BREAKING!!! Another Day, Another Domain Industry Scandal

Evening Folks!!

In the hours/days ahead the Domain Industry will be rocked by yet another MAJOR scandal by a MAJOR industry company. It’s not my place to state what it is tonight. It will come out soon enough. I am not involved directly. We may all be involved indirectly and the ramifications are serious.

I have been reluctantly sitting on this story for more than 10 days now and what happened should NOT be coming from me and hope it does not. Either way the facts will be coming out tomorrow.

Business as usual will not survive 2011. Things will and must change.
Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

34 thoughts on “BREAKING!!! Another Day, Another Domain Industry Scandal

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I know what it is like to have to sit on major information. During my investment banker carrer I had CEOs of major start up companies as clients and because of that I was considered an insider. I was tempted more than a couple of times to purchase shares in an off shore account because I was privy to major unreleased reports,but I resisted. So I know how tempted you are to leak this. Keep us posted.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Metal Tiger)

  2. Gobble

    I’ve been looking to see whether there is an angle on Goodle adzcene via the FSA, basically to challenge their lack of transperancy with regards to commissions. Can’t see it though, they are out of scope.
    People could take small claims actions against Goodle and claim that they have been underpaid and force Goodle to disclose or lose the case each time. Goodle may not have to show who their advertisers are. But would be required to show the commission breakdown. I believe to be honest that their systems are not as good as people would think.
    A big class action fronted by a no win no fee attorney could be an angle. Hundreds of millions at stake.

  3. Dean

    Monte Cahn and Mike Berkens are eloping? Sedo is actually a front for Julian Assange’s operations? You bought a Gulfstream Jet and are naming it the Party Pigeon?
    The suspense is killing me!!!

  4. owen frager

    I better get some shaving cream and a razor. I know what it is because they stopped doing it 10 days ago. That’s what one learns when one switches dns.

  5. Leonard Britt

    1) Google throws publishers a few pennies of every dollar earned but is that news?
    2) My domains are listed at SEDO, Godaddy Premium Listings, TDNam and Afternic DLS. I rarely sell a domain via Afternic while SEDO & Godaddy Premium Listings have been good distribution channels. But I understand Afternic/BuyDomains holds a large portfolio of domains so end user inquiries perhaps are veered toward their own inventory. A legit gripe but understandable.
    3) Sometimes I have seen trademark names listed in Namejet auctions and believe there should be some filtering mechanism. However, tracking all possible TM drops flowing through the registrars affiliated with Namejet or Snapnames would be challenging.
    4) An HAlavarez type scandal at either Namejet or TDNam? I would think procedures would have been put in place pre & especially post HAlvarez to prevent that from occurring. Doubtful.
    5) Godaddy, ENOM, NetSol, Tucows or another major registrar retaining drops?
    6) Is WIKIpedia really the best search result for every search on the web?
    7) Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…?
    Well, it sounds like we’ll know soon enough…

  6. Steve Simons

    Combined with the whistleblower/DirectNIC story that’s been unfolding lately, it looks like 2011 is going to start off with a bang!

  7. The Police

    Does it have to do with Owen Frager using email blasts to send people to his parked domains?

  8. Ace

    I suspect that it is a parking company, because as per Rick, we maybe all involved indirectly.

  9. BadGimp

    Time for Hollywood to make a reality show about the domain industry… Casting call! Maybe can provide the casting couch?
    Ok I should stop before I dog my own grave.

  10. lee

    I know something you don’t know but I’m not going to tell you.
    Sort of playschool really. No point posting it imo.

  11. trickytobeat

    Ahhhh!”The wrongful carrying out to convert to own use”
    Classic!! AGE OLD?

  12. Joe

    I’ll guess… after the rise of .CO domains with their $25 reg fee, is Verisign going to charge $50 for new .com registrations? :)
    Have a great 2011!

  13. TLD

    Sensational headline draws you in but then leaves you feeling empty once you read the post. Not sure I understand the teaser, reminds me of grade school when someone says”I know something you don’t know” and instead of telling you they just repeat that over and over again.

  14. steve c

    We have all been smelling a rat for a couple of years. Mostly in the smoke and mirrors behind parking. The other issue is drop shenanigans. That’s my best guess.

  15. Timberlake

    ??? – not letting many good domains a)run a full normal/legitamate expiration cycle or b) go into”visible” redemption peroid (and therefore not often redeemable by cherry picking many of the good & premium name and moving them into their own propreitary account then reselling & auctioning at higher prices later…thus blatantly using their insider advantage to unfairly compete with customers and the public ???

  16. landon White

    Another human sacrifice to save Corporate face, AGAIN!
    When they threw Halverez (Nelson Brady) under the bus …
    to save the other guilty clowns guess who is still running the show!
    I think the question that needs to be answered by the sequestered employee is WHO was on his TEAM, WHY did he disclose the INFO
    and was he involved in a (info-first-step) theft ring?
    Why were criminal charges not brought against Nelson Brady (Interstate Wire Fraud,etc )IT WAS CRIMINAL”NOT” CIVIL …

  17. David Williams

    I’m presuming you are referring to the Moniker privacy breach? Hardly a”domain industry scandal” worth making a big deal of if you ask me. At least they done the right thing and were open and honest. Far greater things to worry about.

  18. Landon White

    @ David Williams
    they have not done the right thing and were not open and honest
    Yes, correct if it was not for Blogging we would not know about
    this latest industry scandal.
    Was the Employee”Nelson Brady” (Halverez)
    already working from HOME?

  19. Domainer

    “I know what it is because they stopped doing it 10 days ago. That’s what one learns when one switches dns.”
    Shocking that Owen Frager implied that he actually knew something.

  20. jberryhill

    “People could take small claims actions against Goodle and claim that they have been underpaid and force Goodle to disclose or lose the case each time.”
    …or they could read the relevant dispute provisions of the contract…


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