1000 ways to Climb The Domain Mountain and Succeed and only One Way to Fail

Morning Folks!!

I have been involved in emerging businesses and industries
all of my working life. I have seen the evolution of multiple industries from
embryos to their eventual peak and then the downturn and consolidation that
follows. It is filled with great times, conflict, change and then spun off to
whatever destiny there is.

I have watched this and been involved over and over. The characters change, the vehicles change but the scene itself does not. They all
start out small, warm, fuzzy and with few attracting a few others.

Words, thoughts and ideas. Our mind is allowed to explore
the extremes no matter what anyone might tell you. It is really interesting how
many people are threatened by new thoughts and ideas. They lash out at the
unknown. Not after thinking about it, but as a knee jerk reaction. Our animal
instincts perhaps at their rawest. But just because something effects you a
certain way does not mean you have to accept that. You can change and bend your
reality for the better.

The Internet is a place made up of words, ideas, pictures and
sounds. That translates into emotion and that is where folks go off the rails.
They are a slave to their emotions instead of mastering their emotions. Your
knee jerk reaction may be to want to kill somebody because they did you wrong.
Our mind is allowed to go there. But most of us realize immediately that is the
wrong way to handle it. That is because we have mastered our emotions. Problem
is while we may have harnessed those big emotions, it is the little stuff that
can become life changing and that is where you need to become the master.

These series of posts are designed to give you solid
information. Some opinion based, some fact based. Either way I don’t force
anyone to read or believe or do. The only thing I can do is share things the
way I see from my view point. It amazes me that the folks that could benefit
the most, are also those that have a hair up their ass. They would rather call
me names in behalf of their failure than to read between the lines. Than to try
different things. They bend what you say. They twist what you say and I guess
it makes them feel good. I have said dozens of times there are 1000 ways to
climb this mountain. Are they just deaf? Dumb? With attitudes like that they
are just passing thru. They won’t be in domaining in 3 years so why even take
them seriously? Most don’t have a single clue about business fundamentals
because they have never ran a business. They don’t understand the fundamentals
of sales because they never sold anything. They don’t understand negotiating
because they never negotiated anything but getting laid and probably did not do
all that well in that arena either. They don’t understand domaining because
they never took the time to stop and think they just buy. Yet they lash out.
They have bills bigger than their
incomes but are 10x smarter than everyone else. How exactly does that work?

So whether you flip domains, buy at auction, get domains for
SEO, buy expired domains for their links or whatever way you are climbing the
mountain, if you are making money, great! If you are not then don’t lash out,
LEARN. You don’t have to learn from me, learn from others, just make sure the
folks you are learning from actually are earning 6 or 7 figures. You can follow
failure, but it costs no more to follow success. I try and give back what I can
by reaching down with my thoughts and ideas. It is up to those that want to
succeed to also help pull themselves up. I can provide a rope. Many others can
provide a rope and do. Those that think they can get on top by pulling others
down will likely be angry and frustrated failures forever. They are the folks to avoid. Failures
because they will never allow themselves to succeed. Success comes with discipline,
good decisions and mastering your emotions and it does not matter what you sell
or what industry you are in. The rules remain the same and that is where so
many miss the point.

How do you explain to those
that have an attitude that if Franky, Kevin, Mike and myself went thru a list
of 100, $1000 domain names right now, that we would likely pick the same few
domain names and the rookies with the big mouths would pick pigeon shit? You can’t blame it on not being there in 1995. You can’t blame it for not being
there in 2003. This is 2010 and until you figure out what makes one domain have value and one domain worthless, won’t
make any difference what year it is. You either learn to spot great domains for
WHATEVER REASON or you don’t. Asset or liability. A basket full of liabilities
does not make you a domainer. So I will never win awards for 'Miss Congeniality'. Of the next 100 new domainers that come into the industry, I will piss off 90 of them. But 10 will figure it out. I will make 90 enemies and 10 friends. But at least I know the 90 to ignore and who cares if I piss them off? They have a decision to make now, get pissed off at Rick or use that same energy to get pissed off at themselves and be a success by learning to pick winners like Franky, Kevin and Mike.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz