BREAKING: Will TODAY be the Busiest Online Day…..EVER??

Morning Folks!!

I am seeing something historic starting to develop. The day after Christmas is a mammoth of a retail day. But it was a Sunday and may not have been like normal. Then factor in the biggest blizzard to hit the Northeast since the Internet has really become what it is. A snowstorm that has parlayed the south all the way to Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Europe still getting back to normal. Freezing temperatures reaching deep into Florida making the millions here for the beaches go do something else. Schools throughout the world closed for the holidays and many BILLIONS just taking the week off.

I am looking at the early numbers today and I am starting to see something HISTORIC developing. I may be wrong. But I am on the hunt and if it happens I may be the first to see it. The first to report on it and you folks the first to understand it. How incredible it would be to have it happen on this special anniversary for me.

Stay tuned and let us know what YOUR numbers look like today.

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Will TODAY be the Busiest Online Day…..EVER??

  1. Sai

    I think you must be hinting at the new financial products – frost futures trading and snowfall betting.

  2. David L.G

    Nothing disappears, all is about transformation. Gold into paper, paper into domain names and domain names into gold. Totally alchemic.

  3. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Sharing the excitement with you and your followers on this historic watershead day for eBiz. The fact that it took 15 years for the digital medium to realize its true potential has forced me as well as others to change their thinking about the future potential of the business that is open 24/7. The online world is truly a service oriented insurance policy for success.
    Believe it or not there is still no easy turnkey service to start an online business, which tells me the oportunity is still ground floor. The day that we see a seamless easy to run and administer user channel for transactions is coming SOON.Who will create this service? The answer to that question is ahead of us and who ever initates a service that seamlessly connects all the dots will be the next Zuckerburg on steroids. Whoever you are out there please contact me Ho Ho Ho.
    Gratefully, Jeff (2010 year of the Metal Tiger)

  4. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I am just thinking to myself why there is not a seamless service ,one size fits all, that gurantees a working platform with open source redundancy that guarantees a 24/7 reliable conduit. Therefor I am thinking that the logical answer may be an open source configuration with no barriers to entry that somehow superscedes competitive closed source operations whose main goal is to impede rater than foster a level playing field to all comers. Anyone else out there got any ideas to share on this subject ?


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