T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Announces First Speaker for 2012 Show in Fort Lauderdale

Morning Folks!!

It's not much more than 60 days to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and that is when my attention begins to focus on setting up the agenda. I don't do it alone. I reach out to all domainers and ask them constantly what they want to hear about? What issues are important to them? Who do they want to hear from? What discussions will help them expand their business? How are they going to make money in the future?

Many of us were 100% reliant on parking a few years back. When the bottom fell out, domainers went to work in new directions with new ventures. They just not sit and do nothing. I know personally I went from 100% of my income to now less than 1/2. It did not happen overnight. It took 4 years and then some. I am not done and you are not done.

As we begin to focus on individual domains our needs are going to change. Our direction is going to change. It is the reason we have always referred to ourselves as 'Developers' because that was where the road was eventually going to lead to.

With those thoughts in mind I am happy to begin to announce some of our speakers. Today, I am happy to report that Michael Ricciardelli of Bankrate.com will be speaking at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2012.

Michael Ricciardelli was appointed SVP, Business Development and Consumer Marketing after joining Bankrate in September 2006. Prior to joining Bankrate, he was Vice President - Marketing & Media Sales at Apartments.com/Classified Ventures where he managed all marketing functions and online advertising sales efforts. From 1999 to 2003, he was Co-Founder & Vice President of Strategic Development for Insurance.com - venture funded by Fidelity Capital and sold in 2003 to Comparison Market. Earlier in his career, Mr. Ricciardelli also held positions in strategy consulting and business development at Fidelity Investments, and financial analysis at Salomon Brothers.

I think Michael has the credentials of somebody that can speak intelligently to our group and help us define and understand the elements needed for a great success with just one domain name in your portfolio. Guys like this are the hardest to get because the pool is so very limited of people that actually know what they are talking about. So it is never from a lack of desire.

I want to thank Alan Dunn for the lead and I ask all of you to think if you know anyone that fits the criteria we are looking for. That YOU are looking for. Together we have long tentacles and I think it is time to take advantage of those folks that you have crossed paths with or heard about. All I need is an email addy and a name and I will do the rest.

I don't think anyone can argue that the Domain Industry is at a cross roads. There is a new shiny object out there in the form of gTLD's and everyone is looking. We will too. We will listen to what domainers see and don't see. But we can't ignore the FACT that we as a group have more information and knowledge about domain names than anyone. We know answers to questions many have yet to think of. That has great value. We'll kick that ball around and see if any minds are changed.

And what is the fallout if consumer does not buy into it? What happens to all those that took the wrong fork in the road trying to invent the 'Second coming'? I'll tell you. They will end up in our laps. It will be for the consumer to decide but the ONLY thing that is going to truly motivate him/her to go there willingly is new and different content that can't be found anywhere else. So far nobody has been able to do that. Name your DOT. That is even before we address the issue of confusion which is an even bigger issue. Folks fear the unknown. So to take the fear out, information is the cure.

Many domainers are downright confused themselves let alone the consumer. They are questioning each decision they make like never before. Sales are forced. A deep breath and recharge at TRAFFIC is exactly what is needed to take the confusion away and add clarity by finding out the answers to your questions. Do business from strength, not weakness. Weakness costs 100x what TRAFFIC costs and can easily be spotted.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz