No more Type in Domains?? Oh Really??? NONSENSE! Only Pigeons Believe!

Morning Folks!!

A couple weeks ago I wrote about domainers buying pigeon shit and of course all the pigeons are still coming to terms with it. I am so sick of folks saying there are no more type in domains. BS! There are. There will always be and until you figure out things, you won't find them, but others will.

Funny thing........
The DAY I was writing about the FACT that there are still type-in domains for registration fee and PIGEONS and the naysayers of course don't believe it........I registered those domains below. They started getting traffic immediately. One I registered LAST NIGHT already has traffic. This may not be the best example as it may be time sensitive, but right now..........Out of 16 domains I registered on April 29, 11 already are making $$$ and the others are just a bit premature. So for the know still know nothing! But go right ahead and make a fool of yourself. 255 visitors $12.55 earnings 132 visitors $11.80 earnings 165 and $14.95 76 and $1.17 70 and $2.08 244 and $12.55 17 and .48 1035 and $14.39 15 and $3.99 40 and $6.33 72 and 2.08 64 and .09 in first 36 hours
So the next time some MORON says there are no more type in domains, tell them the same thing I did in 1999. Tell them they are wrong, lazy, don't know what to look for and others will find them if you don't. Believe me, this is not too good a list. But it PROVES that there are still domains that can be hand registered and make $$$. But of course some MORON with a lot of pigeon shit will even challenge RESULTS! When that happens, I will just look at the post from the past 2 days and so will everyone else. That is my answer before you even ask. Don't argue against PROOF just to argue! Time to LEARN!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz