Widgets.com is more than a domain name. For today it is an example.

Yesterday I mentioned one of my domains and put a link to it on the lower left side of this page. Widgets.com was a domain I registered back in the 90's and I got it to illustrate the most generic domain describing the most generic of products. A 'Widget.'  What's a widget? It's any silly little item with market credibility that makes a whole lotta money. That may not be Webster's version, but it is how I think of it and I would think others as well. Webster's version goes like this: 'an often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty.'

And if we were going to write the definition of widgets today it may be computer related. How versatlie! Which is the exact reason I bought the domain. A generic business waiting to be launched at any moment for any item for any market. And as a poster pointed out yesterday, the results on the landing page don't match what it is folks are looking for. Now I have targeted traffic coming from widgets.com going to an untargeted page. So it is no doubt costing me money. But that is okay. It is like this for a reason. It illustrates why domain owners selling for 'X' are selling themselves short. As time goes on the traffic will become better matched and my example on the next post will illustrate even more. I won't keep this page as it is very long. So future readers are likely to see a different page and some of this may not make sense. But for those of you reading within a short time of writing this sees a great illustration of a domain not being used to it's fullest by any stretch. It isn't even on the first step. But the 250 daily visitors will soon be monetized more effectively. It would be easy to exponentially increase the income, It is fascinating to watch a domain earning pennies blosson and start earning hundreds of dollars raising it's value every step of the way. I'll have more on traffic on my next post and you will see it all tie in. 
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “Widgets.com

  1. Cohn

    Looking forward to more of your posts.
    How many active domainers do you think there are?
    Ideas on the average portfolio size?
    1-10 urls?
    11-99 urls?
    100-500 urls?
    501-1000 urls?
    1,001 to 9,999 urls?
    Tim Cohn

  2. Crystal L. Cox

    Hello, In response to Tim’s question I would like to say there is 2 of us on our team and we are full time domainers with around 6000 names. We are working hard and not really seeing the returns as much as we know will be in the near future (i hope) We have only been in this since May of 2005. Thanks for these Posts guys.

  3. scott

    What is the decision making process when choosing which ad syndication partner to use for a domain such as widgets.com? The avergae joe domainer only has a few choices such as Sedo, etc., and Google restricts
    how ads are displayed…

  4. Dominik Mueller

    Rick, as you pointed out in your blog post, the potential of this domain is huge!
    Of course, the future looks good for generic domains in general, because domains will be easier to monetize, direct navigation traffic goes up in value, corporate buyers and investors are entering the domain market, etc.
    But Widgets.com has an immense value as-is. There is a profitable new market evolving with the new operating systems supporting desktop widgets and big companies such as SAP developing widgets for business customers.
    Business 2.0 article on widgets:
    Widgets.com is the perfect domain for this market and I’m sure you’ll see a nice traffic jump soon. Good luck with the domain!


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