What Would our Library System Look Like if Google was in Charge?

Morning Folks!!

First you got to stop laughing. Second they are already doing that as you will see below. Third, it is still funny.

Sometimes the best way to look forward into the future is to look to the past. Compare something with the past. See if there is a parallel or a conflict. Then do a test.

So did you ever sit and think what our Library would look like if Google was in charge of indexing? That just made me laugh. Out loud. How about you? I would probably get the same 10 books keep popping up all over the place. Therefore, some results would be useless. Most results would be tainted. Most results would be filtered by their definition not mine.

What if there were a new Dewey Decimal System re-invented for the Internet that would eliminate the need for search? A systematic way to look things up that will self index? The way you search would change. The Zuckerberg Social System for example. Don't search for it, I just made it up.

'It’s hard to sustain a company when all of your customers hate you.' That was what many a website owner has told me over the years when it comes to Google and now with more frequency. Just Saturday by my own brother. Friday, a buyer of traffic from New York. The first alternative that comes and they will be gone. Now this is not likely for some time, but don't underestimate just how quickly things are moving. New Gorillas are coming into the room. Big ones. Bigger ones. Will Facebook and Apple hook up? Somebody else come along? Always consider the unexpected. The refined. The new. The better mousetrap.

Just fun questions to ask and speculate on. You make money by seeing something that has yet to happen and then act on it. There are battle lines being drawn everywhere and every sector and at every level. I have always believed that the greatest race in history would be the Internet Race. It really took many years longer than I expected to ramp up. But make no mistake folks, we are ramped up now and everyone is in the game like never before. This is just so damn exciting!

It still has to filter down to Main St. Most store owners are dependent on IT guys to do their marketing and that is like a scuba diver being your sky diving instructor. It rarely works out well. Only problem is the guy on Main Street that built their businesses from scratch have outsourced their futures in a dangerous way. Some will survive. Others won't. The ones that do get it, will thrive. So shakeout is coming to every sector and many of these guys will just hang it up. If you know a retailer, send this to them. They need to read it.They need to take 120 seconds and stop and listen.

So if you want to see the future, just look to the past. The answers are always there. Just in a different form in a different disguise. Figure it out and you make $$$$. I still love that line in The Social Network by Larry Sommers.....'Inventing a job is better than getting a job.' So if you are working for somebody else.....pay attention. You can invent your job and the security that comes with it while still at your regular job. One great idea is as powerful as you make it. Nothing can stop a great idea. Things are changing so rapidly that each WEEK you need to reassess the landscape. Things are at warp speed and there is $$$ in the air. Your job is to construct a net and grab your share!

And while doing a Google serach on this subject to make sure I did not look too stupid, Google is of course already trying. Let the best most efficient system win.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz