A Banned Commercial and a Good Laugh

Morning Folks!!

My friend has been watching the following video over and over and keeps laughing so hard he can't stop. The commercial was banned for good reason. But it is still funny even if not politically correct.


Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


6 thoughts on “A Banned Commercial and a Good Laugh

  1. mat rousseau

    I normally would never chime in, but this is too ironic…I was at a recent sales seminar put on at BMW, this and some other”non compliant” commercials were on during break…funny stuff!
    thanks for the good reads during the year. cheers

  2. ScottM

    The real punchline of this is at the end and is no joke. The story of how Nissan failed to register Nissan.com and then tried to take the domain away from Uzi Nissan, the computer guy, and failed. It’s a perfect example of what you talk about Rick, how a company not only failed to buy a good generic domain name such as cars.com, but in this case how a company failed to pay Mr. Nissan a fair market price for a domain which is als their brand name as he was not cybersquatting and Nissan.com was also his own name and the name of his unrelated computer business. Been following this story for many years and because of this corporate arrogance I will never buy a Nissan and have told all my friends never to buy one either. I’m sure Toyota has sold a dozen cars just because of what I told people! Check out http://www.Nissan.com, but you aren’t going to be able to shop for a new car there!

  3. asdf

    Nissan didn’t”fail” in not registering Nissan.com. They just got tremendously unlucky in that an early computer geek had that exact same name and got there first, before anyone gave a fuck about the internet.
    They did fail in how they handled it, though. They should’ve just made him a gigantic offer, said ouch one time and been done with it.

  4. ScottM

    That would be the definition of fail in my humble opinion. Nissan had the same chance to register Nissan.com in May 1994, that was only 3 months earlier than when Rick registered Candy.com, according to the Whois record, if accurate. So Nissan Motors could have owned Nissan.com from the get go, but instead Uzi Nissan got it instead, he must have woke up one morning, said hey my name is Nissan I am in the computer business and I better have a place for myself on the Internet. Failure #1 on Nissan Motors. Having been late to the party Nissan Motors could have offered him a million dollars or even less back then and likely acquired the name, a fraction of what they spend every month on advertising. Failure #2.
    Same with Candy.com, Hershey’s or Nestle’s also had the same opportunity as Rick to register Candy.com in August 1994 but Rick is smarter and saw the bigger picture and opportunity. These billion dollar companies and their top Madison ad agencies on million dollar-per month retsiners didn’t think to tell them about registering the domain Candy.com? Getting to the registrar first is not as much luck as seeing an opportunity and acting immediately on it. Being late to the party or losing by 1 point is still failure.


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