“The Daily” New App for the iPad releases within the Hour. Will rewrite how you get your News.

Morning Folks!!

You know I am an iPad fan, but today should be a small illustration of what is to come. 'The Daily' App will be available at noon Eastern time TODAY at the App store.

360 degree Photos. Video, Print and interactive. I am watching the news conference. This is an amazing new development and another stake in the heart of traditional media. They have also made it profitable. To buy what you see. Sport. This is a wow! This is another HUGE moneymaker.

I have not seen it yet, but I believe this is a BIG deal and another game changer in a series of game changers we will be seeing from here on out. It reminds me of the day USA Today came out. They all said it would fail. But I liked the format. It was easy to read. It was colorful in a sea of black and white. I became a fan.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Update: Now that I have downloaded it and used it a bit I would say It will have to have some real identity and some compelling and unique content to be as big as I thought. I could see it could be good locally and depends how it evolves. But I have to agree with what has been posted so far. Yawn. But that does not mean I will dismiss it quite yet.


12 thoughts on ““The Daily” New App for the iPad releases within the Hour. Will rewrite how you get your News.

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Glad to see you back from your symbolic appearance. Thanks for representing the Domainers! I find it totally interesting that traverselegal has a live feed to the conference. We know why and so do a lot of others. Someone will pick up on this Soon.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Funny you should mention APPS. We are predicting that there will be many opportunities for domainers using the coming APPS for building Web businesses! Its coming !!
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. Mikejarema

    Hi Rick, I’m a long time reader, but first time commenter.
    I was wondering how you see the app-centric approach on mobile panning out with respect to domainers. The app model pushes content discovery into appstores rather than the browser by URL, so there may not be such a thing as a”direct navigation app” or”typo app”.
    Will domainers carry their desktop browser success over to mobile? Or adapt strategies to suit the changing environment?
    Thanks, and for all the insightful & inspiration posts!

  4. SL

    Ok but…yawn. Do we really need another pretty news aggregator? Then actually *pay* for it? That’s all cable news and regional papers do anyway, repackage AP/Reuters and throw in some incendiary opinion fluff.
    Plus there’s flipboard and other (more reputable) news organizations coming out with the same thing. Or just load up Google news and that works just fine too.
    The AP, Reuters, Economist, Scientific American…that’s stuff worth paying for in tablet format.

  5. Landon White

    @ todaro
    always looking for new things i can pay for instead of getting them free
    LOL, Your one liners always get right to the heart of the matter!

  6. S.W.

    It’s an impressive app, but I also have second thoughts about a long-term subscription since I have many other choices for news. More than likely, Newscorp will be forced to add a bit more content on thedaily.com to draw some more eyeballs after the free trial period.
    I truly want this iPad format to succeed but it’s going to take a bit more than what the Daily offers for me to rely on it as my sole source of news.


    “News” behind pay walls is gonna be a tough sell.Just ask WSJ & NYT.
    All of the”dead tree” magazines I subscribe to have online editions.Never seen ’em.I still take the print mag.I know the content online has the potential to be richer…more immersive.Still…how is it that the information contained costs MORE-when the actual online effort of publishing costs LESS? I canceled my online WSJ subscription when it got to 155 dollars a year.Afterall-news is news…and serious traders would’nt wait on financial data from a daily publication.The daily wants to charge roughly the same out of the staring gate? Hmmm

  8. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Truth be known, the internets rich plethora of information for content, BESTS ,the best of the best traditional media sources by a long shot!! The open source platform for information is in the hands of all! So much for their vaunted CONTENT, edge EH !
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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