Work Smarter and You Will Live Longer, Make More Money and Here is the Roadmap

Morning Folks!!

The #1 way in life to “Work Smarter” is to manage your time better, have a plan, learn to streamline and understand what time is.
See, time is our only natural resource and when we run out of it, we die. When
we waste it, we may not even know. The first years don’t count as anyone
reading this for the first time is probably at least 20. The last years don’t
count because you are likely sick and not able to move the way you did when you
were 20. So let’s define that is
over 80. Point is you have about 60 years to do whatever if you stay healthy. (Minus
your current age over 20) So something that will make you rich in 100 years, ain’t
gonna help ya one bit. But getting rich quick only works when you work smarter
than the next guy.

60 years = about 21,915 days. 526,000 hours. 31,557,600

So now that we have dissected life and time, let’s dissect
the the 24 hour day. 1440 minutes. The average guy sleeps for 8 (480 minutes), works for 8 (480 minutes) and there
are 8 hours left (480 minutes). Of those 8 hours maybe 1 hour or more is used to get to and
from work. Takes another 30 minutes to get ready for work. Now you are down to
6.5 hours. You have shopping, cleaning, car washes, kids to pick up, people to
meet and let’s face it, for most, there are not enough hours in the day. But
when you work smarter, there are more than enough hours. While everyone else is rushing and hurrying, you can be on cruise control with plenty of time.

Every minute is important but if you use your time right,
you will have many hours of leisure time. Maybe all of your time can be leisure
if you do it right. But the first
step in the process is to stop. Stop what you are doing. Just stop. Sit down.
Stop. Really stop. Take a couple days and STOP LIFE. Once you do that you can
carefully think about your average day and change the dynamics of your life for
the better. It takes 30 days to break a bad habit and replace it with a good
habit. That alone adds time to life. Manage your time better and you will live longer.

Planes are faster than stagecoaches. That is a way to extend
life by moving faster and more efficiently. Cars are a bit faster and more
convenient than horses. Must have
been tough to spend a weekend at the cabin when it took you 12 days to get
there. Everything man does is to speed things up which translates to a longer
life. Not because it is physically longer, but you can do so much more in the
confines of that time span.

A minute saved is a minute you live longer. A minute you do
more things. A minute you earn more money. Someone that wastes your time cannot
do anything worse to somebody else. To me, that is the highest crime. Folks
that waste your time. But the real
crime is allowing it to happen in the first place. So which is more important?
Pissing off somebody that is about to waste your time or reclaiming the time as
your own? That is why it is better to cut right to the chase.

If you double your minutes, you can likely double your
income. Walking and chewing gum. The road map is easier than one might think.
Entire books have been written on the subject. But a few paragraphs may be more
powerful. I don’t have to sell you anything. Like a book. So I can be concise
and get to the point. Which I have.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz