The Most Important Labor Day Ever! Plus why gTLD’s Give Domain Investors Full Legitimacy!!

Afternoon Folks!!

I have talked about this day and the gravitational pull that goes with it since January. The day after Labor Day is when folks in the USA "Begin" the process of changing from summer and down time to Fall and GAME TIME! Why is it so important to them? Because the next 12-16 weeks determines what 2013 will go down as and whether 2014 is a year they will survive to see. So over the next few weeks, things happen and the course is being set for the next year as well.

For me it is THE DAY that I am on the final leg of my journey that started in 1995. I felt the first real signs early this year and it has only gotten more intense. I knew that the first part of 2013 was going to be tough and folks don't want to hear how good the fall is going to be and things will keep accelerating for YEARS.

Business does not turn on a dime. It just slowly begins to get brighter and more intense. Things happen. The agenda for 2014 starts to take shape. Today is the start of the Business Class of 2013. What happened before today does not count. Spring Training. Today is opening day. Just like baseball but with the intensity and the calculations of football.

I will  point to these posts in 2015-2016. Your only question will be wondering how I could predict it so precisely! Of course it could manifest itself just a bit early. But not by much. As it stands on the day after Labor Day 2013, we are dead on the mark and right on time.

The Internet fad is no longer a fad and being a domain investor is no longer a bad thing.  Matter of fact, our "Stadium" is so good, they are going to try to duplicate it and many more.  That my friends gives you and me LEGITIMACY. Legitimacy we always had but today it is widely recognized and tomorrow it will be widely encouraged. What are 1000 gTLD's to do? Call us cybersquatters or call us customers?

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “The Most Important Labor Day Ever! Plus why gTLD’s Give Domain Investors Full Legitimacy!!

  1. Leonard Britt

    Perhaps there is a parallel between the growth of ETF investing to that of domain investing…

    “…The first ETF—a broad-based domestic equity fund tracking the S&P 500 index—was introduced in 1993…By the end of 2012, the total number of index-based and actively managed ETFs had grown to 1,194, with total net assets of more than $1.3 trillion…”

  2. SA

    Good point Leonard, Some time ago I envisioned a GTLD exchange, GTLd bundles and GTLD packages. And of course I regged related dotcoms. Will be interesting to see how everything unfolds once GTLD marketing plans are put into action and either succeed or perhaps cause registry owners to change their plans and forge relationships with registries offering complimentary names. Much yet to be determined. This reminds me of wheel of fortune where you begin to see hints and try to guess the end result

  3. JBS

    “What are 1000 gTLD’s to do? Call us cybersquatters or call us customers?”

    I am not certain that very many domains in those 1,000 plus new gTLDs will be worth a cyber squat…

  4. JBS

    I definitely share your optimism about the next few years online. My business partner and I will spend over 100K between now and years end finalizing two online projects. So much opportunity out there for any product or service dot com and a good accompanying business model. As far as opportunities investing in new gTLDs, I am still trying to see it. I can’t say F.S. helped the case much in replies to your earlier post. Of course, he might do just fine with the new gTLDs as a registrar. He definitely seems up for the long slog ahead and comfortable with terms such as “in 10 years” and “in our lifetime”. Fortunately, a good dot com is relevant right now and will still be if / when any new gTLDs ever get close to catching up!


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