Rick’s Guide to Domain Blogs and Bloggers and Daily Must Reads

Morning Folks!!

One of the main questions I get asked is where do folks learn about domaining? They say they are confused and don't know who to listen to.

I tell them the same thing for years. Read the domain blogs. Check out the domain forums and learn what makes one domain have great value and a similar domain with no value. My yellow page's example is a GREAT starting point. 'There is a test to see if you really have a category killer domain name or not. It's a simple test. Pick up a big, old thick yellow pages and see if your domain name is an EXACT match with a category heading. If it is, you own a category killer domain name. You have a winner. The bigger and more profitable the sector/heading you own, the more your domain name is worth. Yellow pages, not Google.' You may even be able to be creative and expand the category. Perhpas with geo prefixes. There are so many paths once you know the path and what to look for on future paths.

Now there will be things on Google today that did not appear in the old yellow pages. Porno, SEO, and other terms. But the starting point should be the yellow pages. Understand those classifications, add on a .com and that is a guide to valuable domain names. The bigger the section, the more advertising by different companies, the bigger the sector and money to be made. The ones that adapt best to the Internet. Insurance comes to mind.

First if you are a blogger, a tip of the hat to you no matter who you are. You have invested some of your valuable time into helping others and maybe helping yourself at the same time. But nobody can read every blog so I am going to give you my shortlist of daily MUST reads. These are the blogs you should be reading each day. If they are not on your list, you are lost in space. You are probably paying too much attention to those that know less than you. Now everyone always gets in trouble when they do one of these because they missed this one or that one. But for those needing direction and a starting point, this is it. These are the 5 MUST reads each and every day.

1. DNJournal.com is your starting point. Hall of Famer and Award winning 'Domain Industry News Coverage' 2005 Ron Jackson has been chronicling each and every significant event and news for the domain industry for the past decade. His mild mannered, take no sides, just delivers you the news of the day in a consistent fashion.

2. TheDomains.com is where you keep up with everything domains. Hall of Famer, Domainer of the Year 2009 and Award winning 'Best Blog of the Year' 2011 Mike Berkens catches the news and trends like Willie Mays in the outfield. For a guy that does not have to do this shit he is a factory of news items throughout the day. He plays editor, cub reporter and mild mannered news anchor all in one. Kind of like Superman. I don't know how he pulls it all off. But it is where I go to stay on the cutting edge of not only domains but outside factors that may influence domains and business in general that we are all affected by.

3. TheArtofTheName.com is Hall of Famer Adam Dicker's latest entry into blogging with his new video blog. Adam runs the #1 Domain Name forum at DNForum.com and his contributions to the domain industry are countless. But his latest video blog goes a step beyond as he shows you step by step methods that WORK! All you got to do is copy what he does and repeat, repeat, repeat. So simple!!!!

4. DomainSherpa.com is for in depth interviews and one hell of an archive over the past couple years. 'Award winning Best Blog of the Year 2012' Michael Cyger has interviewed many of the leading figures in the domain industry including yours truly. Each interview is different but there is a common thread in what all have said and that hidden thread tells it all.

5. Elliotsblog.com by Elliot Silver because in his award winning Best Blog of the Year 2010 Elliot shares real time experiences of what he is doing and that has great value.

Also pay attention to the comment section which rounds out many of the blogs. Just ignore the mean spirited noise and you will do fine. Now there are many others that make contributions and you need to keep tabs on.

Two others that must be mentioned but don't blog regularly:

7Mile.com Hall of Famer and 4 Time Domainer of the Year (2005, 2007, 2011, 2012) Frank Schilling only blogs several times a year but when he blogs you better read it several times. Period.

Whizbangsblog.com by Michael Gilmour. Numbers may bore you but there is only one person I have ever met in domaining that knows numbers even better than me and that is Michael Gilmour. He does not blog each day but he is worth paying attention to.

There are also some vivid personalities. TheFragerFactor.com is like Russian Roulette. But Owen is so far in front of things that most of us have to figure out what the hell he is saying. But there is gold and diamonds in his marketing mind so dismiss at your own peril. Speaking of Russian Roulette, DomainGang.com comes to mind. But this one should wait until you are completely fluent in domaining or you will be very confused. MorganLinton.com shares his experiences while traveling the world. When DomainShane.com stays on topic he has some posts worth reading when he shares his experiences and real world comparisons.

That is what blogging is all about to begin with. Sharing. Sharing the successes and the failures and the ones that died on the vine. There are others as well. But these encompass most of the personalities. But other blogs are worth paying attention to.

If you want some very valuable free legal advice, you should read my partner and Hall of Famer Howard Neu's NeusNews.com

Some, like DomainNameWire.com are more geared to news and hitting a mainstream audience. DomainIncite.com, WannaDevelop.com and HybridDomainer.com also carry interesting articles and solid information. All can be found on Domaining.com or Domainsville.com and there are many more that have news and items of interest. Here is a list of most domain blogs. There are dozens and dozens and dozens.

Skim the headlines for what you like. I have read information of value by almost all bloggers at one time or another. We have all traveled here on different paths and in different shoes. Some of us are very passionate about what we do. We are driven. We have something burning inside that has no clock and we do what needs to be done whenever and wherever it needs to be done.

So a tip of the hat to all the domain bloggers. But for those that are looking for direction and don't know who or what to listen to, then I have listed the ones that may have value to you and hopefully you get the starting point and path to have success in domaining by understanding what makes some domain names valuable and so many more that are with no value, worthless.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “Rick’s Guide to Domain Blogs and Bloggers and Daily Must Reads

  1. Jeff

    Good post Rick
    I would also like to say 2 more blogs if you dont mind. HybridDomainer.com is an up and coming blog!
    DirectNavigation.com priceless info. Blog will be back I been told and more regular posts. Priceless Info!
    DomainArts.com Another priceless blog! Cant go wrong with Nat! Hope he blogs more as well.

  2. Jorge Ramirez

    Thanks Rick appreciate your daily must reads. Is there such as thing as ‘Domain Strategists’? Well, it’s what I call you and others as I add you to my own top 5 read link list.

  3. Cara Mia

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for this great post. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy your blog! I’m relatively new to the industry and have learned so much from your posts. I hope in time that I will be able to contribute to the lives of others the same way you have done. Good luck with your new jointventures.com site……it’s a killer name and idea!
    Cara Mia


    Birds of a feather flock together !!
    To get to the highest level in domaining
    you have to be so mentally strong. Sometimes
    I think domains are like hit songs they can change
    life’s forever and get played non stop others never get
    any plays (traffic).
    Most domainers would love to network with the list above!
    You would have to bring something new to the table. Amazing
    domains make their eyes pop out and heart will beat like a drum
    they see money raining for HOURS.

  5. Anunt

    You only need to remember one website, domaining.com
    You will get the latest news info from ALL the domain blogs combined listed above on this one website, domaining.com


    I’m addicted to domaining.com I visit that site 30 times per day.
    Rick is the Simon Cowell of the domaining world

  7. ZK

    Agreed with the above two folks. domaining.com is the place I start everyday. It points me to all other sources, including new blog on this site, that I need to read. What I also do is pick up good tips from each article I read, put them into a Word file, and at the end of the month use the free service on yakitome.com to convert the words into an audio file to load on to my mobile phone. Now, when I’m driving or washing the dishes, I can listen to the tips again. Talking about best use of idle time!!!

  8. Adam

    Thanks for great tips Rick. Btw I think you wanted to link DomainNameWire.com instead of DomainNewsWire.com which is parked.


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