The Post that Draws the Line When it Comes to Domain Names

Morning Folks!!

First of all if you want the most you can get out of my book....ooops, I mean blog, you should start with the first few posts as I form a foundation for what is to come and what has already occurred. But today I will be bypassing those valuable posts to get to one even more valuable.

My 'Line in the Sand' post is much more than a post or a chapter of a book. It allows you to see why I piss so many people off. See I don't have time to waste in a life where time is our ONLY natural resource. So when somebody proves to be wasting my time, what would you expect me to do? In most cases, time wasters get blown away. That pisses people off. OK, fair trade. They get to be pissed and I don't piss my time away.

So this post draws a line in the sand. Those that don't see what I see are just going to waste my time like a moron did last night. Now the moron can get real. If he does, I may point him to this post. He can either laugh, dismiss or understand. If he dismisses, I can close the door on that conversation because it will continue to be a waste of time. Some folks would take months or even longer to find out what I did in hours.

In 1985 I had a booth at CES in the rotunda right next to Panasonic. Those 4 days changed my life. I would have 150 people listening to my pitch. I was dead broke and needed the sales and I could not waste time with those that were not going to buy. I would then yell out. 'Orders on the right, non-orders on the left. CASH customers up front. They would all laugh and I would find the five guys in the crowd looking to place an order RIGHT NOW. Now the audience has swelled from 150 to 6 Billion. An even greater sense of urgency. Need a new line. Let's see...

Bullshitters on the left, morons on the right, accomplished folks online upfront. Oh well, it's a start. I'll need to refine it. But you get the idea.

This may have been posted in 2007, but it is something I actually posted and been saying since 1997-1999 and time has only made the words more vivid and true. Theory has turned into fact over that time.


Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz