Domainers and Lifetime Earnings! Let’s Start Keeping Score!

Morning Folks!!

Domains are not about what you earn for one hour or one day
or even one month This game is about lifetime earnings. In sports many sectors keep
score by earnings. Both annual and lifetime earnings. Whether you are a boxer,
a golfer, a basketball player or an Olympian, besides the scores they keep
inside their sport is the dollar score outside the court. It also attracts
attention. So why not domaining?

We know at least 3 people have made over $100 million in
domain career earnings. Frank, Kevin, Yung Ye. There are others. But those 3
are certain. Mike Berkens won’t be far behind and then you have Ari and Larry
and Lawrence and I am sure you can name others. Several others and some completely under the radar. Many
others will eventually join that club. We may even see the first 10 figure domainer.

But forget about the high end. How about the other side?
Have you made your first million in career earnings in domaining? Do you wonder
how many have achieved that? So do I. Maybe that is a better way to present who
we are. They do it in Boxing. They do it in Golf. They do it in Racing. They do it in Football and Baseball and they do it in most other sports. They
must all do it for a damn good reason. Mostly because it creates interest and grows the sport.

May be a good exercise to list the top 100 earners in this
great industry because that just may be another way to create interest and
excitement. When you consider that the earnings we can show can actually rival and
exceed many sports out there, I think it is a viable idea. Plus list so many that have breeched the 7 figure mark. Many may not see this as a major achievement, I do. When you consider all the stunning failures on the Internet, all the lost money, we are a shining example of success and the best way to show the world that success is with dollars earned.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz