It is Far From Over! APRIL UPDATE

Morning Folks!

I certainly did not expect the attack I got the other day. I figured things would be out in the open. The Chef would apologize and we would move on. Like I said, I knew our paths were crossing in the coming days and I wanted this out in the open so I can look the guy in the eyes. Even tho what he did was very bad, I was prepared to let it go and move on. Oversee has still really not addressed any of this other than the lies I was fed to shut me up.

Instead of a long overdue mea culpa on things to everyone, I got an attack on my motives and everything else. Let me be clear.

I won't even THINK about doing business with the Chef or anyone he associates himself with until I get a public apology. PERIOD! I did NOTHING wrong other than exposing a coverup (that EVERY Professional domainer had a RIGHT to know) and a shit load of lies and spin. He took it upon himself to mischaracterize my motives when I have been CLEAR about them for 3 MONTHS! It's my fault that he FAILED to man up when he had several opportunities to do so of HIS timing. My fault that every step of the way he displayed his flawed decision making process. He chose the wrong path each and every time there was a fork in the road.

So if he does not clean this up, it is on him and a lot of people ask me every day about this domainer or that. Don't expect any kind words out of my mouth until I get the public apology and it better be sincere.

Anyone giving the Chef a pass without doing that.......shame on them too! Think of what you want of me, but I did not deserve this for bringing it out in the open. Is this the message to send to people when they see something bad going down? My opinion of the guy went from a young guy just making a bad mistake to a guy that in MY BOOK, and in MY OPINION based on what I see and my values. is NFG and it reflects poorly on those that just want to sweep it away.

Let's review:

1. He made a BAD decision to violate a customers privacy.

2. He made the FATAL decision to email the registrant's employer and compound the problem

3. He made the decision not to come forward when he was still working there.

4. He made the decision not to come forward when he left their employment

5. He made a bad decision to sweep it under the rug and go on like nothing happened spinning and lying.

6. He made a good decision to finally make a mea culpa.

7. He made a bad decision for not making it short and sweet.

8. He made a bad decision to blame without taking responsibility

9. He made a bad decision by taking the wrong advice from folks that made it much worse.

10. His anger at every stage overrode everything. Including Shooting the messenger.

As for Oversee, I have lost ALL respect for this company and the way they CHOOSE to conduct business. I don't trust them to protect their customers any longer nor my assets. I am in the process of moving ALL of my domain names away from Moniker after some 11+ YEARS of doing business and since those PRICKS at Oversee hung me out to dry along with the Chef. So, this is my way of letting them know what I think and how your customers are just a necessary evil. Not much more. You screwed your own customers to protect WHAT???? When the TRUST is gone....AND IT IS NOW.......there ain't nothing left. Nothing. Just the sewer.

You make a deal with the devil and you I hope someday Moniker can break away and get back to the company they were before Oversee DESTROYED THEM!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The entire saga and supporting facts can be found at the following links. It is so obvious how hard it was to bring this out in the open. Nobody could get up to the plate and just set the facts straight. But plenty of time to spin and ignore HOPING it would go away when I PROMISED it would not. In that 45 minute call with Craig Snyder (In which I actually believed what he said) I could not have been any clearer and that was in mid December: It can be verified that I urged them in the strongest terms I know how that it needed to come from them and not me. He told me in the strongest terms they would do the right thing. That makes you a LIAR there Craig Snyder. Because you have FAILED to do the right thing. Your Marine Speech was CRAP!

It STILL has not come from them. So CRAIG, why don't YOU get me off the hook. YOU called ME. I spent time on YOUR behalf. NOW YOU should make this SHIT go away. YOUR SHIT. OVERSEE'S SHIT. THE CHEFS SHIT! GROW some BALLS. ALL OF YOU!

PS: Chef, don't worry about that apology. The mere fact that you did not do it that day or the next day shows what type person you are and the heart you have.

122 thoughts on “It is Far From Over! APRIL UPDATE

  1. GuestPost

    These words from Patrick Blog
    “.I’m HUMAN!! I bleed like everyone else and have emotions like everyone else and know few people who, if in my position, would not have reacted the same way or even worse. I didn’t just randomly decide to break privacy, I thought I was being attacked personally and reacted, but not with intended malice.”
    My Response –
    Chef Buddy, you were working for one of the BIG REGISTRAR in the world, you could be easily making good money. But No, I would advice CHEF to grow up.
    If someone register my name, and would it really upset me???? NO WAY! Why Not? – Because I am grown man, I need to understand that If I am successful today, there are going to some haters who will register, so let them do whatever they want, I dont need to prove anything to anyone, because everyone knows I am right.
    That should be PATRICK thought, Not act like a Kid, and goes to email the people involved and use a excuse, it upset my wife. There are millions of things upset your wife, or even you, what are you going to do? Reacting a certain way to fix, LEARN HOW TO GROW UP, AND LEARN HOW TO IGNORE Something you dont like, and MOVE ON!
    CHEF- Your act Not only degrades your repuation, but it also degraded MONIKER. YOUR PERSONAL benefit to gain information for your personal use, PUT MONIKER IN this position today. DO YOU EVEN KNOW how much embarrasment it had caused moniker and loss of business? Did you think of all of these terms.?
    CHEF- You said, Parted on good terms with MONIKER? HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT to lie to readers??? Your response should have been, you committed mistake, and you have been FIRED!!!!
    Chef- I have nothing against you, But you lot of mistakes.
    1. Violating Privacy Policy.
    2. Posting LIE you parted on good terms with moniker.
    3. Using family as excuse etc.
    4. YOU should have just apologize and said, I am sorry and wont repeat.
    I know man made mistakes, but you should stop making mistakes and Just end this episode, by apologizing to everyone and Move On.
    My friend, I give you one advice, you need not to get upset, you made mistake, you got fired, and just apologize to moniker and everyone you think was involved on your blog and move on or take a break.
    Chef- I wish you good luck, and I hope you yourself set the records straight.
    Many wishes you to get well soon Bud, and God Bless Chef.
    To Rick – Stop Demanding Apologies for yourself. If you consider someone your friend, you dont ask for apologize, you just FORGIVE THEM. It seems like you are also now acting like a immature as well. But please act like a mature individual person of who you are, and Just forgive and be like, Get well soon Chef.
    TO CHEF- STOP POSTING AGAINST RICK, He did not do anything wrong!
    God bless all.

  2. Rick Schwartz

    GuestPost….whoever you are. Ok fair. But my motive WAS to forgive. I totally forgive the Chef for his lack of thought and what he did. I have no problem with that. I don’t forgive what he wrote and how he has reacted. You can’t forgive what isn’t fixed to begin with.
    Guess what, I have a wife and family too. I guess they just don’t measure up and are not worthy of the same consideration? We all have that and maybe this is an opportunity for the shit throwers to grow up. Maybe people with families can start to figure it out.
    I don’t forgive oversee because they have yet to really address any of this in a meaningful way. Maybe they will now. Again, only because they are being forced to.
    Thanks for a great comment

  3. GuestPost

    Totally understandble. Today, you have fully convinced me that you have really helped alot shape this industry. Good Luck Bud.
    On the sidenote, I really feel bad for Moniker. That due to their employee mistake, they have ended up in this way. Its not realy their fault, but again, its their fault to not adressing this issue, because employee was a part of the company. I hope they can also come clean sooner than later.

  4. andy kelly

    I can see both sides on this one.
    Chef was wrong, very wrong but what he did seems to have been motivated only by anger that someone chose to register a dn that states he”sucks”
    How many of us would have done the same in his position? I mean redirecting it to a gay porn site is so dumb ass and should only be reserved for the likes of Kevin Medina ~ but hell Medina would probably love that
    I don’t know Chef,never even exchanged an email with him but he’s lost his job as a result, surely thats punishment enough.
    I’m not underplaying your rights to kick up a fuss as I totally see your point.
    Maybe I’ve missed something here but (as a keen ex amateur boxer) once I knocked my opponent down and he was out”counted out” I never felt the need to hit him one more time.

  5. Tia Wood

    “Guess what, I have a wife and family too.”
    My thoughts from the beginning. Everyone has a family. I wrote an article about it but ended up taking it down because I felt it was a redundant and irrelevant post. Even though my post was semi-positive, asking people not to publicly ‘slaughter’ Chef Patrick (but still disagreeing with what he did) and bringing up questions about Moniker itself instead of Patrick, that did not stop his wife Zezura (not sure of the spelling) from sending me a nasty-gram via Facebook which shocked me and made him look pretty bad.
    There is just mud slinging everywhere and this is nonsense.

  6. Peter

    Hi Rick keep your head up buddy you have a huge amount of supporters what Patrick has now done to you is below the belt, Patrick has also made himself look really stupid to do this in public when he knows he crossed the line and broke the rule’s as a Moniker employee. He has not only made him self look stupid but also made Moniker look stupid. He says he has feeling i’m sure he hurt your feelings and your family’s feelings with his latest attack. Do not worry Rick theirs a lot of people behind you. Patrick is not a real domainer just a blogger who has made some really stupid decisions like attacking one of the most loyal people in the industry and also he has made some funny stupid decisions like buying with a group of investors for $175,000 i must say i feel very sorry for the investors because if you guys have been burned and only time will tell the domain is a joke at that price. With his latest attack on you Patric is now finished in the domain world !!!!!!

  7. Shane Cultra

    I’ll start my comment by saying I am a friend of Patrick and defended him but not his actions. I will say I completely agree with you Rick. An public apology is necessary. But you better than anyone will understand. His image and business was built on this bigger than life personality. Not skills or past deeds but as the likable, well spoken, man of the people. Checking or knocking that ego is a very difficult thing to do and it hurts. Hurts real bad. Taking away or reducing who and what you are is a painful process. A process that is beginning. I think he’ll be Ok because regardless of his mistakes, deep down he is a good guy. A guy that fucked up but a good guy. He just needs to start the image rebuilding with apologies to the appropriate people.

  8. andy

    Yes a public apology is req’d. By whoever reged the sucks name and by Chef and Moniker for their part in this.

  9. Tia Wood

    “He just needs to start the image rebuilding” @Shane: then he’s off to a bad start and someone needs to tell his wife to stfu.

  10. melodramatic

    You know some folks just don’t get it. Not saying that this is a bad guy, but what he did was make a bad decision, not a mistake. Some of you folks sit around and belittle what he did, and say it’s nothing, but it is something. Like I said yesterday on his blog, folks pay for privacy protection for a reason, privacy. Now who’s to say that if he gotten away with this that he would’nt start looking for names of friends and family with on the end of it, look up the privacy info, and let them know. Now you have a situation that’s out of control. Now I can understand that he may have been upset, and maybe I do look up the private info to see who registered it, but I don’t send a direct email to them. I don’t say anything directly to them, but I would put it out there that I am displeased with the regisering of that name and what it points to, to folks that are in our circle without calling his/her name and letting them know that I know it’s them, and if the person who registered it, supposedly in good faith to protect him(whatever), would take it down, or even forward the name to me. But the real problem here is Moniker or Oversee, (whichever one they go by), because they should have come forward and said what happened and what was being done about it. As I said again on his blog, THIS IS A BUISNESS, your customers are your business. This is not a play play game. Their reputation is taking a hit, their business is taking a hit because folks feel like their privacy, in which they paid for, is NOT being protected. If you ran that company and you come on here to read about folks moving their property to competition, would you not care. If not you won’t be in business much longer. Some folks say it’s not a big deal, well maybe not in your mind, but in other folks mind, it is, and it needs to be in that company’s mind also. Put a stop to questionable pratices before they get out of hand, because when things have gone to far, then everybody’s upset, even the folks who are saying”no big deal”. P.S. You need to have T.R.A.F.F.I.C down here in sunny Savannah, Ga one year on a day like today, or a week like this week with the St. Pat’s festivities going on. They started partying Wed. and it’s not over until Sun. Downtown Savannah right on Bay and River st. Every hotel in Savannah is booked. Bars right by the water, music, and alot of everything else. Second largest parade and celebration behind I believe New York. I don’t think you have to be Irish. :)

  11. dp

    Grow up, really, just grow the fuck up. I used to be on your forum. I used to look up to you. Now you’re a joke to me. That’s all.

  12. Elliot

    IMO, the privacy breach is important for us to note and be aware of, but Chef Patrick’s involvement is less important. It is interesting to know he apparently violated company policy based on Mason’s statement (“Moniker has learned that one of its employees violated company policy by gaining unauthorized access to customer data for a single domain name registration.”), but the more interesting thing for me is knowing how Moniker will prevent employees from gaining unauthorized access to company data in the future. I haven’t seen anything from the company about this issue, which is bothersome to me.
    I understand why you are posting, but it’s sort of becoming self defeating since continued posts and chastising might end up causing people on the fence to feel badly for him if they have to choose sides. He is an individual, doesn’t work for a public company, and he won’t have any impact on your business or mine unless we explicitly choose to do business with him.
    Industry professionals have probably made up their minds on how they feel regarding this issue, and additional posts serve little purpose at this point.

  13. wanna develop?

    Well said… But really, lets be frank, Chef Patrick is a NEWBIE. Whatever little respect he had from the insiders in this biz evaporated overnight. I know I am not the only one feeling like this.
    When I have time later today hopefully I can get into more of a detail and put out there a nice and juicy post with some more info about the”chef patrick” model which is a failure…. Just wait.
    Unfortunately when you don’t put NEWBIES in their place early on… Bad shit can and will happen. Not a very surprising end-result once again.
    Rick has been in this business like what 15 years… ? This newbie has been in this business only a few years, and all over the place, without any real accomplishments but he talks up big game and only cool by association… He won’t even be around in another year or two if you ask me (90% sure) yet his ego is 10000x.

  14. Jason

    Patrick will be out of domaining in 2 years.
    All people will remember him for is NippleGate and and now PrivacyGate.
    Hasta La Vista, baby.

  15. bgmv

    I find the irony in Chef’s post rather amusing,”…ultimately my projects were. Not only that, but I am still bound by privacy protection as an ex-employee and still can’t release all details, so why bother bringing up something that I can’t even fully explain…”
    He claims he is under privacy protection to divulge further info about this event, the sole reason why this debacle happened is due to his breach of privacy – so why bother acting like a saint the second time around?

  16. Internet Business

    Who gives a fuck?? this is so un important…. it was one misteak… damn.. i swear yall take this shit to serious.. its not making any of us money, so why get all upset.. rick this is un-called for!!! you make to much money for this back anf fourth… lets focus more on getting corporate America on board to how crucial and important it is to own teh right domain names…..

  17. Henry Shapiro

    If he’s so concerned with family, I hope his wife and family weren’t home when he made those titty news shows for My biggest problem is that he is not a chef, so right from the gitgo he was a fraud.

  18. Troy

    I see and hear a lot of”vexations” involved in this situation from both sides of the fence. The only advice I can come up with, and it applies to everyone, is the following.
    Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
    and remember what peace there may be in silence.
    As far as possible without surrender
    be on good terms with all persons.
    Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
    and listen to others,
    even the dull and the ignorant;
    they too have their story.
    Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
    they are vexatious to the spirit.
    If you compare yourself with others,
    you may become vain or bitter;
    for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
    Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
    Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
    it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
    Exercise caution in your business affairs;
    for the world is full of trickery.
    But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
    many persons strive for high ideals;
    and everywhere life is full of heroism.
    Be yourself.
    Especially, do not feign affection.
    Neither be cynical about love;
    for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
    it is as perennial as the grass.
    Take kindly the counsel of the years,
    gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
    Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
    But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
    Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
    Beyond a wholesome discipline,
    be gentle with yourself.
    You are a child of the universe,
    no less than the trees and the stars;
    you have a right to be here.
    And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
    Therefore be at peace with God,
    whatever you conceive Him to be,
    and whatever your labors and aspirations,
    in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
    With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
    it is still a beautiful world.
    Be cheerful.
    Strive to be happy.

  19. Louise

    @ Rick, Please address some of Judi’s questions for the sake of clarity. You’re a powerful person. $$ brings power. Success brings power. It’s like the impression is: you seem like a nice guy, from my perspective, but I wouldn’t want to get on your bad side.
    There has been an accusation leveled that the registration of ChefPatrick domain initiated with you in order to bait the chef, because of insatiable appetite for power and drive to take down the competition.
    Maybe Patrick owes an apology and it’s more serious than his fans make out, but at this point, you have accusations leveled against you and a smear of your character. I don’t think it’s true, but in the spirit of transparency, and because the characterization and implication are out there, it would be reassuring to hear you state clearly that:
    the registration of the offending domain didn’t initiate with you in order to bait Chef and take him down.
    Very simple. Thanx.

  20. Rick Schwartz

    Louise, I am not on trial here my dear. But just to be on record, I had nothing whatsoever to do with the registration and I am sure all parties involved can verify that!
    And who’s corporate cubicle do YOU whore for?? Those knees are getting awfully red. Same one as Judi??!!


    CHEFPATRICKSSUCKS.COM is currently directed to
    ….just say’in
    A new recipe from da Chef’s kitchen ??? — What Up ?


    CHEFPATRICKSUCKS.COM — is what I ment to type (sorry for the extra”S” typo)

  23. steve

    Rick reminds me of that Bounty Hunter Dog. Who went after the bad guys until he messed up himself.
    Now Rick will be walking on glass with many enemies waiting for him to mess up.
    Rick did what he thought needed to be done. He demands people take responsibility for their actions.
    But the side effect is people will be holding you to a standard 100x higher.
    Everything Rick does now will be watched.
    To blame rick like he did something wrong is absurd. He just handled in a his on way. Maybe not your way or my way.
    I hope people use this to learn lessons from instead of become more bitter and angry.

  24. Louise

    That’s really offensive to me, the 2nd part of your answer. Please delete it. I’m sensitive; I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I meant well. Sometimes when rumors swirl it is better to address them, though you may feel it’s beneath your dignity.

  25. Marcia Lynn

    Yeah, there was a nasty comment and link made on cook patrick’s blog that pretended to be me, too.
    Does anybody actually believe cowardly anon posters anyhoo?

  26. Robert M

    I have got to say that YOU would be as guilty as chef patrick if you covered this up. It is disgraceful that he did what he did, and it brings me to ponder over what he does when he knows he won’t get caught. That Chef Patrick & his always-upset wife need to take their whole family and be exiled to a country where deceit and lies are the norm: Nigeria…
    And SHAME on his wife for being homophobic. What a fucked up family they are, I would hate to see their kids.
    Warm Regards,

  27. Rick Schwartz

    “I have got to say that YOU would be as guilty as chef patrick if you covered this up.”
    EXACTLY!!!!! Thank you for understanding and articulating that. Thank you!

  28. steve

    Is there an actual law against breaching domain privacy?
    As far as I know this is the wild west. Anything goes.
    The only law could be from Icann or Moniker. And those are just rules, not laws. Correct me if I am wrong. He broke company policy and was fired.

  29. White Trash

    If all things had been equal but the domain in question were”” and gay porn, is there any doubt how you would’ve reacted? It would’ve been a total meltdown that rivaled anything we see in Japan.
    Why is the person who originally registered so absent from your indignation?
    Why is that persons identity being ‘protected’ here?
    Yeah, people who ‘know the answer’ understand the motivations for this, but I’m sure the peanut gallery is quite curious.
    It’s clear that shielding the person is being actively undertaken on both sides, so I’ll just point out this pertinent fact…. The louder you scream about Chef Patrick, the more people will wonder who registered… and the more people wonder that, it grows less likely that the people who actually know are going to refrain from mentioning it.

  30. Landon White

    @ Louise
    That’s really offensive to me, the 2nd part of your answer. Please delete it.

    YOU COME ON BLOGS .. MAKING DEMANDS! (Every time,on all)
    and you ALWAYS ADDRESS the HOST (pretend to know them)
    “Who’s Corporate Cubicle do you WHORE FOR”

  31. Louise

    You shot me. I’m just a messenger. Same thing you don’t want people to do to you.

  32. Landon White

    @ Steve
    Correct me if I am wrong. He broke company policy and was fired.

    Correct me if I am wrong? WAY WRONG!
    BUT, That is YOUR JOB to correct you … if YOUR WRONG!
    WHY? Don’t you come back when you know what your talking about!

  33. Danny Pryor

    This is actually a fine opportunity for everyone who wants to remain a part of the domain industry to be part of a genuine debate. I am not surprised, not in the slightest, at some of the petty and ignorant comments we have seen during past several days.
    What is surprising is how many people, who are well acquainted with the truth, find the real villain is the person who registered the domain name, not the person who used his position of trust and authority to violate that trust and authority. If we are real domain investors, developers, and business people, then why do we believe it would be alright for someone to violate a business trust, a fiduciary responsibility? Why is there not greater outcry about the deed, the act of concealing it, the public appeal for understanding through a feigned apology (months after the fact) that seeks also to blame others for the original breach? How is this alright? THAT amazes me.
    But I am not amazed by the really sick folks who write base responses on this blog, in an effort to vent some long-standing hatred of someone’s success. That’s just childish and petty, and sadly, part of human nature.
    While we’re at it, if anyone needs lube, KY is doing a discount and giveaway on FB. Might help make the words flow more smoothly. And for those of you really talking stupid shit, perhaps some Preparation ‘H’ for the lips, when you’re done!
    Sorry about that last ‘graph, Rick, but these people are really upsetting. I don’t know how you tolerate them. I just had to show them how another type of intelligent slam reads! ;-)

  34. steve

    Are you even speaking English?
    So you just say wrong but then say go find out the law?
    If you know what law he broke then just tell us.
    I hate playing these stupid games.

  35. Marcia Lynn

    BTW, you people who think Patsy and Rick are on the same playing field are deeply delusional sheep.
    Keep following and supporting the cooked liar. See where it gets you in this industry.
    Right now cook’s the Titanic of the domain biz, had LOTS of marketing yet he’s sprung a gaping leak or two that’s sunk him, he just won’t admit it yet.
    But heh – feel free to enjoy the music he’s playing on the way down.

  36. Landon White

    @ Steve
    then just tell us.

    US? I thought i was talking to YOU …
    You are NOT sitting on Chef Patricks knee are YOU?

  37. steve

    Please stop the troll posts.
    You question my grammer when your grammer is horrible.
    I hope you don’t live in America.
    Either post what law he broke or be quiet.

  38. Louise

    @ Rick said:”Anyone giving the Chef a pass without doing that…….shame on them too!”
    So I guess Ron Jackson is now in your bad graces, because he wrote:
    “I personally hope that he is up to the challenge, learns from this bad experience and wins his critics back over with his actions going forward . . . We are all human and subject to making rash decisions and stupid mistakes and I think most people understand that.”
    You’re all harsh to the powerless, let’s see if that extends to Ron Jackson, or are you all good ole boys?

  39. Louise

    You know what, anybody who said it’s not that bid a deal, or anything sympathetic to Chef Patrick, the response has been along the lines of,”And who’s corporate cubicle do YOU whore for?? Those knees are getting awfully red. Same one as Judi??!!”
    “While we’re at it, if anyone needs lube, KY is doing a discount and giveaway on FB. Might help make the words flow more smoothly. And for those of you really talking stupid shit, perhaps some Preparation ‘H’ for the lips, when you’re done!”
    You know what? For the little people it’s one story, for Ron Jackson, see how fast you’re going to change your tune.
    I’m out. I raise the white flag – you win. The man is more powerful than me. He’s physically stronger, and words can hurt and demean, so you got your way.

  40. Landon White

    AW, Poor little Louise playing the victim AGAIN!
    ……..why are you in this at all?……….. ………………………..holly then thou and all!
    if your a JW.itt act like one!

  41. Landon White

    Don’t play cards with a Guy Named”POP”

    Don’t eat at a place Called”MOM’s”

    Don’t believe a guy who is into”ScienceFiction”

  42. Shaun Pilfold

    Between this thread and the previous thread about this situation, it just makes you proud to me a member of this industry. Damn shame.

  43. Favorite Domains

    Yes, I agree with you said. People in his position might be very angry due to the domain and redirection.
    There should be a system in place by ICANN for those people who abuse privacy to register such attacking domains so that people who are attacked can ask for the details of the domain owners even though they may hide under privacy.
    There shouldn’t be privacy for all domains.

  44. Paul

    “Chef lost his career. Isn’t that enough?”
    Let’s be real here. He lost a job but did not lose a career until he attacked Rick for exposing him instead of just saying how sorry he was, that he made a bad decision. He still can do it. And is friends act like gangsters as evidenced by the vicious comments here. His trolls come post here and most are no names and all they do is attack Rick and making Patrick and his ilk complete outcasts in the biz.

  45. Just Sayin'

    Patrick is a jerk for doing this to Rick and having his goonie squad just highlights this for all to see. Physical threats. who would be that motivated to post that/ And then moniker still has not provided a time line or any fixes. holy smokes there are so many different issues. the only clear thing is Patrick has a thing with doing what comes naturaly to most of us once we are past like 16. Dude give it up.

  46. Dave Zan

    Sigh…I guess we all getting along is a tall order?
    The way I see it:
    1. Patrick did something equal to abusing his position and violate Moniker’s privacy terms with its client.
    2. He eventually parted with Moniker. Fired, resigned on his own, whatever.
    3. Assuming what Patrick blogged is true, both he and Moniker’s client have resolved things.
    4. Moniker currently hasn’t publicly stated how they’ll address this breach moving forward for, essentially, a”private” affair among them, Patrick and that client.
    5. If folks aren’t happy with what Moniker has or hasn’t done, then there’s surely other options (namely, other registrars) out there.
    Everyone learns something, everyone makes a decision, everyone deals with the results. What’s done is done, so…can everyone move along?
    And nope, not whoring for anyone except myself. It’s fine if nobody believes anything I say here.
    But thanks for whatever compliment/s, both good and bad. I wish you all well.

  47. Jayjay

    @Tony from,
    Popcorns ready mate ;) just waiting for Jerry Springer to make his guest appearance. This is going to be a good one~!!

  48. Eric Borgos

    I would be interested to know if recent court cases show if is illegal to point to porn. I know courts have allowed”sucks” domains if the site is giving an honest review, but it if says things that are not true, it can be illegal (libel, defamation, etc.). So, unless Chef Patrick is actually a participant in gay porn, it seems like redirecting that domain would be illegal. I understand the owner may not have done the redirection intentionally, but assuming it was illegal, Chef Patrick would seem to have some rights to defend himself. I am not in any way saying the way he went about it was correct, but I don’t think a person who runs a site that is illegal is allowed to hide behind domain anonymity. That would seem to be a violation of Moniker’s terms also.
    It seems like the right thing to have done would have been to make Moniker aware of the problem, and have them handle it. Since Chef Patrick worked there, he probably could have made sure it was handled fast and possibly to his benefit, but going around the system was wrong of him.
    I am very glad that Rick made his original posting outing the situation, since it was much better than not knowing anything about what happened. And, I don’t think Rick should be blamed for giving his side of the story or his opinion on what happened, since that seems to be the type of thing that blogs were designed for.

  49. Warren Royal

    I guess everyone would prefer that serious security breaches such as this one went unreported and covered up. That’s a damn shame. I want to know when security breaches occur, and security holes are exposed (and what action is taken) so that I can make intelligent decisions on who to do business with, and who not to. Thank you, Rick.

  50. Landon White

    @ Warren Royal
    I Agree, Thank you Rick,

    Along those lines i wonder?

    Would it be of”Criminal Intent”
    to eMail someones employer ( a privacy client) with derogatory content,
    to possible reflect harm and or damages upon the unknowing victim?

  51. You Are Pigs

    I told you pigs before that you get what you deserve. You are the ones who allowed the .mobi scam to run wild and run over new domainers. You are the ones who recently allowed the .co scam to infiltrate the domaining community.
    You get what you deserve, and you are all losers. Nobody seems to have any shame about the scam extensions that come up every year. As long as you fools can make money on it you will justify it in your stupid blogs.
    I told you that you were pigs and losers, and if you don’t wake the hell up it will only get worse.

  52. justsayin

    Is”Chef” Patricks Ego That Big That He Thought Right Off The Bat The Domain Was About Him?? Theres Plenty Of Chef Patricks In the World That Probably Suck..Is The Guy Even A Chef?



    Would it be of”Criminal Intent”
    to eMail someones employer ( a privacy client) with derogatory content,
    to possible reflect harm and or damages upon the unknowing victim?

  54. Sideliner

    Eric Borgos said…
    “I would be interested to know if recent court cases show if is illegal to point to porn”.
    The fact seems to be that the domain was pointed to a PARKING PAGE…not a GAY PORN SITE. Perhaps the parking page had an adult link triggered by the word”SUCKS” in the title. Seems the Chef may have cooked up the allegation that the site was pointed to a”gay porn site” in a feeble attempt to play the sympathy card.
    BIG, BIG difference in a site pointed to a parking page and one intentionally pointed to a gay porn site. I would speculate that even the Chef knows a parking page when he sees one.

  55. Julie

    @ Eric Borgos
    Very interesting, I did not know that fact
    Did you know of these facts?

    Landon White said …
    Would it be of”Criminal Intent”
    to eMail someones employer ( a privacy client) with derogatory content,
    to possibly reflect harm and or damages upon the unknowing victim?
    Law Books said:

  56. Dave Zan

    ‘Seems the Chef may have cooked up the allegation that the site was pointed to a”gay porn site” in a feeble attempt to play the sympathy card.’
    Or…he could’ve been telling the truth, knowing he’d get flak anyway? Just pointing out another possibility.

  57. Sideliner

    Dave Zan said:
    “Or…he could’ve been telling the truth, knowing he’d get flak anyway? Just pointing out another possibility”.
    On the Chef’s blog he states:”Only after seeing what the domain name was pointing to and seeing how it hurt her thinking I was being attacked, did I look-up to see who owned it. This revealed another curve ball for me because this person was supposed to be a friend”.
    BIG difference if his”friend” parked the name, versus intentionally pointing it to a GAY PORN SITE. Chef has not stepped up to clarify this…but nonetheless he has done nothing but to sink himself deeper into this mess and do terrible damage to his reputation.
    He should have left his family and lame excuses out of it, and just posted a 1 paragraph, direct to the point sincere APOLOGY.

  58. Rick Schwartz

    “BIG difference if his”friend” parked the name, versus intentionally pointing it to a GAY PORN SITE.”
    Actually the domain was neither parked in an account nor pointed to a gay site as alleged. Another fabrication? You decide. I think most of us know what a parked page looks like?
    The Registrant has informed me that while the domain had the DNS of one of his parking companies, he NEVER added the domain to his account. So he wasn’t even trying to profit from it!
    That lends credibility to this from Ron Jackson on December 31st 2010 who also know the FACTS of what went down as best we know:
    “The ironic thing about this incident, based on the parts of the account that I can share, is that the employee in question attempted to harm someone who actually had the employee’s best interests at heart. The customer registered a number of domains that included an industry figure’s name followed by the word”Sucks”, including names of his own friends and relatives. He said it was his intention to keep those domains out of the hands of others who would use them to attack those people (a common defensive registration technique among corporations today).”
    So those that want to follow the FACTS. Thank you! With all the BS and bluster, so far not a word I have written is anything but accurate and not a word has been disputed. Trying to make it about me is just trickery by those with mostly tattered reputations themselves, no reputations at all, other prejudices and agendas.
    As the conversation about this develops I think folks see how many different aspects and questions are showing up. That is what I discovered along the way. It raised more issues than I can even count. SERIOUS ISSUES!
    So we are having an industry wide discussion and as that happens, more and more folks will see why I did what I HAD to do.
    Integrity is about doing the right thing even when nobody is looking. This business was built on integrity and I will be damned if I will stand by and just look the other way as it drains away. Time to put a plug in it!

  59. Calvin Wayne

    @You are pigs:
    I agree what you said. Most of all Tld’s are over promoted so thay all can make money on them. The new comers start buying generic one word domains with a new tld(because the big wigs say it will perform) and get rip off. For example DOT CO, DOT MOBI, DOT WHATEVER…….

  60. Tristan Inu

    Why am I not surprised that Rick Schwartz & Patrick Ruddell are having a tiff. They both got to where they are in a sleazy way and have massive egos. It’s basically Rick encountering a younger, newer version of himself. I may not have the income of either but wouldn’t stoop to such sleaziness for all the money in the world.

  61. Landon White

    It’s a shame that the”Punk Owned Blog Sites” at the some of other POPULAR blogs keep turning a blind eye and STILL, remain silent on yet ANOTHER dOMAIN Scandal for shity and the Invisible Man over there NAMELY … JEFF K.
    (.Mobi will be big
    (.Co will be big
    (.xxx will be big
    OVER AND OVER, if you read there Bull!

  62. THE AX

    @ Domain Name Dave REALY MONKIE ANUNIT


  63. dont judge the industry based on the clowns you see

    All of this reflects well on the industry, apparently full of pettiness and unoriginality.
    Someone registered an entry into a computer system reserving the right that when a person types it goes to the ip address desired by the registrant. A third-grade stunt. Then, a company which offered a service to hide from public view the registrants details. Then that company did not care about their promises; an employee of that company looked up the info anyway and provided to someone with the intent on harming that punk who registered it, an act of cowardice. The people who put 100% confidence in this”privacy” were also thinking somewhat narrowly because the registration data is discoverable in a lawsuit. Not really private, sue and get the info.
    Anonymous speech is important. But if you have some very significant thing to say why would you trust Moniker with that responsibility? That is just plain naive. Also, if one registers the name of some nobody, how many people could there be until discovered? It is not as if a really important celebrity like Lindsay Lohan got the sucks name done against her… It can’t be, there is almost no one important enough to anyone outside of this assemblage of domainers to even raise an eyebrow in the real world.
    The registrant, whomever they were should have found something better in life to do than register ______sucks phrase. How about something productive? That is a strange concept? So all of you are fighting over a petty entry into a computer somewhere in California about as significant as the data required to store it.
    The employee violator of trust can also go to hell, but all of this is about as important as the cashier’s at your local store putting up a sign in the break-room that someone sucks.
    The industry is obviously more fractured you thought. That’s because it’s mostly based on a fantasy. While there is CERTAINLY quality business happening (much of it found right here on this blog) the vast majority is no more promising than the craps table. How many millions of worthless domains are registered? You see the heat here? Participants in this industry are screaming loud and clear that they are on the EDGE financially and emotionally. Refusing to accept reality and exaggeration are the beginnings of mental illness, which is what this line of comments looks like to sane people. Not quite wanting to admit that they have a portfolio of shit and a life of shit. Easy to let out and act crazy in a public fight of domainer vs domainer but if you were reading about this crap in another industry you would just say wow those people are out of control…
    I have an idea. If any of you know any people outside of the industry, show them this. (That is if you can figure out how to find real people.) While you were fighting this GRAND BATTLE OF THE SUCKS DOMAINS a new Ipad came out and sold millions. There was an earthquake and a war in North Africa. Somewhere someone invented something. Someone got out and got some sunshine.

  64. em

    @ don’t judge the industry based on the clowns you see,,SAID,
    Above”don’t judge,etc” has to be LS Morgan,
    no one can ramble on to scroll a full page length and a half
    and end up saying NOTHING!

  65. Tyler Girls

    Cant wait for Marcia Lynn’s NEW website
    She said it would have all the shady deals with proof documented,
    about this NEWBIE Chef Patrick Rundell since 2008 on her gripe site.
    Cant wait!

  66. steve

    What a horrid name…..and you talk about domains….
    dont judge the industry based on the clowns you see said…
    Your rant added nothing new btw

  67. LS Morgan

    Above”don’t judge,etc” has to be LS Morgan,
    no one can ramble on to scroll a full page length and a half
    and end up saying NOTHING!

    LOL. Nope. Not me.

  68. em

    The Last 2 above posts same ole
    A-holes trying to CHANGE the subject as usual!
    Lets see…

  69. Steve Cheatham

    “Whew!” Way too much. The horse is dead!
    Interesting to me is it brought out the shill posters. Immature people using other people’s names. It happens in auctions too.
    1. ICANN should have a very strict rule that all access to privacy whois is certified and every access to the records are logged. If the registrars do it voluntary ICANn can work on more improtent issues.
    2. Schill posters should be tarred and feathered.
    Everybody make up and go back to work. Have a good day!

  70. david

    I imagine many folks in Japan would be happy if this is all they had to worry about. And they say old women gossip and fret…


    I have the biggest portfolio of”domainer first-last names +
    As I can see these are in high demand I will part with the entire portfolio for $1,000,000 dollars :)
    Eric Rice

  72. Travis Associates

    WOW! This opens up a whole new TOPIC! …

    LAW BOOKS said…

    Would it be of”Criminal Intent” …
    to eMail someones employer (a privacy client) with derogatory content,
    to possibly reflect harm and or damages upon the unknowing victim?
    LAW BOOKS said…
    It does seem then that the fact that Chef Patirck (Rundell)
    possibly acted in a criminal manner has been overlooked …
    So we know have (Snapnames/Moniker) for the second
    time NOT reporting to the POLICE authorities a CRIME!
    (1) (Auctions) Hank Halverez (Interstate Wire Fraud)
    (2) (Chef) Patrick Rundell ( Pre-meditated Criminal Intent)
    (Both Bogus Names)

  73. Landon White


    WE ARE! …
    ……. STILL …….

    REMAIN SILENT (Covering up)
    on the Chef PATRICK (RUNDELL) Privacy Scandal …


  74. Bernard

    I guess everybody here shake this rotten cocktail as long as the name of the person who have registered the sucks domain isn’t revealed.
    To shorten the story, please expectorate it as sooner as possible.
    The concerned guy could do it himself, if he or she isn’t a f… coward.

  75. Landon White

    If you have been WAITING for the LIST of
    -“Cover it Up” –
    Domainer BLOG Websites.

    Hang on, its Coming!

    There NO WAY that a Domainer Blog that is FOR Domainers
    SHOULD have missed THIS STORY exposing the TRUTH!

    IF YOUR FAVORITE”Blog is NOT on the LIST …

  76. petes

    so many shill comments AND probably lots of comments not posted
    this board has as much credibility as, well the owner

  77. alanmills

    the following was posted at chef patricks, better post it here rick and get on the front foot
    chef i dont know your story
    BUT i can tell you i posted a post on ricks board because of the rubbish being said about his squeeky clean reputation by ron jackson, and guess what? he didnt post it because…
    the post REVEALED THE HISTORY OF HIM RUNNING A SCHEME IN THE PORN INDUSTRY which has cost private operators millions of dollars (around 25 > 50 private companies)
    his scheme worked/s the following way: he promoted the hell out of his”high octane type in traffic” (inferring you would make lots of money if you bought it) on adult message boards and always insisted buyers PRE PAY for his traffic upfront (because he tells everybody he cant trust adult operators, inferring everybody can trust him) BUT NEARLY ALL OF THE PRIVATE COMPANIES LOST MONEY and cancelled the agreement, BUT there was always another sucker desperate for traffic during the golden adult days
    some people might intitially think this is just business BUY if you understand how the adult business works you would think differently, BECAUSE adult membership sites who have/buy ricks traffic must make a profit on all advertising deals because nobody returns to adult membership sites and nobody tells their friends about them (so theres no branding value), so they must make a profit on every advertising deal AND RICK SCHWARTZ KNOWS THIS but continued to sell his traffic way above the rate which would allow adult operators to make a profit off the back of his high octance potent type in traffic sermans (AND because of the power he had off the back of the volume of his adult type in traffic AND the people he aligned himself with he became trusted and people took what seemed like a=n exciting opportunity) BUT nobody revealed the losses openly on the adult message boards BECAUSE he was protected by the fact adult operators all wanted him to join their own advertising programes which paid per sign up (on performance, instead of paying upfront for traffic with no performance criteria)
    the long and the short of it is this, its not illegal what he has done, BUT he has cost/lost at least 25>50 private operators millions of dollars off the back of his pre payment advertising scheme AND he should not be held as up as any moral standard, more like a wolf in sheeps clothing

  78. Shamir Shite

    Who is this NEWBIE, Bottom Feeder
    Grey Goose Drunk Chief Patrick anyway ?
    just another drunk scammer, called petes,
    I think he likes his Grey Goose to much.


    (again with a ,s lol trailer park schooling,
    is the phony named Chef Patrick HIMSELF.

    Rick could be Gaddafi himself what does that matter,
    YOU are the one who been PROVEN to be a liar,
    (from a trailer park) and a CROOK by Oversee and hundreds of decent people.

    Read all about it soon at CrookPatrick.Com

  80. James

    You questions a mans credibility after you yourself start your post claiming”REVEALED THE HISTORY OF HIM RUNNING A SCHEME IN THE PORN INDUSTRY” and go on to tell the tale of some people who allegedly overpaid for traffic…
    Guess what? Millions of people overpay Google every day for their traffic. Millions of people don’t know what they’re doing – does that mean they’ve been scammed – no.

  81. steve

    Well this is how his employers treated him.
    So it sounds like that is what he learned.
    Screw them before they screw you.
    So your saying he is a shark out to take advantage of anyone he can?
    So more mud slinging in this thread.
    Just as I predicted.
    Nobody is the good guy.
    >>the long and the short of it is this, its not illegal what he has done, BUT he has cost/lost at least 25>50 private operators millions of dollars off the back of his pre payment advertising scheme AND he should not be held as up as any moral standard, more like a wolf in sheeps clothing

  82. shell scheme

    time to get back to what you do best please Rick, advice on sales and domain stories
    would like to hear some more domain stories from mid nineties you haven’t told
    also experience from dealing with companies face to face about big domains
    seem to remeber ages ago you touched on a story about this involving a category crunching domains
    all the best

  83. JJ

    Does Chef have a screen shot of the gay porn site that his name was directed.Makes me wonder.He is always back sliding.TELL THE TRUTH RUTH.

  84. Paul

    The Newbie, self appointed chef hasn’t learned much in this industry. His wife’s name still remains available. Go get it, that one will really make him crazy.

  85. Domo Sapiens

    They might be looking for another bruiser (antitrust?) aside the halavrez-gate and the almostprivate-whois hoopla…
    Oversee picking up a ton of drops …
    I am with moniker so they can test the domains for traffic after expiring, remember if they own it they get to keep the entire pie given by Google Dei.
    In addition they are a very active player on the drops…
    Oversee/Moniker/Snapnames (no to mention all their obscure subsidiaries with an L.A Address) big conflict of interest from where I am sitting on.
    Parking company /parker / Drop catcher / Drop player / registrar /registrant / Auctioneer / Bidder?
    Who’s on fist?
    (Robert Fernandez)

  86. Bill Roy

    Well what do you know, today I went to to actually possibly enter an auction and could not log-in to my account, my account is suspended!
    Have I failed to make any payments? NO.
    Have I failed to abide by the rules? NO.
    It would seem that agreeing that ‘Oversee’ is acting unjustly and corruptly is my crime! Well, as just a little player (at the moment) they will get away with it, but hell, if by me voicing my opinion is so threatening to them then God only knows how they are suffering because of your posts Rick.
    Am I sorry I supported you on the forums? Not at all. We do not know each other, but you spoke the truth and Oversee obviously did not, so therefore I have absolutely no regrets in supporting you here. I might not agree with everything you say, or more pointedly how you decide to say it, but one thing I am absolutely certain about is that corruption in this industry needs to be outed and corrected. Unfortunately it would seem Oversee does not hold the same attitude – now isn’t that a surprise!

  87. Anon for Obvious Reasons

    ^ wow ^
    Is that true?
    Can anyone verify if Oversee is going around and screwing with peoples customer accounts based on opinions voiced on blogs and forums?
    If so, getting names out of Moniker has gone from”transfer out when renewal comes due” to”get them out now now now” lest you want your domains screwed with for speaking your mind.
    This is brutal if true.

  88. Bill Roy

    Anon, it is true.
    The annoying thing is that the name I wanted to back-order and go into the auction for Snap caught on the drop. The only good thing about this is that as I already own 95+% of the niche it is just an annoyance, however, the ‘coincidence’ can hardly be easily explained away. If Snap/Oversee think that by blocking me getting a single domain, or even all 14 of the domains that I do not yet own, then I would point out to them that already having over 1,160 domains in the niche somewhat negates what effect their actions can have on me, but it does speak volumes I am sure to other domainers.

  89. darat

    hey Rick,
    long time no post. missing your posts
    btw love the new domainking banner on the left
    think you should have as a big banner at top and change colour cheme of site to match

  90. Anthony Noe

    I believe this whole ordeal is representative of what’s been wrong with the domain industry every since there was an”industry” – the whole thing exist in such a cut-throat vacuum.
    One might think that there would be an industry where domain names were thought of as the intellectual property they are, and that holders of such property would focus on their shared interests.
    Instead, it’s like a pyramid scheme that’s clicked-up so bad it turns people off. Not sure what I mean? Well consider this; some industries have events that aren’t restricted to insiders with a few thousand dollars to spare. They have events where it may be a bit expensive to have a booth, but there is a $10 to $100 fee for anyone to come and learn more about the industry and the products or services. They get tens of thousands of people that attend. What is our event like this?
    If, instead of fighting over who gets domainers’ money (i.e.”they only went to our party and didn’t pay for our event” or”he’s just mad because dncruise is getting popular”), those at the top would lend their obvious influence to educate and support the industry, I think we’d all be doing a lot better.
    And another thing; what about the trail of those left in the wake of the hustle? Not sure what I’m talking about? Well here’s a good example: check out the website. The fellow that apparently owns it is Mustafa Patel. I don’t know this fellow; I’ve never met him or spoke with him, but I did read his first blog entry. It goes something like this:
    “I purchased this awesome domain name years ago. Actually for $22,000 on May 9, 2007. Too much for this domain? Well I was new to the domain investment business. But I don’t regret it since its a subject I’m passionate about and would love to write about.”
    You can find pictures of this guy rubbing elbows with industry folk back when he bought the domain, and everything was happy. But lately, not so much. And maybe he is passionate about money information, but he’s only written two posts in almost five months, so I’m inclined to think there may be a bit more buyer’s remorse than passion.
    How do such experiences help us? If someone is excited about the industry, you want to nurture them and incorporate them into the program. Their contribution to the betterment of the group represents resources and support for years to come. Taking advantage of that person will immediately discourage participation and eventually build a negative pubic image for the industry – as is the case today.
    The point is, we should be working together to build an ethical industry of professionals focused on placing domain names with businesses – not working against each other in a game of musical chairs where someone finally pays too much for something that’s supposed to be an investment.
    And it seems like it’s everywhere. Registrars are perched and ready to attack at any opportunity to take a domain name. And remember the”Halvarez” incident at SnapNames? Or what about this… I personally sold a domain for $174,000 in a three-day sale – on a holiday weekend, no less – the very same week Moniker told me the domain was worth about $32,000. And I paid for that appraisal!
    I understand everyone can’t afford to take the high road, but some of you can, and it’s way past time that someone did. Let’s put some real effort into ethical leadership and see if this industry can’t finally grow up.
    There may be thousands of us, but there are millions of businesses. We should be a coalition of professionals – not a divided mass of cut-throats and back-stabbers. As long as businesses see us that way, we will never rise to our potential individually or as an industry.
    So, I guess this is my Jerry McGuire moment (it’s a mission statement–not a memo) and you all can (further) ostracize me, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to say for a long time, and something that everyone’s”fans” may want to think about.

  91. Judi

    So glad you remembered me! But seriously, calling people cubicle whores makes you look like a douche bag, even more so than you have made yourself look over the past few months.
    You still haven’t come clean about the fact that one of your family members registered that domain and forwarded it to gay porn? (NOTE: I said FORWARD, not park the domain and optimize if for porn keywords.)

  92. Rick Schwartz

    So Judi,
    Why would you CONTINUE spreading lies of facts that are already out there but you choose to ignore?
    My sources tell me you are someone VERY close to the Chef. What exactly is your”Relationship” to the Chef?
    Had I known who you really are, I would not have called you a cubicle whore. But you really should stop acting that way. You’re not doing your”cause” any good. You just prove that the Chef is still clueless when it comes to making a good decision. I am responsible for HIS short falls and bad decisions?? Give it a rest already. Do you know how idiotic you guys look?
    I spent over $500,000 with Moniker over the years just in renewals and not counting the domains I won at auction. Another $500k-1M. But now they lost me as a customer. Because of this. The straw that broke the camels back. That’s one hell of a liability to have and the fallout continues.
    So attack away. Keep digging a deeper hole. Just know the harm you are causing is not to me, it is to the Chef and anyone reading this without an agenda will tell you the same thing.


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