No More Coverup! Time to Set the Record Straight.

Morning Folks!!

Enough Bullshit. Enough Cover ups. Enough LIES!!

The folks at Oversee have a hard time actually doing the right thing time and time again. This is not my responsibility or fight. But ENOUGH!

I will not be a party to this any longer. I should have exposed this from DAY ONE. I was told story after story after story and hard to find facts or the truth in any of it.

I did everything I could to have either the victim post or the employee to come forward. Or Oversee just do the right thing and lay out the facts. I just got mislead at best by Oversee!

Chef Patrick needs to FINALLY stand up and Oversee needs to stop the LIES and COVERUPS!!

I have nothing against the Chef. I know he is a young guy trying to get ahead. But he did one wrong thing and then was not a stand up guy and never came forward. The coverup is always worse than the act. This is a perfect example.

I think it is time for him to clean this up because I am DONE with this issue and let the folks involved sort it out now that it is in the open.

Somebody has to make a stand in this industry because I REFUSE to turn a blind eye. So let the haters come out. But I am nothing but the messenger and everyone in this industry has a RIGHT to know about this MESS!

Chef, I had to do this for a number of reasons. I know our paths will cross in the weeks ahead and I can't live with holding YOUR secret and feeling good about it. It makes me feel a bit dirty. I have NEVER held a secret like this in 15 years online. I just let the chips fall where they may. You should have come forward yourself instead of this route.
So to have a good future, you need to clean up the past. I wish you no ill. But I am not carrying around YOUR BURDEN or OVERSEE's BURDEN any longer. This skeleton has been in the wrong closet and today that has been corrected.

The Original Post and Story plus more comments today can be read here:

Rick Schwartz

162 thoughts on “No More Coverup! Time to Set the Record Straight.

  1. Judi

    It’s really sad to see you have so much time on your hands Rick, and for you to use it to cover up the malicious intent you carry with this issue.
    The domain isn’t even yours, was it?
    Why don’t you tell the entire story? The true story about who was involved and what YOU did to COVER UP for someone very CLOSE TO YOU!
    Funny you are such an advocate for protecting brands and domains, yet you support someone who uses this man’s brand maliciously.

  2. Richard

    Thanks Rick for keeping them honest. Transparency is important in this web of lies and bullshit.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    I deleted your porn link. But I think you are the type Corporate Cubicle Whore I have been describing and talking about. Good job!

  4. Sideliner

    Rick, you did the right thing. Moniker/ Oversee should have cleaned up the mess when this”breach of trust” occured.
    BTW- when are you going to ’86’ this annoying troll Anunt??

  5. Rick Schwartz

    Also Judi,
    I covered up nothing. If the Chef wants to out the victim, he is free to do that. It is not MY job to do it. But imo it would only make what he did even worse. Don’t you think??

  6. Altaf

    You did the right thing. We want to hear positive & good creative things here, so that we may learn something. But some people obviously want to be famous icon does bad posts to malign the cause. There should be expunging option if vulgar language is used.

  7. Marcia Lynn

    @Judi – In my opinion, the only thing the cook whips up and serves is a frenzy about himself. When I first heard that a Moniker employee violated privacy policy, I *immediately* thought it was him. Turns out my instincts were correct. All the newbies who believe his self-marketing crap are behaving like sheep. It sickens and saddens me that such a lowlife was affiliated with the company Monte built from the ground up. No doubt, we all make mistakes; but he obviously lacks the stones to own up to his.
    P.S. I’ll never do business with him or any company he’s affiliated with. He has zero cred in my book.

  8. The New Guy

    I had a conversation with him when he was at Moniker and he said he could broker my names and he would charge 80% and give me 20% for my names and I was like is this how the domaining business works.I thought it was the other way around me 80 and him 20.He said because he was doing all the work and could move them quick.I realized the smell of bullshit and thought that was not cool.I won’t be doing business at moniker anymore.That was shady from the git go.I also noticed that no one and I mean no one on has said a thing about this yet.A bunch blind mice trying to make sure they don’t take a side.Keep it real Rick.

  9. No Spam Please

    If he had apologized BEFORE he got called out, then perhaps people would’ve forgiven him. But to own up to your mistake ONLY because Rick told the world you did it means very little to me. Rick gave him weeks, months, to apologize. But if you read Chef Patrick’s blog, he said that he and Moniker parted on good terms: —“Moniker and I part on good terms. Unfortunately there was no way to continue, beyond the fact that I strongly dislike working out of an office and working for a boss, I just have too many projects going on that need my full attention.” ~ Patrick Ruddell; Posted on 11 March 2011 — Now Patrick is trying to align himself with Frank Schilling for his DNCruise. Let’s see how long it takes before sponsors stop supporting his blog and his cruise. I, for one, would personally boycott any sponsor who supports this guy after what he’s done. If he apologizes and takes time to do some serious damage control, then maybe he can begin to repair his reputation. But for Patrick to declare to the world that HE’S BACK and now wants to broker our high-end domains: No Thank You. Let’s not forget what Chef Patrick actually did to deserve this spotlight. Re-read Rick’s original post and look at the dates/times to see just how much time Rick gave both Oversee & Patrick Ruddell to come clean; and Chef Patrick chose NOT to take the high road.

  10. Rick Schwartz

    Chef Patrick responds on Facebook with this:
    “Thank you everyone that has pointed out Rick Schwartz’s post today. I also want to send a big thank you to everyone that has sent emails, texts and messages of support, it’s greatly appreciated. I am with my family at Busch Gardens and will respond publicly tomorrow with the TRUTH, not a third party version of it. Family first!!!”
    That was what should have happened from day one and it was NEVER my decision to sweep the TRUTH under the rug! Never my decision to hide the TRUTH. Never my decision to spin the TRUTH! Never my decision to delay the TRUTH because of pending deals. Never my decision to be anything other than be factual with the TRUTH.
    I am glad you will extract me from this conversation and finally make a statement! But please don’t play the victim here. This was very hard to do believe it or not. It was just something bad rotting in my gut and I finally had to spit it up!

  11. Mind Your Own Business

    What business is this of yours?. Why dont you mind your own business and spend more time worrying about why people no longer come to your crappy Traffic shows.
    Learn a bit of professionalism for once in your life!!!!!

  12. Rick Schwartz

    You can shove that”professionalism” crap up your ass. Professionals do the right thing from the get go and don’t have TROLLS try and attack ME! Now go away because you are a COWARD with an agenda! Probably a WELL KNOWN name. But a COWARD!

  13. Roger Johansson

    MYOB why don’t you gfy. Use your name coward and then your comment has some credibility.
    This has hurt Patrick’s credibilty and Moniker. The people who will spin this the other way are friends and that’s understandable but they are not right.

  14. Judi

    I think this whole thing is funny, those of us who know the TRUTH about what really happened and why YOU ARE INVOLVED RICK are laughing!
    Insult me all you want, but I know why you are making such a big deal out of this and why you chose to be such a cock about everything.
    Tell the truth about WHO owned the domain in dispute and WHAT THEY DID with that domain to stir shit up.
    You are the biggest hypocrite in the room, Rick! Hope you liked that gift I left as my link, I know how much you like it!
    PS. Troll, whore, bitch, whatever you want to use. I still know the TRUTH about you Rick.

  15. Rick Schwartz

    Judi, hate to bother you with FACTS…..
    But from Ron Jackson at
    “I was made privy to the details of this incident a few days ago when the customer (a longtime friend with a spotless reputation) told me what happened in an off the record conversation. No names have been released thus far because it has been his wish to give Moniker a chance to resolve the problem and make changes aimed at preventing similar incidents in the future.
    The ironic thing about this incident, based on the parts of the account that I can share, is that the employee in question attempted to harm someone who actually had the employee’s best interests at heart. The customer registered a number of domains that included an industry figure’s name followed by the word”Sucks”, including names of his own friends and relatives. He said it was his intention to keep those domains out of the hands of others who would use them to attack those people (a common defensive registration technique among corporations today).
    When the employee learned that someone registered their name followed by”Sucks”, the employee then bypassed WhoIs Privacy protection to find out who it was. Had the employee stopped there no one would have been the wiser. However, suffering from an inexplicable lapse of judgment, the employee sent an email to the customer’s boss to complain about the registrant. It is probably now safe to assume that the registrant will not be sending the name on to the employee as he originally intended.”

  16. Doug

    Rick, Didn’t you give Patrick his first big break by allowing him to interview you on his blog a while back. He use to post it up on all the forums like the forum troll that he was. Once a troll, always a troll. Never trusted the guy and never will!

  17. Scott

    Rick, thank you.
    Patrick Ruddell is a disgrace.
    I have been around the block a few times.
    I’ve met Patrick.
    I’ve seen his type before.
    Charming. Phony. “User”. Hot-headed. Narcissist.
    My ex-wife and I do not trust him, not only due to this, but also things we witnessed.

  18. Mike

    Never a big fan of the domain king and his gulf spill domains, I have to give him his due. I am sure it would have been much easier to not get involved in this. Does it matter what the owner was doing with the domain? You have to be pretty thin skinned to use your position to go around domain privacy. Man up and deal with it. Unless you are being slandered, who cares if someone thinks you”suck”. If it is that easy to go around privacy at Moniker, who knows how often it’s done. Kudos to the so called expert domain bloggers for being all over this story. Probably because there is no affiliate link available or because it has nothing to do with .co. needs to start filtering some of that crap out.

  19. Owen frager

    You might want to rephrase that. Makes it sound like Chef caused the split with your wife which would be a whole other post I think we’d all be interested in.
    Oversee is damaged goods. When CADNA canvasses DOMAINfest serving summons’ and taking photos and names and cozying up to those entrusted with access to privacy protected data it must take some hefty payoffs to get all those lolipop bloggers to look the other way.

  20. TLD

    @ Judi
    If there is more to the story (such as you are claiming) then share. Offering allegations that there is more then meets the eye is worthless. If you have something to say then say it, but stop beating around the bush by claiming there is more to the story.

  21. Landon White

    Chef Patrick (girlie name) you are a big fat CUNT!
    Way back when i coined the phase …
    “Which Corporate Cubicle do you whore for”
    i was talking about someone like YOU!
    I asked then that if you spot someone”Who act’s like a Corporate Whore”
    ask them’ which Corporate Cubicle do you Whore for”
    since then only”RICK SCHWARTZ has had the BALLS to ASK IT!
    Blaming for not allowing your little bitch self for coming forward,
    (were you in chains?) this time, you did the wrong NOT THEM you fat fuck…
    (as a former police detective i would arrest punks like you and all were the same
    big cry baby’s when you got caught LIKE YOU!
    (just like the little girlie chef you wanna be)

  22. Marcia Lynn

    Scott hit the nail on the head… And I’ll add… In my opinion c[r]ook patrick is a self-serving, self-promoting newbie scammer who, if you buy into his BS and align yourself with him, may end up being severely detrimental to your future in this biz. I’d venture to say that not far down the road the sheep who call him”friend” won’t be trusted either.

  23. Landon White

    Chef Patrick (girlie name) you are a big fat CU*T!
    Way back when i coined the phase …
    “Which Corporate Cubicle do you whore for”
    i was talking about someone like YOU!
    I asked then that if you spot someone”Who act’s like a Corporate Whore”
    ask them’ which Corporate Cubicle do you Whore for”
    since then only”RICK SCHWARTZ has had the BALLS to ASK IT!
    Blaming for not allowing your little bitch self for coming forward,
    (were you in chains) this time, you did the wrong NOT THEM you fat fu*k…
    (as a former police detective i would arrest punks like you and all were the same
    big cry baby’s when you got caught YOU! just like the little girlie chef you wanna be)

  24. Dan

    Agree with Marcia and Scott above.
    ‘chef’ Patrick has always been a loon in my direct dealings with him. This doesnt surprise me

  25. No Spam Please

    It was very obvious it was Patrick Ruddell aka Chef Patrick. Now that we all have confirmation, let’s see what Patrick does next.
    If you notice the timeline, he’s since parted ways with Moniker, relaunched his blog and setting sail for another DNCruise, plus there’s rumors of him trying to launch his domain incubator (?) (?). I wonder if will make enough to cover what is owed to Domain Capital (as you can see the domain is still owned by them.)
    Maybe now Patrick Ruddell aka Chef Patrick will crawl out from under his rock and try to justify what he did. Maybe he’ll finally apologize for his lack of integrity and malicious breach of privacy. I understand why he didn’t come forward. From my initial conversations with Patrick Ruddell, I knew right away that I didn’t want to do business with him. The domain industry is small enough that this news will travel very fast.

  26. Rick Schwartz

    And to friends of the Chef and fans of Oversee, don’t be angry at me. I am sorry it had to be me of all people to bring this to light. I tried for nearly 3 months NOT to be the one! Opportunity after opportunity passed and just MUM and then SPIN!
    It would have been so easy to fix if handled in a different manner! So don’t place your misguided anger in my direction.
    With so many people knowing nobody came forward. Why? A lot was the pressure from Oversee. The rest was just peer pressure.
    I knew this may not play well, but screw it, I just have to live with things and this was one thing I could not live with. Sorry. I am not the”Social Butterfly” that some are, but I will never feel bad by doing the right thing no matter the peer pressure or crap.
    I am anxious to hear his side. That has been the point all along. If there are consequences for not coming forward earlier, that is not my doing or choice. I am clearly on record. So we’ll see either humility and truthfulness or misguided anger, lashing out at me and spin.
    Same with Oversee. What is so damn hard to do the right thing and set the record straight? In a business that was built on a HANDSHAKE, it is just disturbing what we already know and even more disturbing when your mind wonders what you don’t know.
    The very worst part is how many in the industry are now mute or turning a blind eye to things for a living. Silence is a vote.

  27. Anon

    Really, it’s a bummer that this whole thing happened.
    He should’ve just stepped up early and taken the heat. You can’t expect badly-kept secrets to remain kept for very long.
    He shouldn’t have done what he did, he shouldn’t have been party to any sort of ‘cover up’ of his actions. What he did was wrong in the first place and was handled badly every step of the way.
    Here come the overdue heat.

  28. LS Morgan

    I’m hard pressed to think of any ‘industry’ that requires so little of its participants before bestowing credibility and authority on a person. It seems like a blog alone is about all it takes.
    I don’t know Chef Patrick from Adam. I read the domain blogs and recently have gotten sucked into commenting on them a lot, but my day job is unaffiliated (albeit distantly related) with this game.
    Take this for what you paid, but from the vantage of this outsider looking in, the Domaining world really, really, REALLY needs to pick and choose it’s representatives more wisely. It seems like a blog and a few declarative sentences is all it takes to be elected god in this realm.
    Schwartz, for whatever you may think about him personally, is undeniably someone who has walked the walk, been around this since day 1 and has succeeded at it. You don’t have to like his delivery and he’s definitely a ‘booster’- I’ve exchanged a few choice words with him before via these blog comments- but it makes sense to pay attention to someone like him. He has a lot to teach and freely does so.
    When Schilling was blogging, that was an absolute fucking goldmine. Berkens blog is great too.
    Still, how many people have attained ‘respect’ in this industry on the basis of nothing other than having a blog, attending a few conferences and perhaps spending (X) amount of money on some domain names? No real heavy-hitting performance to speak of, not much in the way of meaningful insight… just a blog and a few conference tickets.
    Domaining fascinates the hell out of me- so do domainers- but the complete absence of any sort of performance vetting by the larger ‘domaining public’ gives rise to hucksters, egomaniacs and frauds who are attracted to the industry in the same way a burglar is attracted to an unlocked safe.
    God a debit card and a godaddy account? Congrats. You’re a ‘domainer’. Now go fire up a blog and start teaching people how its done… LOL.

  29. Anthony David

    I can’t believe some of the comments in this post, such as Landon White. You’re sick! First of all let’s wait to hear Patrick’s side of the sorry. Second, even if he did make a mistake, who hasn’t? Why is no one talking about everything he’s done for this industry including last year having one of the most interesting blogs out there, organizing DNCruise, and generally being a standup guy. I’m out.

  30. faris khani

    I am a lay person in all this ,and correct me if im wrong,but perhaps the Organisation called”ICANN” is the ultimate party responsible, since they let Registrars get away with”stealing” domains from previous clients . Is that not what is wrong with this industry, con artists arguing over the spoils ?.

  31. Wrong

    A mistake is different than doing something WRONG on purpose. And breaking privacy policy.
    Read the facts and see that he clearly broke the rules….rules that every domainer with a brain would know.
    Anthony David, I would not stick up for him. HE HAS NO SIDE! Oversee even stated in the Mason Cole email that he broke the rules, on purpose.
    I truly hope you are”out” …. anyone who stands up for Patrick should be out of the business, along with him

  32. Steve Cheatham

    A though that always is part of business. Speaking on the”Whois Privacy” secret information is only secret when it is in your hands. The idea of letting registrars see the privacy is the real problem.
    Crook after crook has abused that and tried to become rich doing it. There is no way to know how many people have done it and got away with it.
    It all started when registrars were allowed to own a portfolio. The first indication was shell companies showing up to hold the domains they were able to acquire.
    The point is you can’t make rules that crooks can exploit. If there is a way around it, they will use it.

  33. No Spam Please

    He should have done this from the start. You gave him plenty of time and he failed to come clean.
    We ALL know he is ONLY doing it now because he has been EXPOSED. I can’t wait to read his version of the”truth”; how he can justify his actions and why it took him so long to come forward. I have lost any & all respect I had for him.
    First the Halvarez scandal & now the Patrick Ruddell aka Chef Patrick scandal: more damage to the already tarnished Oversee/Moniker brand. If true, I find it ridiculous & hilarious that people are sending Patrick their support as if he has been vicitimized. Let’s see how many of his”supporters” continue to sponsor his Cruise, Blog, Radio Show, Video Show, future business endeavors, etc – Let’s see whether or not Frank Schilling continues to”support” Chef Patrick. I would NEVER want my business aligned with this pariah.

  34. James

    Was wondering only yesterday what had become of this story.
    Now I see he’s parted with Moniker – be interesting to know who made that decision.

  35. I Smell Bullshit

    Someone”supposedly” registered with the Chef’s best interests at heart. The Chef finds out who it is and instead of reacting as if he just discovered that a friend or confidant owns the domain, he reacts as if his interests and namesake are actually at risk by the registration.
    I smell bullshit. Sounds like one of Mr. Schwartz’s buddies tried to screw with Chef Patrick, and now Rick is doing some preemptive spin and damage control. I’m willing to wager that the motivation behind the registration has something to do with DNCruise, and the domain’s cowardly”domain privacy” registrant has a financial stake in the domain seminars and conferences market.
    We’ll see…

  36. Maybe the shit smell is you....

    Maybe, but at the end of the day it does not matter the reasoning for the registration of the domain, NO MATTER WHAT THE DOMAIN, privacy is privacy and needs to be taken as such.
    What matters is that Chef Patrick and Oversee have made a huge mistake.
    Just because an employee of a registrar doe not like a name does not mean they can do whatever they want…..

  37. Judi

    Rick is hiding behind his”facts” when in reality, he is protecting someone VERY close to him. I’m not going to reveal any details myself because I want”Domain king” to come clean about this whole situation.
    Common Rick! Come out and spill the beans that you helped cook during the past few months. You want clarity? Let the TRUTH be heard from your own mouth.
    You quote Ron Jackson because…? We all are domainers and we all KNOW this sounds like a case of:
    1. I registered
    2. He’s got a big ego, yep!
    3. Maybe I can fuck with him?
    4. Let’s forward the domain to something not very clean!
    5. Maybe he’ll get smart and pay us some cash?
    6. We all know that UDRPs cost money…
    7. He’ll never know who we are, we have privacy!
    But knowing how much EGO you have in between your legs, you won’t ever say the TRUTH!

  38. Rick Schwartz

    James, Kevin running late in paying is nothing I am going to defend. On the other hand your accusations are way off base. First you called him this and that when in FACT the only thing he is guilty of is running late on paying you.
    1. He agrees he owes you the money. That is opposite of what a scammer does.
    2. He is in communication with you which is opposite what a scammer does.
    3. This is a late payment issue not a fraud or any other allegation you have made and even admitted yourself!
    This Makes you look not so good and a rookie in business because while you may be in the right with the money owed, you can’t take water from a dry rock. You need to understand the times we are in. Again, let me be clear, you should be paid timely. But this is WAY over the top to do to somebody that acknowledges the debt.
    If he did not acknowledge the debt, then you would be 100% in the right to do what you did. But I am telling you it was wrong in the manner you did it for a guy that is obviously trying to keep afloat like so many others I talk to every day.
    So that’s my take. Take it fwiw.

  39. Rick Schwartz

    Judi, wtf are you talking about? First of Judi has a dick. Second of all Judi has an agenda. Doesn’t matter. You are a”Corporate Cubicle Whore” with an agenda. It is obvious. Look at all the time YOU are investing in this. Everyone knows my motive, what is your motive? You have a grudge! So you are not invisible.
    What’s this to you??
    Friend? Employer making you post? Moron?
    Let me say this…..Go fuck yourself during your next coffee break! And take your”Post buddy” with you.

  40. razorblade

    There is so much more to this story then just late payments. He owes one guy alot more than me and when he was not paying me on time he was still advertising the fixed income domains.
    Things have now gone to the next level. He has been scamming people out of their money to do minisite development and people are still waiting months later for work to even start.
    If I admit to a con, that does not stop me from being a con artist.
    There are many/many people who gave Kevin money and he has not delivered on his promises.
    When does a late payment become a non payment???
    Look Rick, you have my respect in so far as calling a spade a spade AS YOU SEE IT, whether or not you are right.
    Just do me a favor and read the link right up to its current post and if you still believe this is not a scam….well then TIFWIW

  41. Morals and Ethics

    Basically the Chef broke an ethical code, basically insider trading on information, and acted in his own interest on it. The situation could have been worse, had he gotten away with it, could have used it to his advantage in some other scenario. To violate someones privacy like this, and then simply walk away from it, is a slap to all Domainer’s, The Chef killed his credibility, I would never do business with him, or any company he works for. Only people protecting him are people he helped financially along the way in the domain industry, that says alot… I have dealt with so many domainers, often sending money first, with no guarantee of every seeing a domain transferred, not once have they let me down, domainers are very solid, and ehtical people, on the most part, and Chef Patrick does not belong amoung us. I would personally like to see him banished from registering anymore domains, or even being associated with the industry, total violation.

  42. I Smell Bullshit

    @Morals and Ethics
    Banished from registering anymore domains? Are you fucking high on crack? You Rick Schwartz nuthuggers are hilarious.
    Who is the asshole that registered Hey Rick, you outed the Chef, not why don’t you man up and explain who registered the domain in question. No one believes your bullshit that the domain was registered in the Chef’s best interests, some of your nuthuggers don’t even believe that shit.
    So in all fairness, why not out the other party. Out your buddy so that he can explain what his intentions are/were with The clown who registered the domain broke rule one.”If you don’t want to get dirty then don’t roll in the mud.” Can’t wait until the clown gets outed.

  43. Moniker Sinking!

    Moniker is a sinking ship… first Victor, then Monte and rumor has it Bari is looking around. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were up for sale with very few interested parties.
    For all of my dislike of Go Daddy and their interface, it appears they will be the big winner of any consolidation as the industry is moving more and more toward the end-users and they own that channel. Plus their Account Managers are top notch!

  44. Rick Schwartz

    Do you idiot anon defenders really think you are helping out the Chef? You are doing him more damage than anything I could say or have said.

  45. Must be patrick....

    I think that Rick, unlike Moniker and its employees, believes in the sanctity of privacy.
    Moniker was contractually obligated to keep privacy, and they broke it. Rick on the other hand does not
    GET TO THE REAL ISSUE…the domain is pointless in this situation, it is the fact of what happend. Regardless of the domain name
    Patrick and you are dumb, unless you both are Patrick

  46. Curious

    Rick, very little has been said about the actual victim in this case whose registrant identity was improperly accessed. Do you know who he or she is? If so, since you are setting the record straight, shouldn’t his or her name be part of this discusion? I mean as discretion goes, this was not a sexual asault and the victim is probably over 18, yes?

  47. Really?

    The poor guy or girl wanted it on privacy to being with, then one person found out…. Which is an atrocity for those who believe in privacy
    Now you want the whole world to know??? Really???
    I just checked and it was still on private….so if you are that curious, keep checking it everyday until it is off privacy then we all will know
    Focus on the real issue, this has nothing to do with the domain, it has to do with privacy breach and the Oversee/Moniker coverup

  48. Marcia Lynn

    If was registered around the time of the cruise, maybe it was because cook refused to refund deposits when people decided not to accompany him on his cruise.
    I was one of them. I booked the cruise on my own (he didn’t offer the type of suite I wanted), then out of courtesy to him added myself to his”group” so he’d get credit for my booking. I was also required to pay him an extra $200 for the”conference” part of the cruise, which I did.
    I paid a total of $500 in deposits, changed my mind about going, but was refunded only $200. If I had not been part of that”group” I’d have received a full refund from the cruiseline. Crook refused to refund the remaining $300 and other people privately told me he did the same thing to them.
    Now $300 isn’t a lot of money, but it sure leaves a sour taste in the mouth when somebody takes it from you (and several others) without recourse.
    So my comments here aren’t just about his breach of privacy issue.
    This self-promoting cook, in the short two and half years he’s been a stain on this industry, hasn’t played fairly, ethically, or even behaved within his legal rights.
    Is he personable? Some tell me he is. Is he fun to hang out with at conferences? Some tell me he is.
    But after all his behind-the-scenes shenanigans, I feel compelled to warn my friends, colleagues, and newbies who’s underneath the self-aggrandizing chef’s hat.
    Don’t let smiling logos and well-lit family photos fool you.

  49. I Smell Bullshit

    You Rick Schwartz nuthugger! has everything to do with it. If the asshole who registered the domain hadn’t tried to stab a fellow domainer in the back via the registration, then the whole fiasco wouldn’t have taken place.
    Keep squeezing Rick’s old crusty nuts.

  50. I Smell Bullshit

    You’re delusional. Moniker is still one of the best in the business. GoDaddy is complete shit in every regard, plus they are the ones who keep handing domains over to Homeland Security. Fuck GoDaddy and all the nickle and dime you to death bullshit they offer.
    At the end of the day Oversee cut Chef Patrick loose. They did the right thing. End of story…

  51. Really?

    You obviously must not be a true domainer if you do not see the issue.
    Or, you just do not make any money in the domain business and are just a hater. Which is why you hate Rick because he makes $$ of domains.

  52. Shane Cultra

    As opposed to many here I’ll use my real name. I want to point out that I don’t condone the actions of Patrick. Wrong is wrong and repercussions are needed. Self responsibility has been lost in today’s world. He is and will pay for his actions. To pile on and make it worse doesn’t do anyone any good. When you fuck up, that’s when friends help each other out. Rick took up for his friend because that’s what friends do. I admit it. I haven’t earned shit. LS Morgan is right. But you have to start somewhere and I talk out loud while I’m learning. It’s doesn’t make it the gospel or theory. There is a reason I call my posts opinionated jumblings because that’s all they are. As I rethink my post I realize Rick was only doing what I was attempting to do, and that’s stick by a friend. Ricks friend got burned and he wants to see Patrick suffer just as he did. Understandable. To me I am not choosing a side. . I am merely not throwing someone that has helped me and introduced me to great people in this industry out the window. I’d hate to be your friend if that’s what you do.

  53. Judi

    See that’s what you don’t understand Rick! I could give two shits about chef patrick or this issue of”privacy.”
    The real problem is that YOU are spending many hours of your day destroying someone who was only looking out to protect his BRAND and name against”Domain Professionals” who decided to piss him off.
    Think about what you saw when you visited and think about what you would think if that were your brand.
    I carry no insults or problems with you personally, as I don’t have a dick. But you have chosen to run with this as if it had happened to you!
    In all honesty, I can’t fucking STAND Moniker – I’ve transferred most of my names out of there and will never go back. So my”agenda” is only guided by the choice of pursuing the people who have an audience like yourself.
    Fact check everything guys, EVERYTHING you hear on these blogs has a reason! And this post, along with others trashing Chef have a reason behind them.
    Your motive is to protect that person who registered the domains and FORWARDED them… How did you come about this information anyway? Why are you REALLY so angry that Chef broke the rule of privacy?

  54. Rick Schwartz

    “As I rethink my post I realize Rick was only doing what I was attempting to do, and that’s stick by a friend. Ricks friend got burned and he wants to see Patrick suffer just as he did. Understandable.”
    Shane, thanks for the comment but you got it a bit wrong. I NEVER wanted Patrick to”Suffer”. I wanted him to be a stand up guy, tell what happened and move on. Nothing more, nothing less. I just got SICK of being part of the CHARADE!
    There is a way to be a friend without selling out your own values. If I do something wrong, I would not expect nor ask my friends to lie for me. To cover for me. That is weak. There is a way to be supportive of a friend without changing the focus and ignoring things. But last time I looked, what exactly are we forgiving? First you have to come forward and THEN you can forgive and rehabilitate.
    You can ask some folks, I did every thing but BEG for this to be handled by the parties involved. At least do me the favor of RE-READING my original post.
    Do me the favor of seeing how painful even yesterday’s post was. Sure was not going to make many friends and potentially a lot of enemies as you see.
    I respect that you have a name to your post unlike others. But you have my motives wrong. I handed out a lifeline and I am not responsible if someone hangs themselves with that rope instead of using it for the original intent.
    btw, I am sorry you don’t think domainers are very friendly. I think they are the most open and friendly people I have ever networked with.
    You’re a sharp guy, don’t let an attitude get in the way.

  55. I Smell Bullshit

    Lol, the question isn’t how much money I have or haven’t made domaining, it’s how much money have you made hugging Rick’s nuts? $$$,$$$?

  56. Rick Schwartz

    “The real problem is that YOU are spending many hours of your day destroying someone who was only looking out to protect his BRAND and name against”Domain Professionals” who decided to piss him off.”
    Protect his”BRAND”??? How about just protecting domainers in general? The BRAND is your REPUTATION. Period! But some folks don’t believe in OLD TIMER stuff like that. Well I still do and those like you that don’t…..I don’t”Roll with”!
    You are just an agenda driven WHORE to me. Whore with a dick that is! But No balls.

  57. James

    Off topic, but just been to his blog.
    I’ve never seen anyone wear a t-shirt with a picture of themself, albeit their alter-ego.

  58. Judi

    Insults insults insults! You are indeed hiding something from your readers, and it’s blatantly obvious…
    Have I insulted you once? Nope!
    You resort to that because you know how fucked up you are, and it’s the only way you have to defend whatever integrity you have as a human being.
    If you’re going to be for”clarity” then go for the goal, Rick. Go clear now, or burn like Chef did for holding out his secret.
    My agenda is to discredit you, boom! Are you happy? I HAVE AN AGENDA! But so do you… And I’m not covering up for ANYONE.
    I ask again Rick:
    1. Who registered this domain?
    2. How is he/she related to you?
    3. Where was the domain name pointed to?
    4. What conversation did the registrant have with chef before the breach occurred?

  59. Rick Schwartz

    “My agenda is to discredit you, boom! Are you happy? I HAVE AN AGENDA!”
    Get in line. They have been trying to do that for 15 years. Don’t scrape your knees!

  60. Chef Patrick

    Marcia has been posting this bullshit wherever someone will listen for the last six plus months.
    The truth is Marcia canceled her cruise after Carnival’s cut off date (along with a couple other guests). Marcia was notified by email and phone several times of the upcoming date. She even called Carnival to get an extension while she figures out if she can or cannot make it. She called Carnival after the cancellation date and they refused to refund her deposit, that is there policy, not mine!
    In addition there was $200 paid to me directly for her conference portion of the cruise which was refunded immediately.
    I would like to point out that of the guests that attended none had a bad time. DNCruise offered our industry’s first ever money back guarantee for newcomers and none requested one. Don’t take my word for it, visit and check out the numerous testimonials and coverage of last year’s event.
    I want to publicly thank Marcia for helping us improve our cancellation policy making it clear on the website. I also want to thank Marcia for posting DNCruise whenever she gets the chance (pretty often). And lastly I want to thank Marcia for giving me the chance to post on Rick’s blog, I’m sure he loves that!

  61. Sideliner

    FYI…and save anyone a bit of annoyance: resolves to a parking page.
    My 2 cents to Chef Patrick:
    Best to do a public appology ASAP on as many blogs, forums etc and save what is left of your reputation. Everyone make mistakes, maybe not as boneheaded as this one… but how YOU react and handle this from this point on may well determine how people treat you, and whether they will choose to do business with you in the future.

  62. Marcia Lynn

    I’m not the only one you ripped off cook. I just had ANOTHER person PM me today saying you took his $978 with no refund. And Carnival made it very clear that if I wasn’t part of your group, I had plenty of time for a refund. That’s what I got for doing YOU a favor of crediting my suite to your group. The money you kept from those of us who cancelled sure threw a nice party or two on that boat, eh? You’re a scammer, plain and simple.
    $200 refunded immediately? Are you nuts? I paid that in early March and got the refund in September. Your sense of time and right and wrong is quite a bit off, cook.

  63. Rarely Comment

    Two points I wish to raise, one regarding conflicts of interest within the domain registrar industry, and the second on the gossip aspect:
    1. It is a conflict of interest, although not illegal, for a registrar like Moniker/Oversee to trade on its own account, which appears to be the economic motivation for their policy of enabling their domain brokers to access through the privacy shield of their customers. That is the bigger issue and needs to be addressed by the industry. I for one would never buy a privacy service through them if that remains their policy, as it is troubling if any of their employees has the ability to do that – regardless of whether it is for company authorized or company unauthorized purposes (the latter being the case with Pat Ruddell).
    2. As for the vitriol some are directing at Rick: To think this issue could discredit Rick is rather naive given the context, and also I am perplexed why it provokes such hating by a few.
    Rick provided enough info in his posts and responses for his readers to understand the situation. Rick’s revealing the name of the person who bought the privacy service would defeat the whole purpose of such expenditure, and also would be inconsistent with the whole issue of protecting the privacy of people who don’t wish to disclose their personal info. I personally have no need to know the name of the person, although I too am curious (how about it Rick?). Maybe TMZ will carry it, lol.

  64. faris khani

    Can someone please tell me,am I right that Oversee owns and runs ?.

  65. Marcia Lynn

    Oh, and I never called Carnival, other than to see about videotaping the event. What you stated was an outright lie. The extension was via email. Quit lying and making stuff up to puff yourself in other people’s eyes.
    However, Carnival did *call me* because they said you wouldn’t answer their calls, wouldn’t return their messages, and that you hadn’t booked any space for the conference and space was running out for group events.
    But it all worked out in the end for you since you had my and other people’s money (who didn’t attend) to throw your parties.
    You still don’t think you did anything wrong, with the cruise or with breaching privacy, do you?
    What a guy!

  66. wanna develop?

    A lot of very unique and different characters involved… This definitely is a mess and may never properly get addressed/resolved. Hell… It may be even too late.
    Marcia is a real piece of work from what I remember a few years back, we had our own little”battle” but there is a right and wrong way to handle everything… You ask me, OVERSEE fucked up. Not the first time. Not the second time… There has been many times now.
    See a pattern?

  67. Hard Facts

    @ Anothony David (who?)
    You must be Chefie Patricks Girlfriend,
    who else would come from no where and scream
    “Fat boy made a mistake”
    When your on you knees tonite kissing his fat ass,
    make sure to tell him”ONLY YOU UNDRSTAND” Anthony !!!

  68. Judi

    See? You have no fucking balls Rick, you did all the work yourself by failing to answer the questions I presented.

  69. Marcia Lynn

    wanna develop, I just called a friend to ask who”wanna develop” is, I’m told you’re Mike Cohen. I don’t recall ever having any dealings with you at all. Wanna refresh my memory?

  70. Voice of reason

    I dont see how CHEF Patrick can go on!

  71. Rick Schwartz

    So this is going to become a Bash Rick Fest? Wrong move sport!
    But glad we got confirmation on this COVER UP:”I was informed by Oversee management not to respond publicly,”
    So nobody would have been the wiser had I not posted about it. Sorry I messed up their plans. Kill the messenger. But it ain’t about me no matter how hard you try and the harder you try the worse you, oversee and your CRONIES look.
    From my post above:”Chef, I had to do this for a number of reasons. I know our paths will cross in the weeks ahead and I can’t live with holding YOUR secret and feeling good about it.” That was because you kept up the charade about your parting with Moniker. Some call it lying.
    You can’t read that and see I was trying to clean up the mess you never did? I don’t do business on a weak foundation. I wanted to get it out in the open and move on. Nothing more, nothing less. But I learned a lot about you today with that post. Mr. Victim. Give me a break! Grow up! Stop hiding behind your wife and kids. Grow some balls and act like a man!
    Now I went from believing and posting above”I have nothing against the Chef. I know he is a young guy trying to get ahead.” to”He may be NFG” in 24 hours. Way to go!

  72. Mrs Palewitz

    Chef Patrick robbed my husband …
    He is a Con Man, pretends to be your best friend
    and then steals from you.
    he stole our domains, if you dont want to be a victim
    stay away from this creep.

  73. Howard Neu

    Thank you for your honest assessment of the situation. Your friends will start attacking Rick, (as evidenced above), because it is always easy to “kill the messenger”. However, I need to set a couple of things straight.
    First, I did not single you out as being the one person from Oversee that came to the Loews Hotel in Miami Beach to meet with attendees of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. without registering. In fact, my open letter to Jeff Kupietsky was clear, that I held HIM responsible for the 12 people that he sent to do business at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. without registering for the Conference. You were just one of the 12.
    Second, Rick made it clear 3 MONTHS ago that he would not name names because OVERSEE said that they would do the right thing. OVERSEE then told Rick that you were fired from MONIKER and not just for this one occasion, but for various things that had been done over the course of your employment, but he didn’t publish that either.
    Third, your DNCruise cannot begin to compare with T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and had absolutely no relation to his announcement. He made it quite clear that the reason for his announcement at this time is that you indicated that you parted on good terms with MONIKER and that everybody at OVERSEE thinks that you are terrific. Seeing as I don’t know you personally, it is very possible that you ARE terrific, but once again lies have been told to the public at large which Rick believed had to be exposed.
    If you and the person whose Privacy you violated are on good terms, that’s great, but once again it is the COVERUP that is objectionable. The reason that Barbara and I went to DomainFest (and paid for our Registration, hotel and airfare) was to “bury the hatchet” and patch up the differences between T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and OVERSEE. We sincerely hope that this will continue to be the case and that your friends and supporters will understand that the Domain Community is a small one and that with all of the outside forces trying to destroy us, we should not try to destroy each other.
    I wish you all the success in the world for you and your family in the future.

  74. Mrs Palewitz said...

    Howard is to kind to this PIG Chef Patrick Rundel,
    i wish i could spit in his crooked face , myself!

  75. Like Totally OMG and Junk

    The entire explanation Chef Patrick just posted sounds a bit immature. So far, I see his wife, Rick Schwartz, Oversee, his uncontrollable emotions being his indirect blame. Are we in high school?
    It’s understandable to become emotional in this sort of situation. What is not understandable is that Chef Patrick allowed his emotions to override his professionalism, something that should not be rewarded or excused.
    We all have families. We all have careers. These things are not excuses for abusing power…..

  76. Coder

    This whole fiasco could have been easily avoided if Oversee addressed it in their platform coding, access permissions. They are a big organization so it’s understandable they overlooked it. Hopefully they have learned a lesson.

  77. JRE

    LOL, THE BIG MAN IS PUSSY WHIPPED He fit in good with them…

  78. Like Totally OMG and Junk

    “…I did some research to this fact and can tell you that the individual that registered my name didn’t even own their own name or the names of other people closely associated with them….”
    I wonder if this ‘research’ included bypassing private data again.
    “At the end of the day the Moniker privacy violation was a one time occurrence that was not used for any monetary or personal gain.”
    Uh, yes it was ‘personal gain’.
    “How we act afterwards is what’s important.”
    Yes, silence for 3 months while claiming everything is hunky dorey.

  79. James

    Seems like he agrees – the title of his blog thread reads;
    At no point in his post does he come across as contrite for his own actions. is still available.

  80. Rick Schwartz

    Funny how 3 weeks after I was told the Chef had parted from MONIKER, I get an email from him with an offer to buy domain names with his Moniker email address!!! I was told it was sent by mistake!! Just another LIE?? I don’t know cuz I am not smart enough to sort the lies out from everything else.
    Oversee, Craig Snyder, Chef Patrick and anyone else pulling the strings behind the curtain better stop blaming me and go look in a mirror. YOU GUYS are responsible. NOT ME!
    I am the bad guy for not going along with your cover up?? FUCK THAT! DISGUSTING!

  81. Landon White

    Chef Patrick is just a another lazy cheap CON …
    Better change your name,”Your dopey CHEF name”
    is all done. put a fork in it!

  82. Patricia Kaehler

    I don’t know what to say to all this…
    I know how it makes me feel…
    Sick to my stomach…
    I don’t have a comment to make other than:
    I sure didn’t expect this — I had someone
    else in mind…
    ~Patricia Kaehler – DomainBELL
    Dayton, Ohio USA


    No disrespect to any of you guys, but this entire situation is pathetic. If energy was put in solving social problems, this world would be a better place.
    It is similar to people who place a person writing a bad check to buy a meal into the same category as murderers, rapists, and molesters. Should the C be put into the same category Madoff, Enron, or Wall Street? There is too much emotion for nothing.
    People speak because they assume people will be impressed. The entire situation is confusing because he said, this happened, and that could have been prevented. The domain industry wants attention because it has little backbone to stand on. The truth is domaining is nothing without an end-user. I assure you that another cheap domainer will not make pathetic offers for domains.
    Most of you sound like a bunch of car sales people talking about their uninteresting lives. LS Morgan goes around preaching the gospel of domains. You remain anonymous. You think you’re writing creative posts, but you have no credibility yourself. You say you have a life beyond domains, but you seem to be commenting at all hours of the day. Hypocrite. is available for registration.
    People are treating this guy as if he gave up top secret files. There’s no emotion in real news because people are too focused on policing minor infractions. It’s acceptable for credit card companies and businesses you deal with each day to sell your private information. Surely enough, you receive calls from solicitors.
    The type of comments allowed on this blog is more severe than the infraction. It’s a Salem witch hunt to cast out a person who makes one mistake. Who cares if the chef lacks integrity. Is domaining supposed to be an honest business? Any person who makes a sale is deceiving the end-user of the real value.
    On this blog, there are minor people trying to tell an entire company how to operate. You should use your voice to improve public policy. Honestly, this situation sounds like an episode of Pretty Little Liars. It’s all about who knows, says, and does what.
    The same posters show they lack respect. You’re all making vulgar comments toward a person for a minor situation – judging this person’s character on one incident.
    Did he hijack all your domains and sell them? Did he give out information that caused another to be physically harmed? (cyberstalking cases). It’s like a congregation or a church telling people how to think and act.
    The article and the comments demonstrate that domaining, domain investing, and the domain industry is a joke. Nonetheless, this is a quality blog with usual information. However, the domainers who comment here are the same that attempt to belittle others on most blogs. The most successful domain investors don’t need to comment on blogs or return e-mails to remain successful.

  84. Marcia Lynn

    Although I loathe spending another dime that’ll see no monetary return regarding self-aggrandizing cook patrick, I just regged and will, as my 1st amendment rights allow, blog about my experience dealing with him, as well as allow the input of the various industry people who’ve contacted me telling me he’s ripped them off, too.
    I’ll also include links to sites and blogs that detail his unethical activities since he entered this industry in 2008.
    So consider this a heads up patsy boy – and no, there’s no whois privacy involved.

  85. Wilt

    Yo Marcia,
    I feel ya sister!
    If you don’t know, now you know that

  86. Judi

    Damn, you are a self-boasting old timer. Isn’t it about time for you to go play the horses and retire? Who uses typepad anyway??
    You’re getting bashed and attacked because you fail to come clean about this whole thing.
    I ask again Rick:
    1. Who registered this domain?
    2. How is he/she related to you?
    3. Where was the domain name pointed to?
    4. What conversation did the registrant have with chef before the breach occurred?

  87. Landon White

    @ Marcia Lynn
    I just regged CROOKPATRICK.Com
    and will, as my 1st amendment rights allow, blog about my experience dealing with him, as well as allow the input of the ….
    “various industry people who’ve contacted me telling me how …
    Clever! Let everyone know WHEN it is up,
    so they can be further WARNED, about CrookPatrick!

  88. David

    I genuinely don’t know LS Morgan, but this message feels like an extremely accurate commentary that aligns remarkably well with my view of where the industry sadly is and, more importantly, where we collectively need to move it to.
    David, UK

  89. Landon White

    @ Judi (in disguise)
    A Corporate Whore is the worst kind, because they are,
    EVERY BODY’S WHORE (any dollar will do)
    “Who’s Corporate Cubicle Do you WHORE FOR”

  90. Landon White

    i just read your article posted above, praising Rick about showing respect .. Nice
    Now show some respect and take CrookPatricks name of your ..Blogroll.. lol

  91. Bill Peters

    Great work Rick!!! Insider trading is illegal and shows that a 2 bit operator such as patrick should be sent to JAIL!!!

  92. Bend Over

    Pointing the domain to gay porn was not a violation but a statement!!!

  93. Tim

    Brand? After this, I guess domainers will be branded as people who register *** domains. Why dont you talk about that? It is fine to register, but registering says something about the personality of the registrant.

  94. Danny Pryor

    As a developer and domainer-hybrid model, my opinion of this entire affair may mean little, but I’m going to express it. This has been a tragic episode of”The Tudors”, but the fact is it could have ended in December.
    The people who have taken the lead in this industry, including Rick and Howard, have embraced many people who have made serious errors and had devastating lapses in judgment in their past. I know from personal experience.
    The agenda being promoted is good, honest business. That’s all it’s ever been. Sorting through the muck of posts, many which are not worth reading, it is obvious so many posting here are trying to align themselves in one direction or another.
    The reality is – and this is almost too obvious – the alliances being proclaimed or obfuscated herein have already been well known. No pronouncement shall alter the long-standing persistence of deeds.
    As to those claiming to have cured misdeeds, making amends requires amending the behavior, and for those unwilling to accept their mistakes, changing that behavior will be impossible. Again, I know from personal experience.
    I align myself with Rick, Howard, and all of their associates who, through class, humanity, and sometimes a bit of tough business and friendship, have demonstrated stalwart dedication to their personal and professional endeavors, and that has only served to benefit those who can be entrusted with that cause, which is this emerging industry.
    Many will come along who do not understand it fully, but who will try to benefit from it. There will be those who understand it completely, and they will help to build this industry. There will be the Argonauts who grasp at everything and grip nothing, and there are going to be shakeouts and slow deaths.
    Whatever shall become of this nasty business, those who are determined to continue to do good business will remain, and those who are trying to gain confidence shall have but a glimpse of the success they mock.
    Good day, and thank you for reading.

  95. Roger Knight

    I find it hard to belive this was the first and only time he bypassed the whois privacy policy.

  96. Steve Jones

    I really wish this industry would drop the petty issues and focus on coming together and legitimizing itself. Yes we’re a relatively young industry with respect to real estate and other investment industries but we’re the backbone of the internet and yet still aren’t seen by most in mainstream as anything less sleazy than MLM/timeshare/other crap filling up late night infomercials.
    Yes, Patrick may have pulled some strings he shouldn’t have, but I doubt there are many other people who in his position wouldn’t have done the same, and honestly aren’t there more important things going on? Is this issue REALLY this big compared to others we’re faced with, like Google again trying to crap on our industry as of a week ago?

  97. Marcia Lynn

    I am amazed at the comments on cook’s blog where followers don’t think there was any damage done. Since he didn’t allow my most recent comment, I’ll post it here:
    @Jack, Patrick damaged the reputation of a well-respected and long-established registrar (Moniker) by violating whois privacy protocol. Many of us pay extra for that protection, yet he decided the rules and laws didn’t apply to him and he looked beneath the layer of protection for personal reasons, then contacted the employer of the registrant for personal gain.
    Are you saying you cannot see how this impacts more than just two people? Seriously?

  98. now sailing the brown sea

    How did a McChef become such a waste of time, I have no tolerance for people who use insider positions for their own personal peeves.
    If this was dollars Chef would be in jail right now, Domain Shane and others are downplaying it, why? This person had no right to lookup personal information, that had no bearing on his day to day duties at his place of employment, for his own personal issues.
    I have no idea why Rick is being blamed, he didn’t compromise personal information, Who cares about the chef, who cares about his stupid cruise, Chef Patrick please just go away……

  99. john

    Patrick is a fool and a crook and his wife needs to stop posting
    He is pissed because Rick chose now to expose him after giving months to come clean on his own

  100. David Williams

    Hard to know who’s to blame without more info (and that’s certainly not required, best left as is and moving on). Obviously the wrong thing was done but I feel as though Oversee are probably more to blame than Patrick and think this is blown up to be a bigger thing than it really should be.

  101. George

    JudiYou said:
    “Think about what you saw when you visited and think about what you would think if that were your brand”.
    Now look:
    Registrar: MONIKER
    Registrant [2211]:
    R Schwartz
    Virtual Dates Inc.
    Box 4357
    Boynton Beach

  102. LS Morgan

    LS Morgan goes around preaching the gospel of domains. You remain anonymous. You think you’re writing creative posts, but you have no credibility yourself. You say you have a life beyond domains, but you seem to be commenting at all hours of the day. Hypocrite. is available for registration.
    @ Anonymous Poster
    Uh, what?
    “Preaching the gospel of domains”? If anything, my own sentiments run 180 degrees in the other direction of 90% of domainers- and I’ve been pretty clear about that. Good domains are nice, but not the end-all in eCommerce that most domainers make them out to be.
    As far as being on the computer 24/7, yeah, that’s kinda true- it is what I do- but domains/domain interests occupy maybe 2% of that time. The rest is spent project managing coders in far away places and what little time I have during normal hours… And on the matter of being anon my identity is pretty clear, known to plenty of people yet you’re the one posting anon. I think that’s what you call a ‘hypocrite’ and what I’d call a”retard”.

  103. Shaun Berrington

    Very well said! I don’t think anyone that actually reads your blog and knows of you would agree with this anonymous coward. It is the guys like you that actually develop and do constructive things with their domains that are a credit to the industry and help it move forward (unlike Rick I will add).

  104. LS Morgan

    Oh, and as far as the Check Patrick thing goes…
    I actually agree with the anon retard referenced above that on its surface, this whole thing doesn’t appear to be quite the big deal that some are making it out to be, but I still do think that the domain industry Circa-Recent is a bit too quick to put stock and faith in people who haven’t demonstrated themselves worthy of jack shit. Blogging seems to be about all it takes, which is both pathetic and sad.
    As far as ChefPatrick goes, I’ve gone pretty far myself in satisfying personal grudges that, in hindsight, might have been a bit too far. It sounds like that may be the case here- he got pissed off and reacted without thinking it through. OK, the guy fucked up. We all do, from time to time. I don’t think its quite the gigantic deal that it’s being made out to be here, but I’m not party to any of it, so maybe it is to the people involved.

  105. Alan

    Let me remind all of you that whois privacy only protects registrant data to a public whois. All”real” registrant info for any domain is available to any employee at any registrar via an internal query using internal systems. Ask anyone that works for a domain registrar. Whois privacy only protect your information via a public whois!

  106. Yes ....but

    That does not mean employees of a registrar can run around doing whatever they want with that info….THAT IS THE ISSUE. Not the domain but how easy it is for privacy to be breached.
    How do we know this doesn’t go further? And that privacy is breached regularly to see who owns what? You can read from Chef Patrick’s post that it was pretty easy to get in and see and email out info without a second thought….
    Moniker/Oversee even sent a release out stating that rules were broken.

  107. LS Morgan

    What sort of compact do we have with domain companies when it comes to privacy?
    It’s ridiculous to think that employees cannot access the information- that domain records with a $2 privacy option are some sort of top-secret affair limited only to a handful of people.
    I agree he screwed up, but I also think that some people are taking a completely delusional view of domain privacy.
    … and just to throw this out there- the part of the story where the domain was supposedly registered to ‘protect’ him doesn’t even come close to passing the smell test.

  108. Rick Schwartz

    We all make mistakes.
    We all don’t try and cover it up.
    We all don’t go on like it never happened.
    We all don’t wait 3 MONTHS to set the record straight AFTER being forced to do it by a third party.
    We don’t hide behind the wife and kids
    We come out and admit it and move on.
    Lastly, we don’t continue the lies and spin. I know what I was told. I know the victim is still upset at Oversee in their handling of this regardless that you feel better and posted to the contrary. I know that it was a parked page and not a gay porn site. The victim may not be angry with you any longer, but he/she can’t say the same for Oversee.
    So don’t blame me again for exposing your dirty little secret when you had ample time to manup. THAT is what you do when you make a mistake. Not you or one person at Oversee was capable of just doing the right thing.
    The Chef blames me for bringing it to light. He owes me an apology and a thank you! I gave him a lifeline and instead he leads off attacking me and my motives. Now he has to deal with the that too.
    I have been very measured in my responses, but don’t push your luck. I am not the issue. YOU ARE! Your ACTIONS are. Oversee’s response or lack of one is. Your response and lack of one is.
    Anyone just has to look at the original post to see it was me in the middle and how difficult this was. I don’t want a new enemy. I just want to clean up a mess that STINKS and you have made worse!
    As far as Oversee they created this stinky mess by abdicating their responsibility, misleading me a few times and trying to shut me up and cover this all up. PERIOD!
    And let me tell you about the victim. He was not an enemy of Patrick, he was a friend!

  109. Voice of Reason

    Why does it matter who registered the name? That is not the point! It is a severe breach of ethics. Also, in Chef Patrick’s post he brought his family into it. Why bring in the family? Nobody would even know the domain existed if this breach did not occur (his kids certainly would not have). Now all you have to do is search Chef Patrick and his kids can see what a poor role model he is! Domains that go straight to a parking page don’t show up in search results. Shame on Chef Patrick for bringing his family into this with his response. His family would have had no clue about the name had he not done this. Chef Patrick brought all of this on himself. As an”outsider” the Domain King comes off brash in his blog, but bashing him for pointing out an ethics breach?

  110. Voice of Reason

    A proper post by Chef Patrick would have been 2 or 3 words”I’m Sorry!” or”I am sorry”, but his ego did not allow that. A real apology was all that was needed. You can learn a lot from Hollywood and sports figures after they make mistakes. The short sincere apology always works. Bringing in the family excuse never does #FAIL. Say,”I am sorry” and move on.

  111. steve

    Rick? If this was your son or daughter would you demand they stand up and take responsibility for this and come clean? Or would you let it slide and pay off the victim to make amends?
    Be honest.

  112. Rick Schwartz

    Honestly?? Well I had a post yesterday that I never posted because folks would think it was corny or BS or whatever. But if Patrick were my Kid Brother, I would have made him come forward IMMEDIATELY and clean it up so it would not come back to bite him in the ass in the future. THAT is what I would have done! That was what I did all along. The act is small compared to the other stuff. He may have a family, but he did not act like a man!
    Same with Oversee, I urged them in the strongest MEGAPHONE I know to make it come from them and not me because it WOULD come out and I was 10000000000000% clear about that and in my posts.
    I had many motives except the one accused of. I love this business and plan to make a living in it for the rest of my life and I take integrity very seriously and for those that don’t, I don’t have the time of day for. That’s pretty simple.
    Shit in the stew.

  113. steve

    I will add no one here did the right thing.
    From ther person registering the domain, the chef, to moniker/oversee, to rick.
    Vengenace is mine, I will repay, it is in the bible.
    When humans take things into their own hands bad things happen.
    I know I can’t get through to anyone, you all have thick heads. So the bickering will probably go on.
    I must admit this has been a fascinating story, but I will focus on myself and fixing my own problems.

  114. Mark Halpern

    Patrick, you are a disgrace to the domaining community. You broke laws and blame others. Good luck getting another job in the domain industry.
    Breaking Privacy Laws – $10,000 Fine
    Getting fired and pretending you left – $15,000 Fine
    Blaming Rick Schwartz for exposing you as a crook – @20,000 Fine
    Embarasing your wife and kids – $30,000 Fine
    Not refunding deposits for people that couln’t make dncruise – $40,000
    Bad mouthing Oversee when you took the job – $45,000
    Loss of reputation – Priceless
    Your a crooked man Patrick Ruddell. Good luck getting people to ride the Titanic(Dncruise) with you.

  115. Bruce Tedeschi

    Greed never wins… I hope the domainer that did this realizes, his rep is sunk and he will never be trusted again. We have to call it for what it is, by doing that he digitally did a home invasion. I hope karma punishes him. I have my ideas who it is and I knew sooner or later greed would sink him. By the way, this is same company that had the shill bidder.

  116. Donna Mahony

    @steve Rick and I have had our differences over the years but I have no doubt at all that he would make his own kid stand up like a man and do the right thing. No doubt. ZERO DOUBT!

  117. Karen Livingstone

    A stupid thing was done, no question there. However I’m still not sure why this has been made into a public affair. Really should have been a private thing that was dealt with between the people concerned. Rick seems to just want some more attention since people are growing tired of his constant pigeon shit.

  118. George Hetford

    I think both Rick and Patrick have showed their immaturity in all of this. It is a sad chapter for domaining and I hope it can be dealt with as fast as possible so we can all move on. Two of the biggest (if not biggest) egos in the industry clashing makes for an ugly show.

  119. George Kaplan

    >Grow some balls and act like a man!
    You mean like your”friend” who registered the *sucks domain and hid behind whois privacy?
    Hypocrisy is strong in this one.

  120. George Kaplan

    Every single one of your comments is factually incorrect and close to libel and slander. Thankfully neither you nor this whole deal is woth putting any more effort into, let alone suing over. But it seems you found a new activity – good for you.

  121. George Kaplan

    Your”victim” was cowardly hiding behind whois privacy in the first place!

  122. UFO

    Makes me laugh, I don’t know what all the b*tching is about, but it sounds like a room full of queens. Guess I’m not close enough to it all. But what happened to that SOAB that shill bid our auctions at that drop catcher? Those DMF if they’d been F^^&Iking honest would have just refunded our money no questions asked, but oh no they had their FMF lawyers involved and wanted us all to sign waivers.. seriously what sort of FCS is that? They have lost my lifetime fees on their dodgy service because of that. Nice way to build a business numbskulls.

  123. Come on...

    Come on Rick, if you worked at a registrar that the domain was registered at and it was hidden by privacy and being redirected to gay porn you wouldn’t take a look and see who was the asshole is that is doing that with your name? Come now. I think you would do the same thing. In fact, I believe a whole lot of people who are criticizing now would do the same. And I also think that the whole reason you’ve raised this giant stink is to redirect blame away from the person who did it for some reason. Perhaps because it was either you or a friend of yours. It just seems far fetched that you would make this big a fuss if it didn’t affect you personally in some way. You have my respect as a domainer, but something doesn’t smell right here.

  124. Joe

    @ Me
    LS Morgan goes around preaching the gospel of domains. You remain anonymous. You think you’re writing creative posts, but you have no credibility yourself. You say you have a life beyond domains, but you seem to be commenting at all hours of the day. Hypocrite. is available for registration.
    I agree,
    nobody likes this jerk who goes on rants, anyone you can see
    he don’t know what he is talking about!
    Chef Patrick is the same cookiing up bullshit,
    dupes who think there smart but are really DUMB, DUMB!

  125. Mike

    My fav quote here is”don’t scrape your knees.”
    For yes, as long as I have known you, you’ve been getting attacked!
    And always kept right on ticking…cheers.

  126. Danny Pryor

    Rick develops many of his domains, and I know this because I help him develop many of those domains, dude. As for who is a credit to the domain industry, I think the first people to organize the industry can certainly qualify, and nobody on this planet, in their right mind, would ever second-guess Rick’s considerable contribution.

  127. Landon White

    Can you believe it?
    Three Months (3) passed on a secret that was blogged
    about constantly on ALL major blogs.
    NO BODY else had the nuts to speak up EXCEPT Rick Schwartz.
    What if NOBODY had spoke up (and it remanded a secret to all)
    + ( Chef ) Patrick Ruddell LIED (Google it) about his reason
    for departure with recently +

  128. Louise

    Maybe you could join forces with @ Patrick, now that he is out of a job, and you helped bring about his demise! You two should join forces to help legitimize the domain industry! Honestly, both of you are in a league which separates the men from the boys, and you could do alot to help.
    If Chef Patrick kept deposit $$ he was obliged to refund for the cruise, I can’t speak to that, but he should refund it now. Better late than never.

  129. Anthony David

    I think it was wrong for sure. People are paying for privacy and they should be able to expect that. Moniker is even more responsible for not having more controls in place. Its just surprising how some of the commenters here can barely resemble human beings when something like this comes to light.

  130. Rick Schwartz

    This is what some low life’s post that are actually moderators at Namepros. Unreal! The THUGS of the industry are now in charge!
    “I’ve always said that Rick is a disgusting, pathetic piece of shit”……
    “This is becoming rather belligerent in here. I’m cleaning up the thread. Infractions will be given if ppl keep this up. You’ve been warned. It sounds like trolling and nothing more.”
    Start with cleaning your own SHIT! Make sure you give yourself an infraction! Moderator?? You are a fool and just shows there is little CLASS and VALUES you have. An embarrassment at best! Will you be cleaning up your own Belligerent words or just delete posts that may be supportive of me? Either way. Go fuckyourself because you have no business in this business being a MODERATOR! That’s a joke!!
    Look what type FOOL they put in the position of power!
    The only good thing about this is so many show their true colors and you know which people to avoid and not to do business with. No values!

  131. Rick Schwartz

    He could have taken the $$$ he spent on advertising on yesterday and given it to Marcia. That would have gone a long way to help get on the RIGHT path. I have known Marcia for over 10 years. She will dog him until it is fixed. I am the least of his problems going forward. Believe me!
    Either way, I won’t even THINK about doing business with the Chef or anyone he associates himself with until I get a public apology. PERIOD! I did NOTHING wrong other than exposing a coverup and a shit load of lies and spin. He took it upon himself to mischaracterize my motives when I have been CLEAR about them for 3 MONTHS!
    So if he does not clean this up, it is on him and a lot of people ask me every day about this domainer or that. Don’t expect any kind words out of my mouth until I get the public apology and it better be sincere.
    Anyone giving the Chef a pass without doing that…….shame on them too! Think of what you want of me, but I did not deserve this for bringing it out in the open!

  132. James

    Namepros – years ago I used to think the ‘pros’ part stood for ‘professionals’. I was wrong.

  133. Angus

    Whatever the reasons, the who or even the why. The issue has to be that an employee in a position of trust, breached that trust and the company tried to cover it up.
    The domain industry is rife with reasons not to trust those who are meant to protect ones assets , Moniker has always been the pioneer of protecting the domain owner, but this is a let down, and with the snapnames shill bidding scandal, Oversee really need to clean up its house.
    Rick, always enjoy your banter and rhetoric, and thanks for outing the individual, it truly is a shame that he did not come forward himself.

  134. em

    @ faris khani
    Can someone please tell me,am I right that Oversee owns and runs ?.
    No! … Hank Alverez runs …………. from his HOME!
    (Answer=is yes) :-0

  135. Jason

    I never post on these blogs because I wouldn’t call myself a player of any significance, but I do offer this up and I think it is applicable in CP debacle.
    J.C. Watts once said.
    “Character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that’s right is to get by, and the only thing that’s wrong is to get caught.”
    Enough said.

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