The Budgets for 2011 and Beyond. CPA’s Going Nuts!

Morning Folks!!

2010 was THE defining year online. There is no question about that. From trying to kill this beast to the bear hug embrace we see today. It is stunning yet fully predictable. They Finally came to the party!! Many years late, but nice to see them all join in. I will discuss more of that on my annual post in the next few days.

But today we are going to talk about Budgets! Not the government budget, but the businesses of the world budgets. The CPA has to add categories next year. Online this and online that. What area are all these payments? What is 'Domain Name Acquisitions'? What is this 'Domain Name Advertising'? What is this to Facebook ads? Twitter tweet contest?

Then in a yer from now they are likely to really get down to comparing results and see that Groupon is really a much better buy than Google. Which would explain why Google wanted to buy them and Groupon said no. Thank you Groupon!! That was a bold move and a win for all of us whether you see or understand it or not. Google buys anyone they see as a threat so they can control everything. Our job is to help those that can challenge them and gives us all alternatives. So pray that Groupon and Facebook and Twitter and others stay independent. If you wake up one day and Google bought them, it will be a bad day.

Sorry, I got a little off track, But that station stop was pretty important.

So 2011 will have many new categories and a completely new focus for business plus a lot of accountants that will be figuring out how to treat this or that. They are all sitting around RIGHT NOW discussing budgets for this and that and they have to cut the old stuff that no longer works and add to the new stuff that they have yet to fully figure out but there is no turning back. Meetings, meetings and more meetings. The ink factories are gonna be in trouble because the newspapers are going to be in trouble. What will we use for the bird cage in the future? And the poor newspaper boy is all but extinct. :-(

Make no mistake. This is difficult and painful for business but they are way behind. 10-15 years behind. So when you are way behind, the way to catch up is to throw $$$ at something and get into the game. Welcome to 2011. What a great year it will be when you see it through John Jone's eyes.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


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One thought on “The Budgets for 2011 and Beyond. CPA’s Going Nuts!

  1. DNabc

    Groupon took the old cooperative buying to another level, with just a few tweaks, and from a very young mind.
    Until now they were a bit dependent on Facebook, and the new Facebook Deals could change things a little bit, but it seems they are still no rival on that field.


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