The Single Most Important Issue YOU Face in the Next Year

Morning Folks!!

What I write on my blog is only half of the story. You, the commenter, provide the other half. I open up an issue and you close the issue. I bring up a few points and you folks fill in the rest of the points. I have a good pulse on things because I ask many people and get a wide array of feedback. Sometimes I play devils advocate.

So what are the issues that face you in the next 12-18 months? Today? Tomorrow? What are your challenges? What are your progress points? What does the gTLD's mean to you if anything? Are you in the black? Are you tapping into your savings?

I read that folks have lost 40% of their net worh since the recession began. Of course that becomes relative. If you are just starting out you are likely bucking the trend. If you have been out there for decades, then you may fall into this group.

What blows me away about this recession is I don't believe it is a recession at all. I see jobs with nobody smart enough or talented enough to fill them. I see jobs that are beneath students. (Sorry in my book, no such thing) Substitute 'Lazy' because while they think the job is beneath them, they don't realize that the experience they get they don't have to pay for and they can draw on those experiences long after they left that job and employ them in future positions. And they get paid for it!

What's the problem? Well they have to learn to show up. They have to be disciplined to get themselves there on time. They actually have to work with others and if they are a fuck up, they are gonna toss their ass out the door no matter how cool they are. Don't carry their weight? They will throw them out on their ass! Not the boss, the 19 year old coworkers that have to deal with it and do their job as well as theirs. I can't tell you how many 'Jocks' I have seen crying as their peers toss them out of a restaurant kitchen.

Sales are what drives everything and since the focus is not sales these days, that becomes the problem. Few understand or know how to sell. The art of selling. CEO's used to be the best salesman. Today it is the best accountant or lawyer or something else unrelated to sales. Sales are the top of the pyramid. Nothing in this world happens until a sale is made. I must have said that 20 times on this blog though the years. So I have to laugh at 'Start-ups' because their eye is almost never on sales and almost always on getting money. But with no sales, you are just supporting the guys that refuse to work for McDonald's. 21st century panhandling?

The real reason a company should be looking for money is because they can't fill the orders fast enough. Because they can't grow fast enough. Because SALES is pushing them. Because they need to expand and grow and make more money. They are already profitable and can't plow the money back into the business fast enough.

Today startups start with ZERO SALES! That ain't no startup, that's a personal charity.

Sorry for the ramble and rant. One thought just led to another and here we are. So what's your rant today? How do you see it? How does the overall mood play into your business?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz