And The Survey Says….

Afternoon Folks!

Last month we sent out a survey to see what domainers thought about certain issues. When it comes to ICANN, 75% of respondents could care less. It is the thing you know will put everyone to sleep.

On whether you agree with the following statement. Nearly 90% of the survey agree:

'I think sponsors make a lot of money from domainers and need to be more supportive of the domain industry; especially Yahoo and Google.'

That 90% shows domainers can see some things through a common eye.

Most of the other questions were for our internal use so we know what you need, expect and want. Location and ease to get there are important.

When it comes to panels, it's a split. Some love them and come to the show for them and some don't attend any.

When it comes to networking, a substantial majority said we have a pretty good balance. But if we add even more networking folks will not object. More is better.

Lastly, our highest rating of 20 categories polled was on the following:

'Meeting the Folks you wanted to meet'

Your answers help us fine tune what we do as well as fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. So thanks for all that participated!!

Rick Schwartz