, that won't help save them. That will just guarantee their demise before we even talk about the HUNDREDS of other pitfalls. If a domainer does not see the pitfalls, they ain't looking very hard or very seriously.

I started writing about this "Stampede" a very long time ago. 5 years ago as a matter of fact this month. If they read that and then read "The Rick Schwartz Equation" (also from 2014) they will see just who got what right and how wrong the NOISE was! How about my 20th Anniversary post devoted to GTLD's? Dare they read and compare?? Or will those folks keep whistling part the graveyard?

How many bought into this bag of crap. They all got fooled and scammed! Swallowed their crap, Hook, Line and stinker. And I don't feel sorry for the gullible. Tho I feel bad that they wasted their families money chasing nonsense. Chasing yesterday. Trying to repeat something that was not only not possibly repeatable, they changed the entire recipe and expected the same result. That's INSANE!


Rick Schwartz

Top Registrar in World: Godaddy has only 5.8% of top 16.6 MILLION New GTLD Registrations!

Morning Folks!!

The top 10 new GTLDS have a combined total of 13,319,000 domains registered. That leaves the other 500+++ extensions sharing the remaining 47% of all registrations. But there is a bigger story.

The largest Domain Registrar in the world, Godaddy, with about 75 million domains managed has only 768,000 of those 13.3 Million domains. That's just 5.8% of the top 10 registrations!! Why is that important? Well for one thing Godaddy controls OVER 20% of the world's overall domains. But in the GTLD world, the paltry numbers speak volumes. And it is just 1% of domains managed by Godaddy.

If you are a domainer investing in GTLD's and you can't figure it out why this is important, maybe domains or gtld's ain't your calling!

#1 .Top 3.6 Million Domains registered

Alibaba Cloud Computing 1.975MM names registered

Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co  910,000 names registered

Godaddy 0 names registered


#2 .Loan 2.28 Million Domains registered

Alibaba Cloud Computing 1.363MM names registered

Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co  910,000 names registered

Godaddy 986 names registered


#3 .xyz 2.06 Million Domains registered

Alibaba Cloud Computing 479,000 names registered

GMO  462,000 names registered

Godaddy 226,000 names registered


#4 .club 1.4 Million Domains registered

Alibaba Cloud Computing 352,000 names registered

Godaddy 255,000 names registered

Namecheap 246,000 names registered


#5 .Online 914,000 Domains registered

Godaddy 159,000 names registered (Only extension in top 10 that Godaddy is #1 registrar.)

Namecheap 135,000 names registered

Network Solutions 97,000 names registered


#6 .vip 845,000 Domains registered

Alibaba Singapore 356,000 names registered

Alibaba Cloud Computing 182,000 names registered

Godaddy 35,000 names registered


#7 .shop 650,000 Domains registered

GMO  207,000 names registered

Alibaba Cloud Computing 165,000 names registered

Godaddy 45,000 names registered


#8 .win 608,000 Domains registered

Namecheap 271,000 names registered

Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co  125,000 names registered

Godaddy 1000 names registered


#9 .site 545,000 Domains registered

Namecheap 150,000 names registered

GMO 106,000 names registered

Godaddy 39,000 names registered


#10 .tld 523,000 Domains registered

Alibaba Cloud Computing 464,000 names registered

Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co  16,000 names registered

Godaddy 8000 names registered


How did Godaddy do on the next group. Top 11-20?

3.3 Million Domains and 196,000 registered by Godaddy. Under 6%. And if you were to remove .App, then you would be under 3%!!

#11 .Work 25,000 out of 477,000

#12 .men 431 out of 446,000

#13 .bid 800 out of 331,000

#14 .stream 400 out of 326,000

#15 .wang 0 out of 326,000

#16 .App 111,000 of 316,000 (#1 in percentage of registrations for any of the top 20. ONLY 1 out of 2 extensions that Godaddy is #1 out of the top 20)

#17 .000 0 out of 295,000

#18 .space 32,000 out of 274,000

#19 .review 800 out of 265,000

#20 .website 26,000 out of 252,000

That's 16.6 Million from the top 20 of the total 25 million GTLD's. 8.4 million DIVIDED among 500 others!! That's nearly another 13%. So the top 20 account for a hair under 66% of ALL new GTLD's. The other 500 and growing can fight for the other 34%.

Numbers don't lie, PEOPLE DO! So please remember that registrations numbers are inflated. There are some registrars/registry's that I just don't trust. They manipulate the numbers to FOOL DOMAINERS to invest in their .CRAP! Study and you will SEE the fakers! You will SEE the manipulation.

Rick Schwartz


Is .Realty the #1 “Stinker” in the entire new GTLD World? Numbers Say So!

Good Afternoon Folks!!

What if I were to tell you there was one new GTLD that has 96% of all their domains about to be deleted? What if I told you that there were 55,786 .Realty names of which 54,078 are under Uniregistrar and 53,911 were to be deleted with 98.94 parked and as of now just 1976 in the zone file?

Maybe there is more than meets the eye but is this the future of stinkers?

Rick Schwartz

New GTLD’s Registrar Stats Missing Godaddy says a LOT! No End Users? My Take.

Morning Folks!!

When I look at a particular GTLD and their numbers I look for certain things. Mostly I look to see who the middleman is to see how strong a GTLD might be. As I have previously stated if it's not Godaddy, I raise an eyebrow since the are the #1 Registrar in the world and when I talk to just everyday people, it is Godaddy that they use. Almost exclusively for consumers and end users.

Here are some examples.

I started with #15 .stream. Over 97% of all registrations (284,921) are registered with NameCheap. Godaddy is #6 with 398. Huh? Why? Isn't that curious?? I am curious. If the #1 registrar in the world has 0.14% I am curious why? No end users?

Then I decided to dig a little deeper with the top 10 new GTLD's which combined have 11.5 Million Registrations. Slightly more than half of all new GTLD registrations. Godaddy had just 710,000 of those registrations. Not even close to 10%. Hovering around 7%.

220,000 regs were .xyz and 231,000 were .club and 144,000 were .online. Leaving the remaining 120,000 divided among the other 7 of the top 10.

The only extension of those that Godaddy was #1 is with .online

So I can't help but think how many of these registrations are, well let's just say "Questionable". I question whether they are registrations by registries themselves. I question if there are only a handful buying most of the domains. I question whether some are warehousing domains to pump up their numbers and to help keep foolish domainers buying more. I question whether these were giveaways.

I'm a numbers guy. Numbers paint pictures. And some pictures make little sense. There are questions to ask. Of all new GTLD's how many are owned by domainers? How many are owned by the registry? How many are owned by closely held companies, friends or family? And finally how many are being used by end users. HINT: The smallest group is the last group.

So when you take the 22MM registrations and break it down, the picture could not be uglier and the 22MM is far from a real number. It's fake because of all the shenanigans.

They smothered their own golden goose that was made of tin to begin with and now they have cornered the market except there is  no market! There is no demand. There is no need. And nobody in the universe wakes up in the morning desiring a new GTLD except some demented domainers.

It was a clusterf*ck in 2013. It's a clusterf*ck in 2018 and it will be a clusterf*ck in the future. We now have a winner of the demolition derby and so far the winner is NONE! 5 years into this and who is the clear leader? NOBODY! Easier to pick out the clear losers however there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. There are over 100 GTLD's that have less registrations than .horse. HA!

Go look at the disaster known as .Best. First of all the word "Best" comes first. Best this, best that. Their extension is ass backwards and so are their numbers. They lost 15% of their registrations yesterday. In 4 YEARS they have managed to now have 2700 registrations after topping out at 3274 more than a year ago. Just more domainers losing $$$$.

The bottom 250 extensions had a net loss but I don't have the time or desire to look at how many. I just see big numbers in red for deletes and tiny single digit green numbers that show registrations. It's remarkable. I also have to go to #91, .Art to find ONE SINGLE GTLD that had 100 registrations yesterday. Just 31 out of 500+ had 100 registrations or more. While deletions were a whopping 80,000+.

Any way you want to slice it, GTLD's are bleeding and bleeding badly. Their future is not bright, it is bleak and dark. Many are abandoning their plans of even using them and they paid for them. 500, 600 1000 extensions and so far, nothing meaningful in all these years. Not a single one has broken out or even shown any promise.

A stopped clock is right twice every single day of the year. Making money in GTLD's is the same. It's by accident. It will happen every once in a while. But that does not make YOUR clock work or have any value.

And I discount ALL REGISTRY SALES! ALL!!! If it's not a private domain investor that made the sale, there was no sale the way I JUDGE this game.

Have a GREAT Day!!

Rick Schwartz


New GTLD’s Record 33 TOTAL Registration gains in past 2 YEARS!

Morning Folks!

2 Years ago there were more new GTLD registrations then there are now. 2 years of gains wiped out and that is during a time that hundreds of them were released for the first time. Numbers should be skyrocketing but they are not. They are crashing and they are crashing very badly.

On June 22, 2016 there were 22,654,036 new GTLDs registered on the way to a high of 29,470,568 on April 13th 2017. Since then, it's been almost all down hill. As I write this today, the number stands at 22,674,069. A TOTAL of 33 domain increase over 2 YEARS and now we have over 1 million still to drop.  We have 2 days left before it's exactly 2 years.

22,654,036 on 6/22/16

29,470,568 on 4/13/17

22,674,069 TODAY (with 1,072,036 to be deleted)

Registries made money. Registrars made money. Domain investors lost their asses and continue to get financially hurt! Every day that passes most get weaker as renewals never take a day off.

Whatever your nut is, be sure to multiply it out by 10 YEARS! That's the real carrying cost. 20 50 years if you are smart.

The chart below tells the sad story. And that's with all the pumping and dumping and domain shows that are only held to prop up GTLD's. They have turned into Registry and Registrar shows for new GTLD's. Domain investors be damned. None of this is in YOUR best interest. It's in THEIR best interest. So they told you black is white until you swallowed it. Hook, line and sinker and guess what? What Many/MOST have now are BILLS not ASSETS! It's 5 years. It's not looking good!

Even Favorites like .Club are down 20% and more from their top level and their growth looks to be over as they struggle to maintain 1 million registrations. 14% of their entire registration base is about to be deleted. That's over 145,000 names and that will drop them to about 860,000 registrations from a high of 1.3 Million. That's about 35% of ALL their registrations and EVERY ONE is a domainer that lost money!

Even with TWO Triple Crown Winners in 3 years .Horse struggles as one of the worst performing New GTLD's with 2300 registrations in FOUR YEARS!

So many others are simply DYING ON THE VINE! A term I have used for 5 years. Now you see why.

Domainers looking for the next coming are just being foolish. And the CRAP they register is just sad! They are chasing yesterday and not tomorrow.

Win, Place, Show. There COULD be up to 3 winners. But that means there will be 997 losers. 997 .Mobi's. Speaking of .Mobi, Estibot estimates my holdings that are worth $0 are actually worth $179k. LOLOL! But I have GREAT keywords! Guess what?? It is MEANINGLESS!

GreatKeyword.DumbGTLD = NOTHING!

GreatKeyword.Com = $$$$$$

One plants a bad seed hoping to sprout and it won't. The other buys someone else's thriving plant and it continues to thrive and grow.


The poor (and i mean poor) GTLD guys refuse to read what was predicted YEARS ago and memorialized and see how it dovetails with reality today. They refuse to recalibrate given new information. They are in way too deep. They are angry, frustrated and BROKE! Worst of all, they WASTED 5 YEARS of their lives on a bag of smoke when they could have actually made money with something tried and true. So they reinvented a square wheel that nobody wants. Especially end users.

So they said it was for startups. Well I would beg to differ. The best way to put a startup out of business is with a beautiful brand new GTLD that nobody ever heard of including MOST domainers.

When you see tens or hundreds of thousands of registrations and Godaddy has just 1000 of them, it's a really good chance it's a LOSER! If Godaddy is not the #1 registrar of any GTLD, you got a loser. I won't mention the names of the registries to be careful of. But you should be able to figure it out if you do your homework and research.

Domainers got lied to. They got fooled. They swallowed ever piece of shit that was fed to them by people with a motive. These folks have their minions that they use as their LOUD mouthpieces. They make up press releases and distribute them as fact. As news. As something important. Why not label it the advertising it actually is and charge to publish? I am sent stuff all the time. It seldom if EVER gets posted here. Glad so many others are willing to carry their water. I don't think they serve their readers very well and many censor negative viewpoints when it affects their agenda to begin with.

Independent voices are shut down, shot down and minimized regardless of the evidence at hand. And I still see the other side and look for it in the wild. I am even willing to post a picture of one in the wild. But if you don't ask the question: How much traffic do I lose to the .com" you are a schmuck that would rather ignore reality. There is a loss. There is a number. You MUST put a number if you don't want to fool yourself. Then of course you tell me about search. SCREW SEARCH!

Here is how many people see your url. On a BILLBORD. In a MAGAZINE. Advertised on TV or RADIO. Only a total techie fool would IGNORE those mediums. And don't forget Word of Mouth. The one below was in blacked out windows. So you have Does anyone really believe there is no leakage to .com?? Really? If you do, let me tell you one thing, you could not be any wronger and that means EVERYTHING gets filtered thru something based on hope not fact. Put a number on it. It's bigger than you think!! It's not 1%. Or 2% or even 20%. But keep fooling yourself into believing whatever you want. I guarantee that is getting a lot of free and potentially targeted traffic.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz



2 YEARS of New GTLD Gains, WIPED OUT and still Hemorrhaging!

Evening Folks!

There is no question that the new GTLD's have been a disaster for domainers as well as most registries with too many horrible extensions to list.

After hitting nearly 30 Million total combined registrations a year ago April, the current number registered are the same as June 2016 standing at 22.7 Million. Wiping out nearly 2 years of gains. And there are still 1.25 million upcoming deletes and that is with the success of Google's .App now climbing to #17 with 250,000 registrations in just a few weeks.

8 of the top 10 extensions lost ground yesterday with .Loan leading the way shedding 73,773 domains. The #1 extension .Top added 120 domains and #6 .online registered 2 for the extensions that gained.

.App gained 2750 Yesterday making it once again the top gaining extension vs 550 others! Most of which lost ground.

The other 99 of top 100 had a COMBINED total registrations of 7793. Compared to 125,566 drops for the top 100. That's 16-1 losses over gains!! More than 16 domains DROPPED for every 1 domain registered. That's not growth, THAT STINKS! And if the majority of  top 100 are stinking I can't even describe the bottom 450. Most of which had gained or lost less than a total of 10 each. Most of those with just +/- 0- 3. That's called Dying on the vine!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

.App is The Fastest Growing New GTLD Extension

Morning Folks!!

Google's .App is the Fastest Growing New GTLD. I have watched the numbers daily and going up against some 600 GTLD competitors, .App is registering more domains than any other. That is with the exception of .ICU. Really?? .ICU (a really crappy extension)  had 24,000 registrations the first day, 450 on the 2nd day but by the 3rd day had just 8!!!! Not a single registration at Godaddy. .App about to be #18 and may be headed for a top 10 spot.

There is interest in .App. It's the first end user domain extension I have seen with elements that I deem tried and true. The others are all fails but that does not guarantee a .App win. Matter of fact we only have 1 new GTLD that has over 2 million registrations. .Top at 2.4MM. But don't get too excited. It was DOUBLE that amount on January 1, 2017.

7 YEARS of writing about new GTD's. ALL ANGLES. ALL VIEWPOINTS. But folks want to cherry pick. Here's a cherry for them. I have said that when a winning extension comes to market you will know it. I have said there may be room for 3 winners out of 1000 dead horses left on the track because that's what happens during a stampede. And sorry, one horse still running WILL NOT and NEVER WILL help the other horses laying lifeless on the track. The stinkers! All they do is rot and smell.

.App is the ONLY new GTLD so far that has demonstrated and exhibited ANY characteristics of an extension that can survive and thrive. There is demand. There are end users. It's 1 syllable that is pronounable and means something. It's backed by a GIANT that gives it "street cred" and they did not bastardize or cheapen their own extension by whoring themselves out.

Need, Want, Desire. STUDY the numbers. Dig DEEP. They tell a story. They show patterns. They show single fools registering tens of thousands of domains in a single day. They also show how many bogus registrations there are by closely held companies of the registries. Actually, it does not show that, but you can see and figure it out if you study the numbers. Also look closely at the registrations by registrar. NO Godaddy, no chance! Learn how to navigate and study this site. I do it almost every single day. DIG DEEP! Click and learn.

.App is total speculation. However the other 600 new GTLD's have been a waste of time, money and effort! They did not pass the simplest of tests. They were fools gold. They have proved to be fools gold. The registries made money. The money that formerly belonged to domain speculators that speculated on worthless garbage. All they have left are BILLS!

And when I studied DNJournal sales chart last night for the yearly top sales. Take a look at the GTLD section near the bottom. Of the top 100 sales of this year, 55 of the sales were .Net and .Org. 7 more were .biz or .info. Most of the GTLD sales were directly from the registry. What's missing are sales by domainers! GET A CLUE

One need, One want, One desire and ONE PROJECT AT A TIME. That my friends is the future of buying and selling domains and that future started several years ago. The great "Domain Rush"of the 21st Century is OVER! The greatest technological expansion in history is behind us for now. Every business that IS a business has their domain. That was not true at the start of this century. Now we just have startups and upgrades. The new world order.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz