Success or Failure is Your Decision. It is Determined BEFORE you Start by Your Attitude.

Morning Folks!!

If you are one to believe that opportunities like domaining come often than you are a person that has likely not accomplished much in life or are too young to appreciate the historical opportunity you have. Even at this stage you will be hard pressed to find a better opportunity in your entire lifetime or that of your father or grandfather. So at least, put it in its' proper historical perspective. If you think you will get many more like this, think again.

You have an historic opportunity. Don’t blow it. You will live to regret it if you do. This is not a time to worry if you are popular. This is a time to put your nose to the grindstone and create the vehicle that will change your life. If you do it now, you will never worry in the future. If you blow by this window, your future will be filled with worry. It is never too late to get on the right path. Never too late to succeed. Never too late to change. Those that are not succeeding and not willing to change will die on the vine. Don't be one of them.

Did you read every post thatFrankyhas made? If you did, you probably understand exactly what I am saying. If not, then you need to and read other accomplished domainers as well. The only thing they are looking to do is help others have success. Life changing success. So throw mud. How unfortunate for you. The answers are all out there. Those that are not lazy will find and seek and succeed. The others will just rant and rave and keep doing the same things that lead them to failure. Failure on many things not just one. Be methodical, logical and try to make the best decision possible with as much info as you can gather until that info is instinct. That will make you successful whether it be in domains or anything else you try and tackle in life. The negative folks in life will always try and twist your motive or try and figure out the angle. They have a hard time taking things for face value. It may because they are the ones that always have a motive and an angle and they can’t understand how others may not. I would just rather see 90 out of 100 succeed instead of 10. I am not capable of holding anyone back. Nor would I want to. The only one that can either propel you or imprison you is yourself. Not me, not your parents, not you professor, not your next door neighbor, not anyone. Get mad at yourself. Become a winner. Become an eagle. Become a great success. It won’t happen overnight. It takes years! You in rush?? If so, fine, you will fall off the ladder of success each and every time until become methodical and only focus on the next step of the ladder. Not 2 steps not 5 steps, the next step. Build it one step at a time and I absolutely guarantee that you will have to try to fail. Failing does not happen when you come at things from the right mind set. You may have set backs, but you don’t fail. You don’t let obstacles consume you, you consume and overcome those obstacles while others simply give up.

As I stated yesterday and probably the ones that need to believe it don't, I will try one last time to make this extremely important point. How do you explain to those that have an attitude that if Franky, Kevin, Mike and myself went thru a list of 100, $1000 domain names right now, that we would likely pick the same few domain names and the rookies with the big mouths would pick pigeon shit? You can’t blame it on not being there in 1995. You can’t blame it for not being there in 2003. This is 2010 and until you figure out what makes one domain have value and one domain worthless, won’t make any difference what year it is. You either learn to spot great domains for WHATEVER REASON or you don’t. Asset or liability. Sure many will make fun of me and my 'Pigeon Shit' statements, but the only ones that do that are the ones with the most pigeon shit to begin with. Go figure.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz