How to Bet on the Future and Win! MOST of the Time.

Morning Folks!!

Life is about betting on the future. That the future will be better than the past. It always has been, but will it always be? 'There is nothing to fear but fear itself.' See you can be cautious without being fearful. Sometimes they can be confused.

Let's be clear, it is my humble opinion that the reason we are where we are in the economy as far as the USA is one thing. The entire system is fucked up and broken and the current crew ain't gonna fix it.

I like investing in real estate. It's my hobby and my passion next to domain names. Getting a loan over the last few years has been a nightmare. It was not long ago that if you put 50% down on a property and you had good credit there was little question. A smart bank would pray that you defaulted.

I started scanning my papers back in January. I have about 70 electronic files now. Well over 600 pages in documents. So when I finally got a call from the broker I have used for the last 5-10 years saying there was money again, I was ready to go. But let me tell you, the procedure is crazy and everyone knows it. Paperwork the likes you have never seen before in an electronic society.

Banks are no longer run by bankers. They are run by an entire new crew of folks and thought because of all the restraints. They are so controlled by the government because of the bad loans that the government forced them to make before the bubble burst.

Government has a role to play as a safety net, but when they get in the way of business, you have what we have. Reminds me of a burning city and a fiddle. History is repeating itself. But life is about the future and embracing it not fear and hiding from it.

So as a businessman I make certain assumptions. I look at trends. I look at moods. I look at numbers. I look at a host of things and I make assumptions based on the evidence I have accumulated. Then I look to history for EXACT parallels. I assume a starting point and I assume a goal. I factor in everything relevant and clear away the irrelevant.

I don't draw conclusions and assumptions by one or even two parallels. I have many. The more I have the greater chance that assumption will turn into reality and THAT is how you make money once I marry them with numbers that I also assemble on any given subject. That is how you bet on the future and win. That is how you can be waiting at the finish line instead of searching for it.

If I go to the next step I would have to get somewhat political by stating how I see things happening in November. Hindsight will always be 20/20. But why don't folks see it now? Why do they ignore or don't even look to history? There is ample evidence of how this is going to play out and biting nail close ain't going to be one of them. This log jam is about to be busted wide open.

The recovery will not happen overnight but the mood will change. It will change from 2/3 empty to 1/3 full. The goal is getting back to 50/50 and that can never happen when fear is guiding so many. Fear has to motivate folks like a rocket not hold them back like a rock.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz