2012 Nominations for Best Domain Blog

Morning Folks!!

Today we are going to release one of our most popular categories and as you can see, there is some tough competition on this list. Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees! You all deserve great credit for putting yourselves out there.

In Order of Best Circulation Estimates

TheDomains.com (Berkens)

DNJournal.com (Jackson)
ElliotsBlog.com (Silver)
DomainNameWire.com (Alleman)
DomainShane.com (Cultra)
Domaingang.com (Acro)
DomainSherpa.com (Cyger)
DomainIncite.com (Murphy)
MorganLinton.com (Linton)
NeusNews.com (Neu) Declined
HybridDomainer.com (Hackney)
WhizBangsBlog.com (Gilmour)

TNTNames.com (Eccles)

RicksBlog.com (Schwartz) DECLINED

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz