A Record Breaking Year for Domain Sales? You Bet! Here is Why.

Morning Folks!!

Last year I kept saying Ron Jackson will report that 2009
was a record breaking year for
domain sales. I was wrong. But I just got the calendar wrong, not the event itself. We
are in the midst of a record breaking year for domain sales. The event is
predictable because of how things play out in times like this. A convergence of
good and bad reasons, plus strong and weak positions. Then add a great time to
start new divisions and expand as the strong in every industry prey on the weak
in every industry. That produces a new need and a new demand. Thus we are in a
record breaking era. Much of it will be driven by the end user. And please keep
in mind that MOST sales are never reported. I have to fight for every one to go
public. One domain I sold in the past year I am not allowed to make public as
they were concerned folks would laugh at them for the $$$ they paid. It was a significant
amount. That was the reason. How many other sales are never disclosed? So I am
here to say that visible or invisible, we ARE in a record breaking sales

Two things happen in times like this. Many get great bargains. Many
more do not. Make no mistake, the
end user is NOW in the game and he is in there in a big way. But in a stealth
way. He is also in like an Eagle
as they target specific domain names. Some as we see with EverythingEverywhere.com
are sold for a fraction of the true value and others are selling for hundreds of
times their true value. The seller must know the difference and the buyer must
know the difference. They will continue to come one product, one project, one need, one
application at a time. This is an era that will produce the circumstance that
boosts the entire industry in a massive way because there are new products, new projects, new needs and new applications. Lots of them.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz