Category Killer Domain Names….Defined. Premium Domains……Remain Undefined and Less Than Premium

Morning Folks!!

There is a test to see if you really have a category killer domain name or not. It's a simple test. Pick up a big, old thick yellow pages and see if your domain name is an EXACT match with a category heading. If it is, you own a category killer domain name. You have a winner. The bigger and more profitable the sector/heading you own, the more your domain name is worth. Yellow pages, not Google.

Don't have any domains in your portfolio that match? Then your domains must fit into the 'Premium Category' and surrounded by other domains claiming to be premium but in reality are just worthless. That just means it is harder to weed out. Not every great domain will pass the test above. Many great domains have value for other reasons. Reasons no automated valuation can provide, read or weigh. But I can.

I will be using that test with when we officially open for business in the days ahead. When we open, we will be very selective in choosing 3rd party domain names to lease out. We are focusing on Category Killing domains that have traffic, mean something and makes you 30 cents a day or $3 a day or $10/day under-performing on PPC. Domains making $100/day can demand and command much more. Thousands more.

Our model will lease domains at a minimum $1000/month. However most domains we lease will be $1500, $2500 a month or more with annual increases based on the importance of what your domain name represents in the RIGHT hands. Not only will it blow the doors off your PPC earnings, it will be steady income that you can count on and opens doors for royalties and a big payday down the road.

The minimum lease on a listed domain is 1 year. However most customers are looking for 3,5 and 10 year terms. We will negotiate on your behalf while staying in close contact with you along the way. But to do this we will only accept domains that I believe a 3rd party would have an interest in. We want quality and lifelong deals. We don't need massive inventory. We need QUALITY inventory looking for long term deals with end users. Now is the time for those multi million dollar domains to stop asking for millions and lease for thousands and tens of thousands. That is the path to unlock those millions. Let me repeat. THAT is the path to unlock those millions. A path I have repeated many times now. Many of your domains are better than anything I have to offer. That's the opportunity at hand.

Each contract is unique to the situation and we have a number of them to work with and more will be added as deals are done. We will also be announcing an alliance with should both parties require extra security or need a neutral party to hold paper. We don't have to change the game, we just need to understand that leasing a domain comes with less headwinds and big opportunities. It creates and demonstrates value. It is a winner for all involved and it is SIMPLE!

I leased my first domain in January 1998 and that lease deal lasted 5 years. PPC came and there was a way to make as much or more money but those days are gone. At least for now. Then in 2008 I started moving back to the model that started it all for me. Today more than 50% of my income comes from leased domains. It is my focus and I have the expertise and not only understand the value of a leased domain, but know how to match it with a qualified candidate. I know how to negotiate and not settle for $50/month. I know how to say 'No' to those that have ideas that don't qualify or are not the best use of the domain name. Bottom line, I know how to lease domain names. The key ingredient once again is patience and understanding of what the TRUE value and what that domain represents when exploited to the fullest.

We can't accept domains that are listed for sale everywhere. Once you associate a price with a domain, I can no longer be effective or help you. We will categorize domains and we will also have 'Domain Calls' as we look for specific categories to fill the need of an end user. End users that we already have.

This may not be a game changer but it will be an effective way to stabilize and increase your income while still using ppc or whatever you are currently doing. It will be a way to open a dialogue with an end user with a long term plan. It plants a seed with a fantastic chance of success. It gets folks to think! It keeps you an owner and in control.

We have the an effective domain name in We have a proven and effective formula and we have the credibility to follow through. We have contracts that will fit most any scenario and we will add as needed. Lastly, you have ME negotiating in YOUR behalf. I will turn down as many as I have to on the way to finding the best partners for the long run with the biggest ideas and the highest percentage of achieving it. I will be looking to match passionate end users that will make all the difference in the world.

I will be articulating more about this service as we closer to officially opening. Success will be based on what we have to offer and that is why we will be saying no to most submissions. Let me repeat. We are focusing on domain names that would be a heading in the yellow pages. An exact match for the yellow pages. Or a department in Walmart. It must be category defining. Mean something to an audience of whatever and whoever. That is the qualifier. The sweet spot of what we are looking for. Others may qualify, but they must be meaningful and a domain that would be highly desired. So better be selective in what you send.

Now let me be on the record and clear. I built this mousetrap for me and my domains. That was it. I opened it up several weeks ago and did not even saying anything or promote it until it leaked out and a few blog stories appeared. Nothing more. I had no idea it would take a turn like this. However during the process we have had demand from domainers as well as end users so I see an opportunity to expand it and have an important innovative way to get the most revenue out of your domain names because it dovetails with how I see things going and how I have aimed for all these years. This is the moment and this is the time. Each new deal makes the next deal easier.

So instead of just trying to sell your domains and getting those nasty emails back, this presents your domain in the same way they would lease retail space or lease a car. Just like you can plan better with steady stream of income, so can they when their budget is in tact. They get to try their idea. They get to see if it flies with a modest layout of cash over extended time. It fits into their BUDGETS and that has a value when you see John Jones through their eyes. It's all about their damn budgets so here is a way to meet their budgets for $18,000/year or $180,000/year. A number of domains can COMMAND 6 figures a year in revenues. Year after year. Budget it under 'Advertising'. That won't work? Try another category. Big companies with tiny problems and big opportunity to snag a category killer.

Let me list the finest domains that big business can embrace and put a revenue stream ticket on it instead of a for sale sign. When folks ask you to buy, tell them 'No, we lease our domains only'. It has been very powerful for me and you can NEVER replace a unique asset. So don't. Monetize it by leasing it. State a sales price that is higher than the market and let commerce begin. That's the ticket to fulfilling the value and doing it without great risk. Hope you see what I see. I will negotiate as if it were my own domain and I am only focusing on domains that fit the profile I have described.

I want to take 10 of your domains that are GREAT and making embarrassing numbers on PPC or whatever your current solution is and list them and make pennies into thousands. You can still use your domain in the exact same way you do now. Just allow me to fill a need and a void in the market that I SEEEEEEEEEEEEE and we will both be well rewarded as this next phase of this business unfolds.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

15 thoughts on “Category Killer Domain Names….Defined. Premium Domains……Remain Undefined and Less Than Premium

  1. Guy

    you really need the category defining domain for the showcase Rick! !

  2. RaTHeaD

    a domain of mine yesterday had 28 landings, 22 unique, 9 searches, 3 clicks, and i made one cent. i’d have to be crazy to give up that cash for some pie in the sky idea :)

  3. Max

    You are on the right way! Bravo! :)
    But please, remember that the market has been anesthetized for 15 years: don’t pretend too much, let they will wake up slowly.
    When they are awake, they will pay any amount of money to prevent someone will anesthetize them again….
    Congratulations and good luck!!

  4. Uzoma

    I believe Rick gave everyone the best test of a Category killer I have ever seen! No one can quarrel with it. I’m still flipping through the yellow pages, I’m sure I will find one soon :-)

  5. ZK

    Your JV idea and John Feber’s promoting five premium domains at the coming UAE trade shows indicate that domain investment is maturing as another asset class. My only question is: when are we going to see a domain exchange (a global one for the first time) unparalleled to all other existing exchanges (bond, stock, etc)? Why are you, the big guys, not coming together to form a board, set up the exchange, simplify the buying and selling process, and start selling board membership? Who will be the new ‘Goldman Sachs’ on domain exchange? SedoMLS etc is not the way. A domain exchange will be the true solution to a global marketplace where the average Joe from any country can buy and sell without any technical knowledge needed.

  6. Show us the money v1.01

    Another good angle is to see how many times an exact match is made of your domain name on the USPTO trademark register. It can work for you and against you in various respects, but does indicate how real corporates are prepared real money to have your name. And invariably eventually they will want the .com

  7. Anunt

    Great idea Rick BUT u need to face reality…this is 2012 and the people who own these category killer domains today don’t need your help…these owners are very smart and successful … how do u think they ended up with these category killers…
    If you are only searching for premium type domains, then u will have great inventory of domains but will be very hard for u to lease.
    So u r in a tough situation when it comes to leasing domains.
    Category killer domains – u will not find anyone willing to work with u.
    Premium type domains – hard to lease.
    This idea would work if it was year 2000… but not in 2012.
    Good Luck Rick…i really love your jointventures website!

  8. Max

    Do you want another good idea? You could realize an adv. circuit with premium domains.
    Domains are like billboards for advertising that we see on the streets.As you know they are managed in circuits, according to various characteristics, and every billboard is reserved TO A SINGLE COMPANY AT A TIME, for short periods.
    For each premium domain, a good advertising or video from ONE COMPANY AT A TIME, occuping the entire screen.
    Certainly this circuit would pay more than Sedo or others do, paying nothing, putting advertising junk from google that has nothing to do with the name of the domain and keywords etc. and try to turn all the clicks on their links, where only they earn money: all this to prevent that people can get used to search without having to go on google…
    This step, these new premiun web adv.circuits, would also help to lease domains for longer periods…

  9. BillW

    Anunt…I don’t think Rick is in any”hard” position. He is merely offering domain holders a secondary marketing channel that might match them up with a solid business partner.

  10. Michael

    You mean isn’t a place to score medical marijuana? I’m easily confused…

  11. Sergej

    Its a great concept Rick, good luck!
    Here my category domain names: (category: finance) (category: luxury, high society)

  12. Geoffrey Stonham

    Rick, It is great to see others that share the same vision. So many domain investors are still holding out for the big pay off, only to deny businesses and organizations the opportunity to use these great domain names. Some would call this optional approach the hard sell, but I have found it is simply an adjustment of vision and understanding. The end business is now afforded a second opportunity to take advantage of a domain name they could have owned, had they had the same foresight to invest early on. This has been an ongoing conflict between the visionaries and the businesses with the premium domain names caught in the balance as wasted resources.


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