Grand Slam Domain Caught in The Bleachers. Lifetime Reward for a Good Catch!

Morning Folks!!

While I write for domainers, I aim for the bleachers as I have stated before. Those far removed from Domaining as an Industry. Those on Main Street, Corporate America and beyond. I can't say I have been all that successful in that. Matter of fact, it is my single greatest disappointment that I can't get this ball out of the domain stadium. Can't quite break that shell open. That I have failed to attract those outside the industry in a meaningful way.

Yesterday I got some evidence that the shell is breaking and when this shell breaks it will break far and wide. I often talk about 'Overnight Successes'. I also mention that an 'Overnight Success' usually takes up to 20 years to obtain.

Now I need to protect the identity of the person but I can tell you he has very impressive credentials and is employed by a Fortune 100 company. High on the list. To 'Further the cause' as he put it, has given me permission to publish this.


just wanted to say hello and thank you!

In 2000 I read a book that changed my life - 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'.

Growing up in the Bronx from a lower middle income family nobody ever explained to me simply about assets and liabilities. Within four months I had acquired 4 Quads and 2 homes and the fun began.

Last week lightning struck again, my good friend (Name Removed) introduced me to your blog. It always amazes me when successful people in earnest tell you how to do something to be like them in simple terms and people don't do it.

Your initial formula variable was clear, if you want to know Domaining read my posts, for the last week that is what I did, not just read them devoured them.

It immediately clicked that domains are no different than real estate investing, something I am familiar with. You have commercial, multi family, appreciation plays, cash flow plays, development of raw land, etc.

You incredibly, simply, and clearly saw and communicated where this is headed, having the actual domain of the product(nouns) or services(noun, verb, adjective) will be a crucial component in the coming years.

Once that connection was made the rest was mechanics. I immediately went into action mode, on a whim I started looking into all the major components that make up my industry. To my AMAZEMENT, most of these company marketing 'geniuses' have not had the foresight to recognize this, these products are specialized so they range from $5,000 to $ 1,000,000+ a pop

also they are symbiotic so it will be obvious to the end user how they can 'down sell', 'up sell', 'side sell', sell sell sell .

I 'quietly' started registering them, I can honestly say, I control about 10% of the equipment in my industry, And by the time I am done this week, I will have everything that is still available which would probably constitute about 20% - 30% percent of the major items.

Simply put, if my industry were a car, I would have the brakes, the transmission, not the tires but the hubcap, not the battery but smaller items like the cigarette lighter (which would be important to smokers, or phone users for power) etc.

Think of the post where you mentioned about the numbnuts who believed that did not have value, when clearly in the medical industry it meant something. Whenever possible I bought singular and plural, one for the premium provider the other for a cash registry.

Similar to and

Next is your phase 2, next month I will contact the manufacturers of these products give them options, and the fun begins. (All options will have a cash flow component - better to have % of X companies)

The cool thing is I am a systems analyst/software developer so my world is processes, both software and operational. I can develop the site for them or not, but more important I can develop the process of developing the sites. (Not Give a man to fish, Not teach a man to fish, I’m talking teach a man how to teach others how to fish and you feed the entire community)

So in two weeks, with a 'whopping' $2,000 dollars, i will control around 200 of my industries equipment domains. (Yes i know i can register cheaper than $10/domain but i have been with them for 8 years and they have always done right by me.)

In your words, you created we just followed, you were out there in the jungle with a machete, It’s easy for people to be Monday morning Quaterbacks or criticize how you incorrectly swung the machete to chop that vine, because grabbing a weapon and standing at post requires energy, purpose and balls, three commodities in demand these days if you ask me, but whose asking.

So in many posts you mention if one person gets it, it’s worth it.

Well I don't know about the rest of the world, but this guy GETS IT and is exceedingly grateful to you for it.

I want to thank the reader for taking the time to read what I have and actually employ it. This is what is all about. That is why we are still in the early stages of all this. If you are not making it, why not try what he tried?

So here is a guy domaining for 2 weeks that gets it. So simple. But are you willing to do what he did? If you are not making decent money, maybe it is time to throw in the towel, stop what you are doing, stop thinking the way you do and take a week or two and start reading this blog starting in April 2007. You don't have to agree with everything I say, but only a fool would disagree with everything I say.

Success starts with 16 hour days. Most work for 8 hours, sleep for 8 hours and play for 8 hours.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz