2011 and Everyone is In The Game. Real World, 3D World, Turning into a Virtual World

Morning Folks!!

This will be the first year that folks are online and engaged. 2010 we hit “Critical Mass”. It was a LONG time coming, but welcome to the Virtual world to come.

I know the big buzz is 3D. But let me tell you what I think. First, my generation has been waiting for 3D for 50 some years. Now that it is here, it may be just a fad passing through and this is why I think that.

First, the glasses suck. Second the glasses suck. It is harder to multitask if not impossible. Let’s just say there are a host of pitfalls and we’ll see if those pitfalls doom the product .

But that is not even what I am writing about today. See in my mind, “Virtual” would trump 3D. Yes they are a bit different. But I would say Virtual takes it a step further. Imagine seeing a movie from inside the scene or any where in it? Imagine going to any tourist place and having the total experience of being there. Or 50% of the experience. Exponentially what we have now. Google street is a first step.

Maybe we will all be buying little domes that could give you the illusion of actually being wherever. What I see over the past 15 years are the building blocks getting assembled. We have yet to integrate those building blocks. We are well on the way.

For people that can put a man on the moon, this leap is tiny in comparison and it already exists in different forms. Now that nearly everyone is spending time online each and every day, they will want more. They will want to turn their computers and lives into a true virtual reality capable of things we cannot even fathom at this point.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz