Social Network is Really Social Genius. Have you ever REALLY seen Genius?

Morning Folks!!

I watched “The Social Network” DVD yesterday after watching it in the theater a few months back. I watched scenes over and over again. I could not stop dreaming about it last night. Again.

A movie like the Social Network is about a dream. An idea. Success like this is so very rare, but success like this also keeps dreams alive and ideas coming because you just never know when you will hit a nerve. Hit something big. And even if you hit something small, like owning a few domain names and building on that, it still works. It still fuels the dream.

The next part of the movie was understanding genius in action working. Social genius is a hard thing to communicate but it did that in the first scene and every scene after.

I don’t ever recall a movie being so contemporary. EVER! Do you?

In 2002 this juggernaut did not even exist. More users in Bosnia than roads.

This is a special movie like none other in HISTORY. I have watched it twice and played a few scenes over. I will watch again today. There is a blueprint here. There is a story of the fasting growing company in history. The youngest MULTI-Billionaire in history. Self made. A genius figuring out a simple but complex rubix cube. The valuation has gone from $25 Billion to 3x that in just a YEAR! I wrote this last night directly after watching. Like the first time, there were tears in my eyes. Everything was blurry but I typed as fast as I could anyways with a dozen misspells. But the thoughts are here. Every scene is a book! Every scene is genius. Every scene means something. Every scene worth watching over and over and over again.

Then I woke up this morning to see that the movie won a number of Golden Globe Awards. Well deserved. This is a true look into genius in a way that I have never seen genius. I am in awe of such a mind knowing I am not even in that type of orbit or could be. But the glimpse into that…..PRICELESS.

If you have not seen this movie, you are missing something very special and you are doing your self a disservice.. I would urge you to get it, watch it, watch it again and it won’t be until the 3rd time that you even begin to understand what is going on. Sheer genius. We are just mere mortals.

The Hula-Hoop has finally met it's match. I believe this to be the biggest business phenomena in history because we are all involved. Studying this is what it is all about. Understanding our limitations. The power of a simple idea that fills a void. This is just the beginning of the phenomenon, not the end and THAT is what makes this the most important movie in my lifetime and how we as domain asset holders and web based businesses and and everyone else in the universe can/will all directly and indirectly benefit.

Add to that a roadmap, a template a motivator a host of other adjectives that would take me a YEAR to get into. It is that deep. That simple. That important. and the story is still being written and that is what makes this unique. Don't waste a second, if you are reading this and have not ordered and watched it by this time next week........then you wasted valuable time.

Mark Zuckerberg is your new best friend. A friend you will never have to meet or see to understand but will get to know intimately. Forget if you like him or not. Business is not about like. It is about watching this genius and watching the movie that allows you to see and witness and UNDERSTAND genius. Of course we could only hope to understand. But they make that genius visible so mere mortals like us can identify genius when we see it and THAT is the greatest takeawy of the movie among so many I would not even know where to start or end and maye there is no end.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz